The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 285

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 285 - The best matchmaker (2)

Out of three princes that were of suitable age, the second prince was the least likely to succeed. Because he was a cripple, the probability of him winning over the princess was small enough that he hadn't even been considered a real competitor. Why would Ning Mingjie abandon the third prince to choose the second prince?

Alright, perhaps one of the reasons was because the third prince had slept with Ning Mingjie's newly wedded wife. But, he could have also chosen to help the first prince, ah.

"The second prince is honest and kind-hearted. And, he’s still a prince." Ning Mingjie smiled. "Besides, I think he's the princess's type."

Yeah right. Didn't Ning Yuxuan say that the princess likes warriors? Zhao Li wasn't strong enough to carry anything, much less use a sword. He couldn't even stand up to walk. Why would Pengyue...

Ji Man sulkily lowered her head. Unless it was love at first sight, there was no way that Pengyue would choose the second prince after analyzing the advantages and disadvantages.


In the neighboring private room.

Pengyue clicked her tongue and examined the second prince for a long time before shaking her head and asking, "Why do you think I'll agree to your proposal?"

Zhao Li lightly said, "Because the conditions I can give you are the best."

He had asked her to marry him and promised to do his best in caring for her for a lifetime, fulfilling her every wish, and giving her the best of everything. If she ever became unhappy with anything, she could divorce him.

This was truly the most groundbreaking proposal that a man could offer in this time period.

Feeling quite interested, Pengyue asked, "Do you really need me?"

"En, I really need you." Zhao Li pursed his lips and added, "If you don't want to agree, then I won't pursue you any further. After all, no women would want to marry a cripple."

Pengyue giggled. "Give me time to consider this."

Zhao Li slightly froze. He raised his head and looked at her. "Your Highness, it's already pretty good that you're willing to consider me."

Watching him, Pengyue asked, "When I saw you in the military training field yesterday, why did you turn around and leave?"

She had been brooding over this matter all night. Although it wasn't a big deal, she kept dreaming about his back figure as he wheeled himself away. It had looked so lonely and helpless.

"Because, even if I had come closer, I wouldn't know what to say." Zhao Li turned his face to the side. "The other two princes are competing for you. It's a pity that they already have princess consorts."

"So that makes you're the most suitable one?" In a moment of impatience and interest, Pengyue used her whip to tilt up his chin.

Zhao Li slightly frowned. There was a hint of scornful anger in his eyes for being inspected like this. "Your Highness, take your time to consider. This one will leave first."

What a surly personality.


Pengyue had her chin propped up in her hands as she contemplated for a long time until Nie Sangyu came into the room to get her.

"Your Highness, do you still want to visit Luoyan Pagoda?"

Returning to her senses, Pengyue pursed her lips and said, "No, I don't need to go there anymore. Sangyu, let's go back to the palace."

Why did she want to go the palace? While Ji Man was feeling baffled, Pengyue energetically tugged her down the stairs with her.


After paying the empress and the imperial noble consort respect, Pengyue made a beeline towards Yinxue Palace.

Yinxue Palace was a place for concubines and consorts that had lost favor with the emperor. The second prince's mother had been living here before she died. During their recent conversation, Zhao Li had happened to mention this, and Pengyue couldn't resist the impulse to pay this place a visit.

There usually weren't many people in this desolate palace, but today, there was an older palace servant weeding the area, then kowtowing.

Without even thinking, Pengyue went over to ask that older palace servant questions. This older palace servant used to be Consort Hui's personal servant girl. Even though this princess was an unfamiliar young woman, the servant actually told her everything about Consort Hui and the second prince's past.

Weeping, the older palace servant said, "Someone had poisoned Her Highness, that's why the second prince was born a cripple. Since the second prince was born like that, the emperor had never paid any attention to him. Consort Shu had only raised the second prince until he was seven years old before leaving to live her life at a prince's estate. Who know how much that child had suffered..."

Feeling upset, Pengyue clutched her whip and said, "It's okay. I'll protect him in the future."

Ji Man's lips twitched. "Your Highness, how will you protect the second prince?"

"I'll just marry him." Pengyue indifferently said, "Anyways, I haven't met anyone here that caught my interest, and Zhao Li looks pretty good. Since he's a cripple, he won't be able to go out and live a life of debauchery. When I'm in a bad mood and unwilling to push his wheelchair, he can only look at me. Isn't that wonderful?"

Ji Man didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  This type of reasoning was simply too tough.

If Pengyue decided to marry the second prince, then the first prince and third prince didn't need to compete anymore for this princess. After all, Zhao Li didn't have much power to compete with them. Both sides would feel at ease with this decision.

And yet, thinking of Ning Mingjie's behavior today, Ji Man suddenly thought that the second prince wasn't as simple as he appeared.


As she was accompanying Pengyue for the remaining two days, they seemed to encounter the other princes frequently. On the third day of Pengyue's visit, when Ning Mingjie was leaving the capital, Pengyue went to inform the emperor of her decision. There wasn't anyone else. She only wanted to marry the second prince. The entire imperial court was dumb struck.


When the news spread to the harem, even the imperial noble consort was feeling shocked as she tried to persuade her, "Your Highness, don't make a decision that you'll regret..."

Standing by Zhao Li's wheelchair and swinging her whip, Pengyue smiled brilliantly. "He’s the one that I want as my husband. In the future, if anyone dares to bully or insult him, it'll be the same as bullying or insulting me. Since he can't walk, I'll push his wheelchair for him."

Everyone else was speechless, but Ji Man couldn't stop herself from clapping.

True love was truly something that was rarely seen in this world.

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