Wu Gate Ch 30.1

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 30.1 of 87

Duan Yu finally left.

After Qing Qiao repeatedly verified that he had really left, she sat back down on the bed while trembling in fear.

With her back facing the cell's door, she quietly took out a piece of paper from inside Mister Qi's cape. When she unfolded the paper to look, she furrowed her eyebrows.

"How would this work?" She mumbled. Who was she saying this to?

"Why wouldn't this work?" A person suddenly replied to her words in a young child-like voice.

"Who's there?!" Qing Qiao was extremely startled. She turned around and looked everywhere. The prison cell was empty of other people.

An ominous, chilly wind blew by from a dark place.

"I... I'm warning you. Don't try to deceive me by pretending to be a ghost!" Qing Qiao felt her goose bumps rising and her entire body felt cold. She tightly wrapped her arms around her body. "As a student that grew up under Marxism, I'm an atheist from top to bottom! I’ve never believed in the existence of supernatural beings. Many supernatural phenomenons can be analyzed and explained through scientific principles! Friedrich Engels once said...."

(T/N: Friedrich Engels was one of the founders of Marxism.)

“Aunty, don't be afraid. I'm over here." That voice laughed and became increasingly strange. "Look up."

When Qing Qiao looked up, she couldn't help being gobsmacked. She saw a child's face at the cell's air vent that was twenty feet above the ground!

The owner of that face mischievous smiled and called out to her, "Aunty, can you see me?"

It was a cute, pure, and white face that couldn't be over six years old.

Seeing this face that had appeared out of nowhere, Qing Qiao was completely dumbfounded. After she returned to her senses three seconds later, her first reaction was to look at the jailer. They were all sleeping for some reason.

The little boy giggled. His voice was as crisp as silver bells. "Aunty, don't be scared. I already drugged them. They won't see me."

Qing Qiao's face paled. Step by step, she walked backwards. "W-who are you? How were you able to climb up to such a high place?"

"Aunty, I can fly." The little boy tilted his head and smiled. His appearance was very charming. "Aunty, do you want to see?"

He stretched his head forward as if he was doing his best to arch forward into the cell.

"Aiya, this opening is too small. I can't enter. Lu-daren didn't tell me to bring a shovel either..." He stretched out a small, chubby hand to scratch his head. He mumbled to himself and hanged his head dejectedly.

(T/N: Daren is title of respect towards superiors. It's like the suffix sama in Japanese.)

Qing Qiao's mind had a thought. She stepped forward one step and asked, "Could it be that you were sent here by Lu Zi Zheng?"

"Who is Lu Zi Zheng?" The little boy shook his head with a confused expression.

Her heart began to sink again, but then she heard the little boy say, "I only know that Lu-daren is an envoy and last name is Lu…”

The view in front of her brightened. Qiao Qiao felt as there were a thousand flowers blooming next to her as she reached speedy enlightenment.

"So you're Lu Si Kong's subordinate?"

The little boy nodded with a proud expression. "Aunty, Lu-daren told me to come see you. He said that I'm the only person that can find a way in here."

Looking at his utterly pleased expression, Qing Qiao couldn't help smiling. "What's your name? How old are you? How can you be so bold to come here by yourself?"

The small boy revealed a mouthful of white teeth. "Aunty, as a Fu Wa (means baby bat) raised by Lu-daren, I'm naturally not the same as an ordinary person.”

Qing Qiao couldn't resist spitting out water. (Author's note: Don't ask me where the water came from. Saliva is also water.) "F-Fu Wa?"

The young, chubby boy nodded with a serious expression.

"... Don't tell me. You also have four siblings." Qing Qiao facepalmed. She seemed drowsy and as if she was about to fall over.

"Aunty really is an fairy immortal! You even know about this!" The young, chubby child clapped his hands. There was excitement on his entire face. "I do have four brothers."

"..." Qing Qiao was already thoroughly speechless about the author's bad taste. "What's your name? Is it Bei Bei, Jing Jing, Huan Huan, Ying Ying, or Ni Ni?"

