The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 371

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 371 - How heartless you are once you've fallen out of love (2)

"I ruined her?" Qian Yingchen appeared as if he had heard a joke. "Shouldn't it be the other way around? Didn't she tell you what had happened? Back then, in Xu Province..."

Smiling, Ji Man asked, "Sir Qian, back in Xu Province, when you woke up, were you in your room or Miss Zhu's room?"

Qian Yingchen froze in surprise for a moment. He hadn't tried to recollect that matter until now. After doing his best to remember, he remembered that back then... he had woken up in her room.

"Miss Zhu has been telling people that she fell for your looks, so she crept into your room in the middle of the night." Ji Man pursed her lips and said, "If she had really done that, why would you wake up in her room?"

Qian Yingchen hadn't recovered enough to respond. Ji Man smiled and saluted him with her hands. "Anyways, once the rice from Ji Store has been transported to the warehouse, it'll be offered as tribute. When the time comes, Sir Qian, please don't refuse to cooperate with me."

She could only help up to this point. She had said everything that she should. If Qian Yingchen wasn't an idiot, he would definitely investigate the matter before continuing to blame Zhu Yurun.

She really was a small, plump idiot. The child had already been lost because of him, but she didn't feel any enmity towards him and even smiled when she saw him. When she had time, she would definitely indoctrinate her that debts had to be paid back.


The construction for the road to Zhangjun was actually going much faster than she had anticipated.

Ji Man went to report that she had left the marquis's household to Zhangjun Prince without mentioning Haohao's matter. She only mentioned that because of Wen Wan's actions, the heir had been sent into the palace, so there was naturally no reason for her to stay in the marquis's household as a teacher.

"Wen Wan?" Zhangjun Prince was sitting behind a curtain. He slightly sighed and said, "I had originally though she would be my trump card. Not only did she lose her effectiveness halfway through, she also ruined my plans."

Shen Youqing was sitting next to him. Hearing these words, she slightly pursed her lips and said, "This consort hasn't been in touch with her for a while and doesn't know why she would get mixed up with Kangyuan Junzhu."

"The marquis said he would send her to Wen Province. This one isn't sure how he'll deal with her in the end." Ji Man lowered her eyes and said, "Without caring for His Highness's position, she tried to frame me several times when this one was in the marquis's estate. This one thinks that it would better to get rid of this type of person sooner rather than later."

Shen Youqing slightly furrowed her brow and glanced at Zhangjun Prince.

Zhao Zhe paused for a moment before saying, "I'm fine with getting rid of her, but Yuxuan is probably still protecting her."

"If the marquis continues to protect her even after this incident, then this one has nothing to say." Ji Man pursed her lips and said, "This one has already given the marquis a choice. Either she dies or this one will have to choose between perishing or fleeing."

Shen Youqing didn't understand the meaning of Ji Man's words and was slightly puzzled.

Next to her, Zhao Zhe said, "Qing-er, go out and check if the kitchen servants have finished preparing the food."

He was actually sending her away? Shen Youqing slightly pursed her lips and glanced at Ji Man before standing up and leaving.

Once the doors were closed, Zhangjun Prince was very interested as he asked Ji Man, "What did you do?"

What could she have done to force such a vicious decision?

Ji Man raised her head and said, "This one exposed my identity to Wen-shi and Liu-shi."

Zhao Zhe was slightly shocked. He furrowed his brow and said, "Why did you act so impulsively? If one of those two people leaked out that information, your life will be forfeited."

“It's exactly because this one is putting my life on the line that this one can force the marquis to make a choice ”Ji Man smiled and said, “If he chooses to not care about my life and send Wen Wan back to her hometown, then there's nothing this one can say. If he has any feelings for me, then Wen Wan won't have a good outcome."

It felt so awesome to imagine how Wen Wan would be feeling when the man that she was deeply in love with harmed her for another woman.

"You're gambling with your life." Zhao Zhe couldn't quite comprehend her logic.

"This one won't lose my life." Ji Man chuckled. "If this one's identity is ever exposed, Marquis Moyu would also become implicated for the crime of deceiving the emperor. This one is 99% sure that this one's life will be safe."

Even if she wasn't as important as Wen Wan, Ning Yuxuan's own life and the rest of his household would definitely be more important than a mere Wen Wan. She only dared to reveal herself when she had enough confidence about the outcome.

Zhao Zhe was stunned for a long time before he chuckled. "You're certainly ruthless enough as a woman."

Ji Man kowtowed. “If this one isn't ruthless, then this one won't be able to help Your Highness accomplish great things. Although this one isn't capable of empowering Your Highness, this one will work within my meager capabilities. Your Highness, if there's anything you want this one to do, please issue your order."

These words were said with such loyalty that it wiped away his earlier hesitation about her negligence towards previous tasks. Zhao Zhe was very delighted as he said, "It's already a big help to this prince that you've gained the qualification of being responsible for the tribute rice. When the opportune time comes, this prince will issue my order."

"Understood." Ji Man briefly closed her eyes.


Wen Wan had been confined in her room.

Right now, she was impassively gazing at the window. Ning Yuxuan had been sitting in her room in silence for an hour.

"I've accepted my fate. I'll leave if you want me to leave." Wen Wan lightly said, "We were never meant to be together. Our meeting was mistaken fate. I saw what was in your heart a long time ago. I just didn't want to admit it."

"So, why won't you even allow me leave?" Wen Wan's voice was slightly hoarse. When she raised her head, her eyes were red. She looked at him as she said, "I knew what you were like when you're deeply in love. But, what I didn't know, was how heartless you are once you've fallen out of love!"

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