The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 281

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 281 - Acting as well-qualified tour guide (2)

Even Errong was stunned to see this beautiful as a flower man being so melancholy. Clutching her friend's hand, she whispered, "Why is my older brother like this?"

Ji Man comfortingly patted her shoulder. "Everyone will meet someone that's wrong for them at some point in their lives. Time will heal their wounds and make everything okay again. It's nothing serious. After some time passes, your older brother will recover to his old self."

Ning Mingjie wasn't stupid. As a person that cared about his family and his country, he wouldn't lose himself to his emotions.

Pengyue found a place for them to sit, then she propped up her chin in her hands as she looked at Ning Mingjie for a while. Finally, she asked, "Which family does that young master belong to?"

Ning Errong was somewhat unhappy with Pengyue's tone. It sounded as if she was just selecting vegetables at a market. Curling her lip, she said, "He's my older brother."

Ji Man supplemented, "He's Marquis Jingwen's heir. He's leaving the capital in three days with the army. He's a pretty good person."

Pengyue stared at him without blinking for a moment. She watched as he hanged up his poem and the crowd praised his writing. She lightly harrumphed. "That man already had someone in his heart."

Pengyue was only a young woman. If they were in modern-day, she would be taking her college entrance exam. How was it possible that she had clearly seen the truth in only glance? Ji Man felt somewhat speechless. It couldn't be that girls from ancient time were precocious and trained to have discerning eyes, right?

"My older brother almost married Prince Gong's daughter recently." As she brought up this topic, Errong felt extremely unhappy. "Unfortunately, his beloved was snatched away, and his bride became a princess consort instead."

"Errong." Ji Man pressed her hand.

Ning Errong felt somewhat indignant, but as soon as she remembered that the third prince was Sangyu's older cousin, she didn't feel right to continue speaking about the matter and only quietly felt bad for her older brother.

"Oh? There was such a thing?" Princess Pengyue's interest was stirred up. Tugging on Errong's hand, she asked, "What exactly happened, ah?"

Ning Mingjie had finished hanging up his poem. He saw that Nie Sangyu had already arrived. He wasn't surprised that she hadn't come here by herself. Not only did she bring Errong along, there was also an unfamiliar young woman.

He had received the third prince's order to act as a bodyguard today, but he had pretended that he hadn't been home to get his message and had come to Luoyan Pagoda instead. But, in the end, he hadn't been able to successfully hide.

Seeing him covering over, Errong naturally stopped gossiping with Princess Pengyue. She quickly smiled and said to him, "Older brother, I haven't you seen in a while. You look even more valiantly handsome."

Ning Mingjie put on a fake smile. He silently saluted Princess Pengyue, then he sat down on the side. Looking at Nie Sangyu, he said, "Madam, as expected, you didn't miss our appointment."

Ji Man felt somewhat embarrassed. She awkwardly laughed, then she seriously said, "I think that Young Master should take the time to look at scenery from other places. Don't blame Sangyu for meddling."

Ning Mingjie laughed, glanced at Pengyue, and lightly said, "I found out that Luoqi was pregnant yesterday, so I feel that I won't be feeling alone for the remainder of my life."

"What?!" Not caring that there was a princess present, Ning Errong jumped up. "Luoqi is pregnant?"

Smiling, Ning Mingjie nodded.

Princess Pengyue twitched her lips. "As expected, all good men are already married to their beloveds and have children."

Ji Man was left feeling a bit helpless after Ning Mingjie had thrown out this bomb. Although Ning Mingjie didn't have a main wife, by saying that his woman was pregnant in front of the princess, wasn't he clearly declaring that he didn't want any development between him and the princess?! What was he thinking?!

This was the same as throwing the imperial noble consort's plan out the window.

Ning Mingjie actually turned around and started to comfort Pengyue. "There are a lot of excellent men in Great Song. Your Highness, take your time with looking. There's no need to hurry."

"Alright." Pengyue swept her gaze over to the wall to look at Ning Mingjie's calligraphy, then she stood up and said, "This place only has scholars. How about we go somewhere else?"

Ji Man sighed and also got up. She said to Ning Mingjie, "Young Master, since you're free today, how about accompanying us for a while?"

"En." Ning Mingjie didn't refused and followed them as they headed out of Luoyan Pagoda. 

As Ji Man was walking behind Pengyue, she quietly mumbled, "Such a pity, such a pity..."

Just from his appearance, there were few women that wouldn't feel interested in Ning Mingjie after seeing him. But, if he wasn't willing, no one could force him.

The carriage would inevitably feel a bit crowded with four people, so Pengyue suggested that they walk around the capital instead of taking the carriage.

Ji Man thought; it was really fortunate that she wasn't wearing modern-day heels. Otherwise, her feet would be covered in blisters by the time she went home after walking so much.

After passing Zhangning Street, it was Guyue Street. On both sides of the street, all of the doors were closed on the storefronts. It looked quite desolate.

The princess curiously asked, "Why is so empty?"

Ning Mingjie swept his gaze around the street. He didn't pretend to be proper and straightforwardly said, "There will be a lot of people here at nighttime. We're in the red light district."

Pengyue's face turned red, but there were obviously little stars of interest in her eyes. Ji Man hurriedly led them to a different area. She didn't have the audacity to bring a princess to visit a brothel.

"Sir Nie..." Someone's soft and silky voice drifted down from a nearby upstairs room. The three women didn't hear this voice, but Ning Mingjie had heard it with his sharp ears. He stopped walking and glanced upwards.


Translator Ramblings: I love that Ning Mingjie totally ruined Ji Man and the imperial noble consort's plan XD.

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