The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 282

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 282 - Even a marriage predestined by fate can't survive without love (1)

Behind the gauzy red curtains, there were clearly people on the second floor. It was quite the beguiling scene. In broad daylight, there was a shadowy pair that was having a fun romp behind the curtains.

There were many people with the last name Nie in the imperial court, so Ning Mingjie didn't think too much it. He resumed walking and followed after the three women.

After a while, Pengyue got bored of sightseeing and loudly insisted that she wanted to go to a military training ground. A military training ground was a place where army troops were usually performing drills, and the nearest one was on the outskirts of the capital. Ji Man remembered that Ning Yuxuan had told her that the princess like martial arts. She had silently exclaimed in admiration at the time. Was Marquis Moyu actually a central intelligence officer? It really seemed like he knew everything.

With his official position, Ning Mingjie was naturally able to bring them to a military training ground. However, after Ji Man had accompanied Pengyue in touring the military training ground for a while, she saw someone that she would never expected to see in this type of place.

A group of guards were currently performing a training exercise and loudly shouting. They looked as fierce as tigers as they skillfully displayed their talents with their weapons. The princess watched this training with keen interest.

Ji Man turned her head to the side and saw someone sitting at the side of the training field.

Or, to put it in another way, there was a wooden wheelchair parked over there.

The second prince was quietly watching the training guards. His face was blank and without any hint of emotion, but his entire body seemed to be radiating a strong feeling of admiration and envy. He truly looked very pitiful.

Pengyue wasn't blind, so she naturally saw him too. As soon as she noticed that there was a man wearing an official robe only worn by princes, she became curious. Tugging on Nie Sangyu's sleeve, she asked, "Your country has princes that are cripples?"

Ji Man nodded. "That's the second prince. He usually stays in the palace and doesn't come out often. I heard that his legs were like that since he was born."

Tapping the long whip she was holding, Pengyue inexplicably felt an urge to walk over there and chat with the second prince. But, the second prince actually pretended that he didn't seem them. He turned his wheelchair in the other direction and started to leave.

"Why would a grand prince appear at a military training ground? Since he had already come, why is he leaving so quickly?" Pengyue frowned. Feeling very unsatisfied, she said, "Do the men in Great Song like to play hard to get?"

This princess seemed as if she had a pre-installed software that systematically ridicule people. Once she figured out someone's intentions, was there any need in publicly stating aloud his intentions so blatantly?

Ning Mingjie came over and reminded them that it was about time for them to leave too. A military training field wasn't a zoo. After using his connections to briefly tour the place, they should be leaving.

Right after Pengyue left the military training field, she grumbled again, "If he wanted to talk to me, he should just come over and talk. What's the meaning in leaving after only showing his face? Even though I wouldn't marry a cripple, it would still be nice to make a new friend."

Ji Man couldn't resist laughing. "Your Highness, if you want to be friends with the second prince, you can just go to his estate to look for him."

"Who wants to look for him?" Pengyue harrumphed. She turned her head and looked around for a bit before saying, "There's nowhere else fun to go, and I'm tired from walking too. How about we go rest at one of your homes?"

Errong asked, "Your Highness, aren’t you going to return to the palace?"

"The imperial noble consort said I could stay with the two of you." Looking at Errong, Pengyue asked, "Where's your home?"

Ning Errong felt a bit annoyed. If you're going to invite yourself to someone's home, could you not say it as if you were the one doing her a great favor? Although Princess Pengyue was a decent person, her tone was too arrogant.

Errong twitched her lips and said, "Sangyu's husband's estate is bigger than my home. Your Highness, you should stay over there instead."

Pengyue pouted. "Am I not welcome at your home? We've spent so much time walking together today, but you keep looking at me from the corner of your eyes."

From the tone of Pengyue's voice as she said those last two sentences, she seemed to be feeling a bit hurt. Ji Man could tell that this princess honestly said whatever she felt without censoring herself. Although this princess was a bit arrogant, she didn't have a malicious heart.

Still, if the princess returned to the palace and repeated these words, Errong would be in trouble. It wasn't something that could be passed off as a joke if you slighted an important guest.

"Errong is just feeling down today," Ji Man hurriedly said, "Let's go to Nie Residence. I'll stay over too and keep the two of you company."

Pengyue asked, "Want to share a bed with me?"

Errong said, "There's enough rooms. Your Highness, you can have a bedroom to yourself."

Pengyue lowered her eyes. She mumbled, "I'm so far away from home. I haven't been sleeping well this entire journey here. If we can all sleep together, I promised that I wouldn’t eavesdrop if the two of you want to have a private conversation."

Amused by her words, Ji Man nodded.

Ning Mingjie glanced at her and said, "You should send someone to let the marquis know that you're not going home tonight."

Errong admiringly looked at her and said, "Exactly. Otherwise, he might get worried. Qingyun and I were relieved to hear that your relationship with my older cousin has been going very well lately. "

Ji Man dryly laughed. Yeah, their relationship was really good. It had already been several days since she saw Ning Yuxuan's face. She was almost forgetting what he looked like.

On the way to Nie Residence, Pengyue couldn't resist asking, "Has second prince always been unfavored?"

Ning Mingjie said, "Pretty much. His consort mother died young, and the emperor doesn't value him. Your Highness, you shouldn't choose someone like him as your husband."

"Ah, why should I not choose him just because you say so?" Pengyue lightly snorted. She turned her head away and stroked the whip at her waist with her left hand.

Ji Man's heart skipped a beat. She glanced at Ning Mingjie.

There was a hint of a smile on Ning Mingjie's face. He turned his head and looked elsewhere too.

T/N: I posted vague spoilers about Errong and Qingyun, but I’m not sure if I should say anything… Am I ruining your enjoyment by providing spoilers? I think the author wants the readers to feel doubtful about Qingyun’s behavior and question if he has changed.

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