(T/N: Qing Qiao thinks he meant Fu Wa 福娃 (means blessed dolls) instead of Fu Wa 蝠娃 (baby bat). Fu Wa 福娃 is the name of the Chinese mascots made for the 2008 Olympics. She's saying the names of the original five doll mascots to guess his name. There were three more mascots added later. Below is picture of those eight super cute mascots with their names listed below.)

Wu Gate - Ch 30 - Fuwa.png

"None of them..." The chubby, young boy shook his head.

"Eh? It couldn't be that you're called Ya Ya, Ting Ting, or De De?" Qing Qiao quickly widened her eyes. 

"I'm called Fu-er..." The chubby, young boy couldn't understand her words at all. "My brothers and I have been living in a bat cave since birth. We don't have any relations with ducks or badgers..."

T/N: (The pronunciation for duck and badge is ya and huan, respectively. They’re written with different Chinese characters than the names that Qing Qiao guessed.)

Qing Qiao froze for a moment, then she immediately sighed in relief. Fortunately, it was fu (蝠 bat) instead of fu (福 blessed). It was just a misunderstanding!
"Dear Fu-er, did you come here to rescue me? Do you have a way to open this prison cell?" Her eyes brightened. Hope was right in front of her.

Fu-er looked at her with a sympathetic expression. "Aunty, there's three circles of soldiers outside this prison and it's surrounded by archers. Even if we leave this prison, we won't be able to go far."

Qing Qiao felt the bottom of her heart trembling. She hunched over and her eyes were filled with sorrow. "Am I really going to die here?"

"How is that possible? I'm here!" Fu-er quickly opened his mouth. His small, rosy face was extremely proud, "I’ll definitely think of a way to rescue you!"

"Really?" Qing Qiao lifted up her head with a false smile. This little child!

He hiccuped, then said, "... It's Lu-daren that will definitely think of a way to rescue you!" Fu-er quickly spit out the following words. "Lu-daren told me to say those recent words to you!"

"So it was like that..." Qing Qiao felt a warm current flowing into her heart.

At this moment, if Lu Zi Zheng suddenly appeared in front of her, she would definitely circle around him while dancing and singing. "Oh! No matter how beautiful the spring breeze is, it's not as beautiful as your smile. Those who haven't seen you before wouldn't understand!*"

(T/N: These lyrics are from a famous 90's song, Obsession, by Jonathan Lee.)

"... Did he ask you to say anything else?" She restrained the feelings in her heart and did her best to stabilize her voice as she talked with Fu-er.

"Lu-daren said that he hopes you won't be too moved by this. You'll owe him something for this. In the future, he’ll collect this debt twice-over."

Fu-er tilted his head as if he was trying to recall. "... Oh, right! Lu-daren also said that when you succeed in escaping here, you definitely have to remember the words you said back then."

"Hey, which words?" Qing Qiao blankly looked at him. She had said so many words with that fellow.

Fu-er smilingly asked, "Aunty, you don’t remember? Lu-daren still remembers! He said that you’d remember if you look at this."

He dropped a dazzling, golden item from the window. *sfx of dropping sound*

Qing Qiao picked up the item. It was a golden hairpin carved with words.
"... I won't fall in love with anyone. Zi Zheng, I won't remain in this place for anyone. I have my own dream."

"When you grow up, you'll marry someone and have children. You’ll forget your dream as time passes."

"I won't forget! I won't! There isn't a place for me to make my home here. Sooner or later, I'll leave."

"Oh? You're planning on leaving Gu residence? How big of an area do you want?"

"Very big, very far... My heart is very wild. No one can catch it, not even god... Zi Zheng, you have to remember. My heart is like the sea!"
Qing Qiao looked at the words on the hairpin, “my heart is like the sea”, and slightly curved up the corners of her lips.

"Yes, I remember." She lifted her head up and looked as bright and glorious as fireworks. "Go back and tell him that I would never dare to forget!"

After Fu-er was sent off, she sat down on the bed and carefully thought for a while. She gradually felt sleepier and sleepier until she completely fell asleep.


(T/N: Now that we know Qing Qiao is an orphan from imperial Mu family, I wonder if Zi Zheng also knows this truth and he's interpreting her words wrongly.)

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