Wu Gate Ch 30.2

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 30.2 of 87

Someone woke her up the next day.

"... Miss Du, please come with us." Across from her, there was a pair of identical teenage girls looking at her very respectfully. Their voices sounded like orioles.

"G-Go where?" Qing Qiao shrunk backwards, "I'm already a person that's going to die soon. Please ask your prince to let me off!"

The twin girls looked at each other. One of them unhurriedly said, "Miss, don't be afraid. Sir only told us to bring you to see him. He's doesn't have any other intentions."

Even if she was 100% unwilling, Qing Qiao still conceded in the end when she thought about being able to temporarily leave the prison and breathing fresh air.
She was stuffed into a tightly closed carriage. Many turns later, she finally arrived and saw the sight of a dazzling hall.

"Miss Du, please follow us." The twin girls gestured at her and pushed open the large red doors. Incense floated out from inside.
Shao Yi was currently sitting on a couch and reading a book. His face was tilted down and his lips were red. The silhouette of his face was elegant and graceful. His slender neck and shoulder formed a wonderful curve.

He was truly a peerless youth. What kind of good figure would he have after growing up?

Seeing that someone had come inside, Shao Yi put down his book and softly asked, "Ru Si and Ru Zhi, have you arranged everything?"

"To respond to Sir, the proper arrangements have been made." The twin girls lowered their head with a respectful attitude. "The substitute girl is staying in the prison cell. Even if someone visit the prisoner, no one will be suspicious."

Shao Yi nodded and lighted waved his hand. The twin girls immediately withdrew.
The doors shut closed. Shao Yu turned around and looked at Qing Qiao, who was covered in fatigue and dirtiness. He lightly sighed.

“Are… you well?” His eyes were dim and there was a hint of unable to bear with the current situation in his voice.

Qing Qiao wasn't afraid of him. Her voice was cynical as she asked, "Your Highness, you can’t tell if I'm well or not by looking at me?”

"... I've been wanting to see you this entire time." Shao Yi's voice was so quiet that it sounded like a child whispering.

"You wanted to see me? Your Highness, did you not know that you can see me anytime in the prison?" Qing Qiao raised her eyes. There was provocation in her eyes. "Why go through the trouble of bringing me here?"

Shao Yi slightly stilled. A thin layer of red covered his face. His voice became even quieter. "I.. I can't go to that place... I'll warn them to not treat you badly..."

"No need. I won't appreciate hypocritical pretenses of condolence and fake kind intentions!" Qing Qiao interrupted him. Her lips curved up into something that looked like a smile, "Your family is eagerly waiting for me to die! The sooner the better!”

Shao Yu became slightly angry. His beautiful eyes widened. "Although you're guilty, it shouldn’t be death..."

Eh? It seemed that this little crown prince didn't know about Gu Qing Qiao's "secret origins. She faintly smiled and nonchalantly said, "Your Highness, you should go ask your brilliant and outstanding Uncle Yu. That old one is currently selecting a lucky day to execute me!"

The book that had been in Shao Yi’s hand fell to the ground.

"U-Uncle Yu said those words?" His face paled. His eyes were as pale as water and his tone was incomparably bleak as he asked, "Uncle Yu wants you dead?"

“Exactly.” Qing Qiao stared at Shao Yi. Her smile was sweet as she said each word, "Your Highness, are you going to consider burning some paper for me?”

T/N: Traditionally, fake paper money is burned in offering to deceased family and friends.)

Shao Yi seemed as if he had suffered a great shock. He leaned back against the couch with his hand supporting his forehead. His eyes were hidden from view. "I didn't expect..."

A long time later, he raised his eyes and looked at her. He cautiously said, "Chun Jiao, it's my fault for not considering things carefully enough... After I go back, I'll plead for you. After all, on the road... you didn't treat me poorly."

Qing Qiao scoffed at him.

The room suddenly fell into silence.

She suddenly heard a sentence that was as eye-catching as the lightening in the sky, "Chun Jiao, don't ignore me." The pleading voice was soft like a young child acting spoiled.

Qing Qiao thought she had misheard. She turned her head to directly look at Shao Yi.

Shao Yi dryly coughed. As he turned his face away, the pinkness on the side of his neck couldn't be hidden "... I'l talk with Uncle Yu to excuse you from the capital offense. Then, I'll change you into a palace servant girl and keep you at my side..."

Startled, Qing Qiao looked at him and said, "Prince Duan Yu won't agree." She didn't understand what this child was thinking today.

"He will." Shao Yi turned his head back and revealed a smile as if he had a card up his sleeve. "Even if he doesn't agree, the emperor will agree."

"... Why is Your Highness so sure?" Qing Qiao furrowed her eyebrows.

"Because it’s fate. They won't act against me." Shao Yu tranquilly replied.

“The Heavens have chosen me as the emperor’s successor.” At this moment, his face was shrouded in a faint light. There was an indescribable boastfulness and proudness.

"Chosen by the Heavens?" Qing Qiao restrained her agitated heart. Without a change in her expression, she asked, "How did the Heavens choose?"

Shao Yi was slightly hesitant, but in the end, he still said, "There's a treasure passed down by the ancient ancestors. All princes in the imperial family have to wear it for three months before their crowning adulthood ceremony. If the prince doesn't become ill or suffer any disasters in three months, then he's the best possible heir to the throne."

"This… method. Do people really believe in it?" Qing Qiao was astounded. It was too absurd and careless!

"Of course they believe it. This is the imperial family's secret. All of the previous emperors were chosen this way." Neither fast nor slow, Shao Yu said, "Back then, the previous emperor wanted to give the title of emperor to Uncle Yu. But because Uncle Yu became sick before the three month passed, the previous emperor's only choice was to consider my father."

"Isn't it really easy to cheat with this method?" Still feeling stunned, Qing Qiao said, "If you don't want someone to become the emperor, just cause the person to become sick during these three months. It's really to easy to ruin!"

"... It's not easy." Shao Yi watched her eyes and quietly said, "Because, no one knows what this treasure looks like and when it'll be given to which prince. The only person that knows this information is the current emperor."

Qing Qiao felt as if all of her blood started to rise up like a crashing wave. "Your Highness... What's this treasure called?"

Shao Yi lightly smiled, "This divine item is called the Emperor's Spirit.”

Qing Qiao felt as if she heard a thread snapping.

After she finished reminiscing with Shao Yi, her expression didn't change as she returned to her cell. She quietly unfolded the note left behind by Mister Qi again. 

There was a line of neatly written words, "Three days later, you’ll be rescued from prison."

She never thought she would feel this way. She admired the person who had said these words. “Hope and despair always appear together.”

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