The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 324

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 324 - I just want to be a teacher (1)

Zhao Zhe was stunned by her words. "How did I misunderstand?"

Ji Man straightened her sitting posture. With an especially grave expression, she said, "Based on what this one knows, Marquis Moyu has always been on your side. It was only when you decided to give up on the fight for the throne that he chose to help the third prince ascend the throne. Otherwise, how would he be able to save himself? Of course, once that happened, suspicion and hostility sprouted between you and the marquis. The marquis hasn't been able to say anything to you, so he can only silently care for the dowager empress to show his loyalty.

"Oh?" Zhao Zhe sneered. "Is that really it?"

"That's exactly it." Although sweat was dripping down Ji Man's back, her expression was very calm. "This one had the good fortune to have served in the marquis's household for a while and is aware of certain matters. Marquis Moyu is a person that the Your Highness can draw to your side. Your Highness, if you miss the opportunity to obtain this knife for yourself, it'll be your loss."

Zhao Zhe changed his seating posture. He looked at her with smiling eyes. "You want me to draw him to my side even though he indirectly caused your entire family to die?"

By the side, Wu Yong glanced at Ji Man.

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Ji Man clenched her jaw and said, "This one will naturally think of a way to get retribution for my own affairs. Still, before Your Highness accomplishes his great mission, how can this one attend to my personal grudges? Naturally, this one has to look at the general state of things. Based on the general situation, there will only be plenty of advantages and no disadvantages if Your Highness can abandon your bygone enmity toward Marquis Moyu."

The inside of the carriage was silent for a long time. It was impossible to decipher Zhao Zhe's dark and gloomy expression. Ji Man could only silently pray that his brain wasn't work so that he would believe the nonsense that she had spouted.

A long time later, Zhangjun Prince finally unhurriedly asked, "Why do you think Yuxuan can be swayed to my side? It could even be said that he’s absolutely loyal to the new emperor."

Ji Man wiped her sweat. Slightly smiling, she spat out two words, "Wen Wan."

Zhao Zhe's sudden sharp gaze felt as if it could penetrate her body. Ji Man did her best to maintain her light smile and keep her suddenly wobbly-feeling legs from trembling.

Wen Wan had always been a very important pawn. Although Ning Yuxuan had divorced Qi Siling, Wen Wan continued to live her life peacefully in the estate. It wasn't clear if it was because she had hidden supporters, or if it was because Marquis Moyu's feelings towards her were different. Still, as long as she remained in the estate, the connection between Marquis Moyu and Zhao Zhe couldn't be broken.

Zhao Zhe probably thought that no one would find this important, but she had once been part of that household. How could she not understand this?

"I used to think that when you said that you wanted to be advisor, you were just fooling around to try to make a living," Zhangjun Prince slowly said, "I didn't expect that you actually had a bit of cleverness in you."

Ji Man dryly laughed. "Your Highness, if you think this one is worthy of use, this one can also go to the marquis's estate to find out news for you."

"You?" Zhao Zhe raised his eyebrow. "How can you go there?"

"Your Highness, you forgot. Right now, this one is Ji Man, not someone else." Ji Man stretched her hand up and stroked her little mustache. "This one heard that the marquis is looking for a teacher for his heir. Although this one is untalented, this one can still be considered an acceptable candidate."

"You're certainly well-informed." Zhao Zhe chuckled. "But, if someone finds out the truth, you might lose your life there. You're not scared?"

"No," Ji Man resolutely said, "This one has no other ties. The only two words in my heart are getting revenge. As long as Your Majesty will grant me the opportunity to kill my enemy after your goal has been reached, this one is willing to offer my life in sacrifice."

Her greatest enemy wasn't Marquis Moyu. It was the new emperor that was so high above everyone. By herself, no matter how hard she tried; she didn't have the power to kill him.

Zhangjun Prince couldn't stop himself. He heartily laughed for a spell, then he stroked Ji Man's face, and said, "You're a real treasure."

On the side, Wu Yong shivered. He lowered his head and stayed silent.


After returning to the inn, Ji Man hastily walked to her room. She wanted to change her clothes so that she could go scout out the marquis's estate.

Wu Yong had followed her over and was now standing at her doorway. He hesitantly knocked on her doorframe to get her attention. "Brother Ji."

"Hmm?" Ji Man turned her head. Seeing that it was him, she quickly said, "Brother Wu, you can come inside to talk."

Out of all Zhangjun Prince's advisors, Wu Yong had the highest level of scholarly learning. He was also the person that had given Ji Man the recommendation that she had need back then, so she was very courteous towards him.

"I couldn’t help feeling worried after listening to that conversation during the carriage ride, so I came here to give you some advice." Wu Yong sat down at the table. Looking at her, he said, "I still don't understand. Why do you have such a deep enmity against Marquis Moyu? Did you turn to Zhangjun Prince for help for the sake of revenge?"

Ji Man pursued her lips. It was true that she wanted revenge, but it was more accurate to say that the new emperor was her first target. However, she couldn't say those words aloud.

Seeing that Ji Man was staying silent, Wu Yong thought he had guessed correctly. He sighed and said, "I've been at Zhangjun Prince's side for a long. I more or less know most of his plans. You also said that Marquis Moyu was a good knife. Even if His Highness achieves success, do you really think that he would be willing to break his knife?"

Ji Man shook her head. "He won't."

Confused, Wu Yong asked, "Then, why are you going to work so hard to try to enter Marquis Moyu's household? It can't be that you want to assassinate him, right?"

He was joking, right? Marquis Moyu knew martial arts. Regardless if she tried using physical force or poison, her fighting ability was basically nothing. How could she possibly dare to try to assassinate him?

"Brother Xiong, don't worry. I won't do something that stupid." Ji Man didn't know how to explain herself to this kind-hearted uncle. She could only say, "First, the collective interest is more important than an individual's interest. I naturally won't do anything that that unfavorable to His Highness. The reason I'm going there is because I want to instruct Marquis Moyu's heir in order to establish a bridge for the future by working towards a closer relationship with his son."

She didn't know what Wu Yong was thinking, but after little while, it looked as if he had suddenly realized something.

He patted her shoulder and said, "When the Heavens place a great responsibility on a great man, you'll have to endure more suffering than normal. His Highness is a person that remembers kindness and favors. Since you're willing to help him so much right now, when he succeeds in the future, he'll definitely reward you with many benefits."

"Of course, of course." Ji Man had a smile pasted on her face as she sent him off. She didn't let out a long sigh until after she closed the door and locked it. Then, she continued changing her clothes.

In contrast, Wu Yong was sighing as he left to go look for Zhao Zhe.


Translator Ramblings: Originally, I thought Zhao Zhe was stupid for thinking that Ning Yuxuan can be so easily swayed by love. But, from Zhao Zhe's perspective, he lost to the third prince partially because the late emperor loved Noble Consort Nie. Zhao Zhe grew up with seeing that Nie Clan got away with a lot of stuff because the emperor favored her over his legitimate wife, the empress. If an emperor can be swayed by his feelings, it's reasonable to think that idea might work on Ning Yuxuan too.

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