The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 325

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 325 - I just want to be a teacher (2)

Zhao Zhe was currently fiddling with jade beads as he contemplated Ji Man's behavior today when Wu Yong came up to him and said, "Ji Man is truly a talented and promising individual that is worthy of His Highness's favor."

Zhao Zhe was a bit stunned by these words. "How so?"

He had been trying to figure if Ji Man was up to something. Otherwise, why did she want him to dispel his bygone enmity with Marquis Moyu? But now, his most trusted advisor had said those words.

"This one had recently carefully questioned Ji Man," Wu Yong said with a solemn expression, "Ji Man is truly whole-heartedly working for Your Highness. Regardless of his own personal interests, he is always giving thought on how to help Your Highness and has already even considered the long-term view. He's willing to enter the marquis's estate to teach Marquis Moyu's heir and suffer patiently for several years. By doing this, the heir will naturally grow up trusting him. When that time comes, it'll naturally be much easier for him to help Your Highness."

Ji Man had only said a few words, but Wu Yong had instinctively expanded those words into an inspiring and tragic story of devotion.

Hearing these words, Zhao Zhe was overcome by surprise for a long time, and the doubts in his heart actually slowly disappeared.

After all, even if Ji Man had once been a member of Nie Clan and married into Ning Clan, she didn't have any children. Her only son had disappeared a long time ago. Marquis Moyu had also caused her entire birth clan to be wiped out. Based on his understanding of a woman's tolerance, there was no way that Ji Man would ever forgive Ning Yuxuan, so there was no need for him to worry. Anyways, Ji Man was only a woman. What changes could she possibly be capable of? Besides, wasn't Wen Wan still in the marquis's household?

Moreover, Wu Yong's words were very reasonable. Ji Man's actions were truly for his benefit.

After Zhao Zhe had silently coming to an understanding, the smile on his face became much more natural-looking. "Your keen eye at identifying talent is also commendable. If Ji Man accomplishes something great in the future, you'll naturally be rewarded too."

"Thank you, Your Highness." Wu Yong kowtowed.


Marquis Moyu's estate was very lively today. There had been a notice stuck on the entrance saying that the marquis was looking for a teacher. There were many requirements listed on the paper, but the monthly pay was also especially high. Ji Man squeezed herself into the crowd of people. She was wearing scholarly attire today, and she didn't look remarkable at all.

Steward Qian was standing at the entrance. One by one, he handed out tokens to some of the candidates and waved them inside.

Nearby, a scholar commented, "I heard that this is a position to be the teacher for the marquis's heir, so the marquis will be present today. The heir is only two years old. If you want to teach him, you'll have to put forth a lot of effort.

"Who's worried about working hard? I heard that the heir's biological mother died of sickness, but because the marquis loves him dearly, he won't even allow his main wife to raise him. Think about it, if you can become the heir's teacher, wouldn't that be the same as obtaining instant success?"

"It might even be possible to get an official's position from this. With Marquis Moyu's status, all it would take is a simple recommendation from him. It might even be able to get a spot in the Six Ministries."

Hearing the words, Ji Man repeatedly nodded her head. Ning Yuxuan was truly like a gold mine that could give many benefits, so it wasn't surprising to see such a long line of scholars waiting to apply for a position as a teacher. But...

That night in the carriage, he had said that he was looking for a teacher for Haohao. And now, he had even put out a notice. There were so many people here. What if she lost to one of them?

Ji Man took a deep breath. As soon as she remembered that she would be able to see Haohao today, she felt her spirit rising quite a bit. When all was said, Haohao was Nie Sangyu's biological child. No matter what, he should feel a sense of closeness to her, so she would naturally be the most suitable teacher!

"First, let me look at your face. If you look too fierce, there's no need for you to enter. As Steward Qian said this, he looked at several of the people at the head of the line and didn't give them tokens.

Showing a gentle smile, Ji Man walked over and stretched her hand out to him.

Steward Qian glanced at her, nodded, and gave her a token.

Damn, this process of choosing a teacher was as troublesome as the imperial harem selection!


Over ten scholars had passed the preliminary selection, and they were now following Steward Qian through the estate. After passing through a covered corridor, they actually arrived at Marquis Moyu's western courtyard.

Haohao was currently standing at the side and tossing around wooden toy. Looking very leisurely, Marquis Moyu was leaning on a cushioned couch and watching Haohao. Steward Qian reported, "Marquis, the candidates have arrived."

Standing in the crowd of people, Ji Man could feel that the scholars were feeling very nervous.

Without even looking at them, Ning Yuxuan said, "En, they can start with writing a poem."

Ji Man felt quite happy that he was showing bias in her favor as she had anticipated. Writing a poem was easy enough. She just needed to plagiarize a poem.

Writing tools were brought out, and each person used the ground as a surface to write a poem. Having planned ahead, Ji Man wrote out Li Qingzhao's Like a dream.

Back then, she had really liked this poem. A deep sleep in the spring boudoir, wouldn't those days be so leisurely and relaxing?

However, after everyone had gone forward and handed in their poems, Ning Yuxuan's face sunk when he read her poem.

“Don't you know? Don't you see? The greens are lush, and the reds had become wasted.” He snorted. He finally raised his head and looked over. "Living well, huh?"

(T/N: Ning Yuxuan reads aloud the last line from the poem. The poem is from the point of view of a noble lady. She just woke up after a restful night of sleep. She's still recovering from over-drinking the night before.)

Ji Man almost instinctively nodded, but looking at this master's expression, she could only awkward laugh.

"In choosing a teacher for my heir, I'm looking for someone that has both integrity and talent. Someone that knows how to care for young children and will be close to my heir." Marquis Moyu swept his gaze across the crowd of people. "Who has experience with caring for children here?"

Ji Man deservingly raised her hand. She had experience with taking care of Xi-er!

She had originally thought that she would be the only one that raised her hand. After all, she was the only woman here. But, when she turned her head to look, the people around her were all shamelessly raising their hands.

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