The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 341

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 341 - I won't take responsibility for you (2)

Qian Yingchen was stunned. He turned his head and briefly looked at her with repugnance before saying, "You even dared to pass yourself off as a servant of the marquis's household? Since she's not someone from this estate, then take her away for the local magistrate to deal with."

Zhu Yurun finally returned to her senses. Somewhat panicky, she said, "No, don't. If you send me to the local magistrate, then I'll be bringing shame on my dad again."

"Is he going to be surprised? Haven't you already done plenty of shameful things?" Qian Yingchen snorted.

Guibai had already pulled her up with her hands pressed behind her back.

Zhu Yurun struggled for a bit. She looked at Qian Yingchen and said, "I know that you're just temporarily having a hard time to accept this. I also understand that my actions were a bit outrageous. We just need to spend some time together. You'll come to accept me once we've spent some time together."

Qian Yingchen looked as if he had heard a joke. He regarded her from top to bottom before shaking his head.


Taking advantage of the favorable situation from the lovely, romantic mood, Ji Man told Marquis about Zhu Yurun's matter.

Ning Yuxuan looked at her with a strange gaze. "If you want something, why didn't you just talk to me about it? Why sacrifice yourself with marrying a wife?"

Ji Man's eyes brightened. She looked as if she was one step away from wagging a tail. "If I want something, will my lord be willing to give it to me?"

"En." Ning Yuxuan magnanimously nodded. "As long as you're willing to pay with something of an equivalent value."

He might as well not have said anything then. Ji Man twitched her lips. Compared to what Zhu Yurun wanted, Ning Yuxuan would definitely want more. It would be better for her to just take the detour.

"Oh, right. I wonder how things are going between Yurun and Sir Qian." Ji Man patted her head. "Let's go back to look."

In the blink of an eye, Ji Man had already tossed the memory of the recent, soft kiss behind them. Ning Yuxuan felt a bit speechless. There were still so many things that he wanted to say to her, but all of it was clogged up in his throat. In the end, he could only let out a sigh.

It wasn't the right time to say those things yet.


When they had almost reached his room, Ji Man saw that Guibai was carefully trying to push a woman out of the room. Although the woman's arms were behind her back, she had a foot hooked on the doorway and was refusing to leaving. Not discouraged at all, she was shouting towards the inside of the room, "I'm serious. I won't give up!"

Ji Man wiped the sweat from her forehead. Miss Zhu really was acting more like a man than a woman. She wasn't even willing to stop her antics while being pregnant or worrying that her actions might harm her baby.

Ji Man hurriedly went over, smiled at Guibai, and said, "She's this one's friend. Please let her off."

Stunned, Guibai let go of his hold on Miss Zhu. As soon as he did so, Zhu Yurun immediately bounced back to Qian Yingchen's side.

"I know how to paint. I can quietly accompany you every day without fussing. I can also give you a child. Wouldn't that be so wonderful?"

Ning Yuxuan slightly raised his eyebrows. When he strode into the room, he saw that Qian Yingchen's expression was especially bad. Even though he knew the answer, he still asked, "What's going on here?"

Qian Yingchen felt as if he was being annoyed to death. Although a man would normally take responsibility under this type of circumstance, Zhu Yurun was simply the living incarnation of his nightmares. He didn't even want to see her again. As soon as Guibai had let her go, this woman clung to him like she was an eight-tentacled octopus.

"Marquis, once an auspicious date is chosen, Yingchen will be sending out his wedding invitations." Qian Yingchen took deep breath before continuing, "As for this woman, marquis, please help me out and have her stay far away from me."

Zhu Yurun pouted. Grasping his arm, she said, "I've already said that you shouldn't be so hasty with getting married, ah. Give us a chance. You'll definitely fall in love with me."

Ning Yuxuan glanced at Ji Man, then he chuckled and said, "Miss Zhu, aren't you getting married to Teacher Ji?"

Zhu Yurun and Qian Yingchen both froze in surprise. Soon after, Qian Yingchen looked at Ji Man with a very sympathetic gaze as he asked, "You're going to marry her?"

Ji Man awkwardly laughed while Zhu Yurun immediately shook her head. "Now that I've found you, my engagement with Teacher Ji can be considered invalid. I'll go home with you right now!"

"I won't bring you back to my home." Qian Yingchen pushed her away again. "Please trouble yourself by showing a woman's reserved manner."

After being pushed away for the third time, Zhu Yurun became a bit more well-behaved. She finally stood in place and didn't try to reach for him again. Still, she kept staring at Qian Yingchen without blinking.

Ning Yuxuan patted Qian Yingchen's shoulder and said, "This is Assistant Minister Zhu's daughter. In a few days, you might have to go to the Ministry of Revenue to discuss some matters with Assistant Minister Zhu."

Qian Yingchen's expression sunk. This troublesome woman was Assistant Minister Zhu's daughter? After he had been transferred back from Xu Province, his position was only a lowly director in the Ministry of Revenue that was subordinate to the assistant minister.

Qian Yingchen had a headache as he saluted Ning Yuxuan and said, "Yingchen won't continue to stay over here then. It'll be better for this one to return home sooner instead."

"It's already so late. Why bother with going home?" Zhu Yurun blinked and said, "Won't it be nicer to just stay over at that marquis's estate for a night?"

Ji Man stealthily tugged on Miss Zhu's sleeve. This girl really didn't treat herself as an outsider. She had clearly snuck into here by climbing over a wall, but now, she dared to invite someone else to stay the night in front of the real owner of this estate. This was simply a guest taking over the owner's authority.

Qian Yingchen didn't look at her. He pretended that he hadn't heard anything she said.

Ning Yuxuan looked at Zhu Yurun for a few moments, then he nodded at Qian Yingchen and said, "Alright then, I'll arrange for a carriage to send you back."

"Thank you, marquis."

Seeing that Zhu Yurun was deeply dissatisfied, Ji Man stretched her hand out to grab onto her sleeve to stop her from following him. Ji Man almost didn't grab onto her in time. This girl only had eyes for Qian Yingchen. Even after a long time had passed, she still hadn't looked away.

With a slight smile, Marquis Moyu said, "Miss Zhu."

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