The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 284

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 284 - The best matchmaker (1)

Errong laughed and said, "Why would I send someone to follow him? He also has his own work to do, just leave him be.

Pengyue puffed up her cheeks. She wanted to say more, but Nie Sangyu said, "It's getting late. Let's go to sleep."

With the three of them sleeping together on the large bed, it was quite warm and cozy. Pengyue felt much closer to these women. It was only that one woman seemed too stupid, and the other one seemed too clever. Still, Nie Sangyu’s heart didn't seem to be in bad place.


The next day, Nie Qingyun still hadn't returned home yet, but Ning Mingjie had come over early in the morning to pick them up. In accordance to the imperial noble consort's order, Ning Mingjie had to act as a bodyguard for the remaining two days. After that, he would be leaving the capital with the army.

Ning Mingjie suggested, "How about visiting the market today?"

"Sure." Pengyue had slept well last night, so she had plenty of energy.

Ji Man was also doing okay. Errong was the only one that seemed listless. Her face was slightly pale as she said, "I'm staying home today. I'm not feeling well."

Ning Mingjie frowned. He looked at his younger sister and said, "How did you become so haggard?”

"It's nothing." Errong smiled and waved her hand at them. "Go on without me."

As Ji Man got into the carriage with the other two, she turned her head back. Supported by Baizhi, Errong had already disappeared behind the cinnabar doors.


The market was truly very lively. But, when Ji Man remembered that no one had cared when she didn't return to the marquis's estate last night either, she wasn't in the mood to have fun. What was Ning Yuxuan thinking? When there was an abrupt change in weather, there would a weather announcer to report it. He had changed faces faster than the flipping pages of a book. There should be a reason, right?

Ning Mingjie had them get off the carriage at an intersection. Pengyue was feeling excited just from seeing the bustling crowd. In her dull grey dress, she turned left, then right to look around.


By the time her hands were filled with little trinkets, Pengyue finally couldn't walk anymore. Ning Mingjie casually pointed at a place and said, "Let's go to that teahouse and sit for a bit.

Ji Man looked at that teahouse. It was a famous franchise in the capital. There were probably many high-ranking officials and members of noble families inside.

Pengyue made a sound of agreement and started heading towards there.

Last night, Ji Man had sent a letter to the third prince's side that provided an accounting of the overall situation. Ning Mingjie refused to marry the princess. Although his reason wasn't clear, they still had find another person to introduce to the princess, right?

Zhao Jue's answer was, as long as it wasn't someone from the first prince's side, anyone would be okay.

Then, there were plenty of people to choose from the imperial court. Many promising officials from the imperial court had already been gathered at Luoyan Pagoda. They were just waiting for Nie Sangyu to bring the princess over later and start off an enormous blind date spectacle.

However, contrary to her expectations, someone would be cutting her off from completing her plan.

As soon as she entered the teahouse, something felt off. This place was normally very lively with many guests, but it was very quiet today. There weren't many people in the main room, and the second floor was totally empty.

"Guests, please continue going upstairs," the waiter earnestly requested.

If she was in modern-day Ji Man would think this was a scene where someone was about to propose. But, she was in ancient times, ah. Who would do something like that in ancient times...

"Princess Pengyue." A voice interrupted Ji Man's train of thought.

On the third floor, the second prince was quietly sitting in his wheelchair. There wasn't much expression on his face, and the dark-colored embroidery on his silvery robe looked a bit old.

Pengyue's expression slightly changed as she looked at him with a frowning face. Ning Mingjie directly went in front of her to protectively guard her and asked the second prince, "Your Highness, why are you here?"

The second prince, Zhao Li, pursed his lips and said, "I have something I want to say to the princess."

"Second prince, this one is afraid that this would be a bit inappropriate." Ning Mingjie turned his head back and said to Pengyue. "Your Highness, we should leave this place."

"If he dares to speak, why should I be afraid to listen?" Pengyue lightly harrumphed and walked around him. When she reached the second prince's side, she slightly narrowed her eyes and asked, "What is it that you want to say?"

"Your Highness, would you mind going to a private room to talk?" Zhao Li slightly raised his eyebrows.

Pengyue looked at his legs, then she pursed her lips and said, "Alright."

"Your Highness." Ji Man didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Was Pengyue a young child? The second prince's motive was so obvious. He was definitely going to talk about marriage. Why did she still want to follow him?

"Don't worry." Pengyue raised the whip in her hand and said, "I know martial arts, and he's a person that doesn't even had the strength to truss a chicken. What could he possibly do to me?"

Ji Man glanced at Ning Mingjie and said, "Then, Sangyu and Sir Ning will wait in the neighboring room. Your Highness, if anything comes up, just yell my name."

Pengyue nodded. She went around the second prince and helpfully pushed the second prince's wheelchair into the private room.

Zhao Li was stunned for a moment.

Ji Man pushed open the neighboring room's doors and looked at Ning Mingjie as she said, "Young Master, please come."

Since they had already come into this teahouse, there was no way for her to stop anything now. Out of all the possible people, Ning Mingjie had been the last person she would expect to interfere with her plan.

"Young Master, what are your plans?”

After Prince Gong's daughter had been bestowed onto the third prince, Ning Mingjie hadn't done anything other than planning on going to the battlefield to fight. Ji Man had thought it was because he was a good-natured person.

But, at some unknown point, he had decided to become the second prince's matchmaker? Moreover, he had grasped the key point of Pengyue's personality very well and used reverse psychology to lure Pengyue's interest. And, during this entire time, she hadn't noticed Ning Mingjie's hidden intention.

As it turned out, this was the reason why he had used the excuse of Luoqi's pregnancy to refuse her attempt to be their matchmaker. At the time, she had thought his heart was simply troubled. But, really... it had just been a classic case of a woman being unable to out-scheme a man.

Ning Mingjie let out a low sigh and said, "Madam, you should just spend your time taking care of the marquis. You don't need to concern yourself with so many other things."

Ji Man tapped the table. Feeling as if she was missing something, she asked, "Sangyu just doesn't understand. Why is it the second prince?"


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P.S. We’ve seen that Ji Man is a very unreliable narrator. For example, her initial opinion on the third prince. It took her a long time to see that the third prince is just as power hungry and arrogant as the first prince, but he was better at hiding it.

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