The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 372

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 372 - Knowing everything (1)

Ning Yuxuan had been quietly sitting here this entire time. There was a trace of gentleness in his gaze as he listened to Wen Wan's hysteria.

"You said that you would protect me for a lifetime and wouldn't let me suffer any grievances!" Tears started to spill out from Wen Wan's eyes again. "Why are you going back on your word?"

A stupid woman would always point out what a man had once promised her and feel heartbroken over the matter. Silly girl, those promises were given to the person that you were at the time and not the present you. Were you really going to depend on those two promises for a lifetime?

Ning Yuxuan didn't plan on disputing with her. Instead, he gently tugged her hand over and placed it on his palm.

In a low voice, he said, "You once said that as long as you could be with me, you wouldn't care about status or how many other women were by side. My heart once belonged to you, so I didn't blame you when you failed to keep your words."

Wen Wan widened her eyes. She aggrievedly shook her head and asked, "How have I not kept my words? Who did I try to compete with?"

Ning Yuxuan's gaze was slightly deep as he looked at her, but his voice continued to be soft as he asked, "Do you really think that I know nothing?"

Wen Wan was stunned. Faced with his direct gaze, she actually felt somewhat guilty.

"When we were coming back from the other estate and encountered assassins, you blocked a blade meant for me." Ning Yuxuan let go of her hand and lightly smiled. "Actually, even if you didn't block it, I could have evaded that strike. It wouldn't have been difficult for me to investigate the background of those black-robed men, but I didn't."

Stunned, Wen Wan stopped crying as she looked at him.

"Sangyu had originally kept the midwife that assisted you and Hanyun during childbirth." Ning Yuxuan looked away and lightly continued, "She had already sent the person back the estate's entrance, but I stopped her. Do you know why?"

Wen Wan pursed her lips. "My lord..."

"It was probably because I still loved you then." Marquis Moyu lowered his eyes and scoffed. "But, I wondered, how could a person be so ruthless? After all, if you truly love me, why would you hurt me by helping the first prince?"

"And then, you dropped Yun-er."

Wen Wan collapsed onto the bed and widened her eyes. It was as if she had remembered something terrible. She retreated. "I didn't."

"Yeah, I thought you had just been careless." Ning Yuxuan turned his head to the side and glanced at her. "There isn't a mother that would be ruthless enough to kill her child, even if it's only a daughter."

Wen Wan's entire body was trembling. In the midst of her fright, she grabbed hold of Marquis Moyu's sleeve. "I didn't do that. Yun-er... It really was just because I didn't have a firm hold on her and my lord, you pushed me..."

"A person really can change drastically," Ning Yuxuan interrupted her, but he continued to gently look at her with his head lowered. "If I had known that you would become like this, I wouldn't have condone you when you harmed Qing-er for the first time."

It felt as if all the blood in her body had congealed. Wen Wan blankly looked at Ning Yuxuan. She didn't dare to move.

Did he really know about everything? Everything that she had done up to this point? How could that be? While it was true that he had gradually become more indifferent towards her after Nie Sangyu had taken the position of the main wife from her, he had clearly still been treating her very well. It was Nie Sangyu that had taken away his heart. So, how could it be her fault?!

"I know that you can't tolerate my existence anymore." Wen Wan did her best to find her voice as she said, "You fell in love with Nie Sangyu. You can just frankly admit that you fell in love with someone else. There's no need for you say that..."

"I'm in love with her?" After a pause Ning Yuxuan chuckled and said, "Wan-er, the relationship I have with her isn't like our previous sensational romance. I hadn't even notice that I feel anything for her."

“But now that I've lost her for real, I feel like all of color has faded from my life." He smiled and asked, "Is that love?"

Wen Wan was out of breath from crying so much. She opened her mouth wide and did her best to breath. "You don't love... That's not love..."

"En, that's not love." Ning Yuxuan slowly stood up. "I'll continue to protect you for the rest of your life. Live the rest of your life in Qiangwei Courtyard. It can be counted as me not turning my back on the love that we once had for each other."

"I don't want to." Wen Wan was still crying as she toppled from the bed. Pulling on Ning Yuxuan's sleeve, she said, "Yuxuan, I don't want to be alone for a life time. Why won't you even let me go?"

"You saw her." Ning Yuxuan turned his head to look at her. The gentleness in his gaze finally broke apart little by little until there was nothing left. "She has to keep living, so you can't go out."


Nie Sangyu?

Wen Wan was flabbergasted. A long time later, she burst out in riotous laugher.

After a lot of hard work, she had finally snatched the man she loved from that group of women. But now, because of another woman, he was never going to let her see the sky again?

What a wonderfully loving Marquis Moyu! Such a ruthless Ning Yuxuan!

The sound of Wen Wan's mournful laughter passed through the walls and resonated through the entire estate. "It was for her. It was actually for her!"

Ning Yuxuan only quietly looked at her before lightly saying, "Behave yourself."

Guibai had been waiting outside of Qiangwei Courtyard. Seeing his master coming out, he said, "Master, your older cousin is here."

Right now, he wasn't in a good mood, but Ning Mingjie was the current Zhenyuan General. Even if they were relatives, it wouldn't be okay to slight him.


Translator Ramblings: In chapter 57, Mu Shuiqing told Ning Yuxuan that Tanxiang was the one right behind her before she got pushed into the water, and Ning Yuxuan chose not to investigate the matter further. Of course, it was also Ning Yuxuan that manipulated Wen Wan to successfully cause Mu Shuqing’s miscarriage later on in the story.

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