The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 340

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 340 - I won't take responsibility for you (1)

Liu Hanyun was currently teaching Xi-er how to say some pleasant sounding phrases when she heard Chunpi, who was standing outside, announce Wen Wan's arrival.

After a moment's pause, Liu Hanyun waved her hand to dismiss the servant girls in the room. Chunpi also took Xi-er out of the room too. "What's wrong?"

"This servant came from the western courtyard and saw something that shouldn't have been seen..." Recollecting that scene, Wen Wan felt discomfort in her heart again. "Madam, do you have a good understanding of Teacher Ji?"

At the mention of Teacher Ji, Liu Hanyun's expression wasn't very good either. "How could I possibly have a clear understanding of that person? Since he's entered this household to teach the heir, the marquis is always spending time with them. He barely comes over here to see Xi-er now, and even then, he doesn't stay for long."

Remembering what had happened last time and not being able to let go of that frustration, Liu Hanyun added, "Last time, I was going to ask the marquis if I would be going with him to attend the celebration for Assistant Minister Zhu's mother's birthday. But in the end, he took that teacher with him and didn't even say a single word to me about it."

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Listening to these words, Wen Wan's heart chilled even further. Clutching her handkerchief, she quietly asked, "Madam, how long has it been since the marquis has stayed over your place?"

Liu Hanyun glanced at her. "Do you really not know?"

This woman was always poking around to check where the marquis had been. How could she not know that the marquis hadn't entered her room for over half a month? Even if he did come over, he would only stay for a meal and leave right afterwards.

Wen Wan pressed her lips together. Her nose felt a bit sniffly. "Every day, I long for the marquis to come visit me. I keep wondering if I had done something wrong, and I've already done my best to change the parts of me that the marquis doesn't like. Never mind that the marquis isn't willing to come over to see me. But, tonight, by the garden, he and that teacher..."

"What was they were doing by the garden?" Liu Hanyun was somewhat curious as she looked at Wen Wan's expression.

Wen Wan walked to her side and whispered into her ear. Liu Hanyun's eyes widen in shock. Shaking her head, she exclaimed, "Impossible!"

"This servant saw this with my own eyes." With reddening eyes, Wen Wan said, "This servant had though that teacher was just living here to teach the heir, but he's actually a tempter that's seducing the marquis!"

Holding onto the table for support, Liu Hanyun took several breaths before finally saying, "I don't believe that something like this could happen. Go back to your courtyard for now. I'll go over there and clear the issue up with the marquis tomorrow morning."

Since Liu Hanyun was willing to put herself forward, Wen Wan was naturally happy. Kneading her handkerchief, Wen Wan withdrew from the room.


On the other side of the western courtyard, Qian Yingchen sneered and pushed Zhu Yurun away. Looking at her in askance, he said, "This one has never met such an outrageously offensive woman like you before. Not only did you drug this one in the inn, you then did that sort of thing to this one."

Half-kneeling on the ground, Zhu Yurun pouted and mumbled, "Cause I like you."

With an a livid expression, Qian Yingchen said, "I like the flowers in someone else's home. Does that mean I have the right to climb over their wall and pick those flowers? I also like the daughter of a farming family when I was passing through their village. Does that mean I can snatch her away from her home and ride away with her on my horse?"

"Taking something without asking is stealing. Stealing is a lowly and vulgar action. I didn't even demand indemnification for what you did to me. How can you have the audacity to come looking for me? You won't even treat yourself like a women, so why I should have to take responsibility for you?"

Miss Zhu was left feeling stunned by his words. She tilted her head and looked at him for a quite a while, then opened her mouth and asked, "What's the name of that farming family's daughter you like?"

Qian Yingchen was almost angered to death by her. He had no idea where this woman was from. That night in Xu Province had troubled him deeply. He had been filled with resentment over it and had nightmares for several nights in a row. He had originally though he could put the matter behind him once he left Xu Province and came to the capital. However, he ended up meeting this crazy woman half a year later.

"I'm going to get marred soon, and who I like has nothing to do with you." Qian Yingchen sneered. Sweeping his gaze over her belly, he said, "Are you going to say that you're pregnant with my child, so I have to marry you? A woman like you should just be tossed into bamboo cage."

Zhu Yurun didn't know what to say. Tugging on the edge of his clothing, she said, "Don't be so angry. Don't marry someone else either. I... did that without asking you... that was wrong of me. But, my dad told me that if I like something, then I should fight for it. I didn't know that doing that thing would get me thrown into a bamboo cage. Besides, I really am pregnant with your child."

Rubbing his temples, Qian Yingchen didn't know what he should say. The thing that had happened half a year ago was a disaster. It wasn't something that he had wanted. He didn't like the feeling of being forced into something.

Miss Zhu thought for a while, then she carefully looked at him and said, "It's okay if you take me as a concubine. You can't just let your child not have a father, right?"

Qian Yingchen stood up and interrupted her, "Excuse this one for speaking bluntly. I refuse to marry a woman that's lacking in manners and had no sense of shame. You were the one that forced yourself onto me. It doesn't matter who the father of your child is. I have no intentions of marrying you. Don't even mention taking you as a concubine. Even if you were to enter my household as a servant girl, I wouldn't dare to accept you."

After saying this, Qian Yingchen walked to the doorway. "Is there anyone here?"

Guibai happened to be coming here with a tray of tea. Hearing Qian Yingchen's voice, he entered the rom and asked, "Sir Qian, what are your orders?"

"Please bring this servant girl away," Qian Yingchen said, "This one doesn't understand why this household would keep such a person."

Guibai froze in surprise for a moment. He lowered his head to look at the woman on the floor.

Zhu Yurun had her head raised and was blankly looking at Qian Yingchen. She wasn't moving at all.

"This..." Guibai put down the tea and scrutinized the young woman. With pursed lips, he said, "She isn't a servant girl from the marquis's household? She looks very unfamiliar to me."


Translator Ramblings: I like that the author uses Qian Yingchen as the voice of reason. We can see Qian Yingchen growing frustration, but he still made an attempt to explain why her actions were morally wrong and that she can’t excuse it with, but “I love you”.

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