The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 246

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 246 - If you play around too much, it will end up ruining your relationship with the person that you love (1)

Even if this was just a dream, these people had genuinely treated her well. Ji Man realized that she didn't have the ability to remain aloof.


Marquis Moyu would be observing the mourning period for his mother for the next three years. This meant that during the next three years, the marquis would definitely not welcome any new concubines into the household. All of the women let out sighs of relief when they found out. Xia-shi was especially fortunate. She had made it just in time for the last bus. Although she had a dubious background, she had Marquis Moyu's protection and was able to peacefully settle into the household.


The mourning period for Old Madame hadn't passed yet, so the imperial noble consort was planning a simple birthday celebration for her son. She had been best friends with Old Madame since childhood, but she hadn't been able to get permission to leave the palace in time to see Old Madame one last time before she passed. Because of this, the imperial consort cried for a very long time. This was why the emperor had posthumously bestowed Old Madame the title, Lady Protector of the Nation.


Ji Man had thought the empress would be too busy working on getting her son out of house arrest. And so, she was somewhat surprised when she heard that the empress had found the free time to say a few words to the emperor to help Wen Wan. Comparing Wen Wan's baby to the imperial noble consort's baby, the empress said that Wen Wan had already devoted herself to motherhood and deserved a second chance.

Ji Man didn't understand why this dynasty's emperor liked to meddle in other people's household affairs so much. It had been a while since the almost divorce between Prince Huainan's heir and his heir's wife. It was said that this aging emperor felt softhearted and actually took back his earlier words that Wen Wan had to stay a servant for the rest of her life. He even praised Wen Wan in front of Marquis Moyu by saying that he heard Wen Wan had given birth to a son. This wasn't an easy accomplishment.

Muxu had also given birth to a son. Old man, why aren't you also praising Muxu for accomplishing this difficult task too?

As expected, the female lead was the strangest type of creature. If she fell off a cliff, she wouldn't die and would even have a fortuitous meeting. Any notable man in the novel would fall in love with her at first sight. Even if she didn't do anything, the male lead would still be head-over-heels in love with her. Even if she was placed on the field of death, she would still inexplicably be reborn.

Such a strong female lead halo was strong enough to blind Ji Man, but nothing could be done about this. She could only stand to the side and watch Tanxiang walking down the path in high spirits. Tanxiang was carrying a new bolt of silk fabric. As Tanxiang walked, she joyfully said to the other servant girl by her side, "Our master's fortune is finally turning around for the better."

Since the emperor had already relaxed his position, it was naturally very easy for Marquis Moyu to raise Wen Wan's position. Even Ji Man felt that this great lord was going to run to her courtyard tonight and tell her to give Wen Wan the position of the secondary wife.


Wen Wan was naturally the happiest. Since early in the morning, she had been trying out different outfits. She had been living in Qiangwei Courtyard without any rank or status. She didn't even have the right to take care of her own son. But, everything was good now. With the empress supporting her, she would be able to get back her status and her son as well.


However, everyone was taken aback when Ning Yuxuan didn't say a single word about raising Wen Wan's status after returning from the palace. He only told Nie Sangyu to prepare for a palace banquet that was celebrating the imperial noble consort's younger son's one month birthday.

The prince's one-month-old birthday banquet would naturally be an opportunity for unmarried women to display their talents. After all, it would soon be time for the drafting of new beauties into the palace.

Ning Yuxuan wanted her to prepare because each noble household would be performing some sort of act during the banquet in attempt to gain the emperor's favor.

"This servant understands." Ji Man nodded.

The prince's one-month-old birthday banquet would naturally be an opportunity for unmarried women to display their talents. After all, it would soon be time for the drafting of new beauties into the palace.

If there was an young, unmarried woman in the household, then this young woman would naturally be brought along to display her artistic skills. Unfortunately, all of the women in the marquis's household were married women. There weren't any young, unmarried women. The only girl in this household was an infant girl that was still being wrapped up in swaddling clothes.

Ji Man thought about just finding a song and dance troupe among the commonfolk, but that wouldn't be showing enough sincerity. After all, this was her younger cousin's one month birthday.

Just as she was worrying about this matter, Wen Wan came over.

This had to be mentioned. Although Wen Wan wasn't very clever and didn't have many skills, she knew how to dance. Back then, it was exactly one dance on a stage that had hooked the marquis's heart. And now, Wen Wan had come over here while holding a long dress to plead with her.

"This servant wants to offer up a dance for the little prince's one month birthday. It can be the marquis's household gift to the little prince."

Ji Man looked at Wen Wan's lowered head. Was Wen Wan scared that she had lost her position in Ning Yuxuan's heart? So she had anxiously and hastily thought of way to push herself into the limelight in order to seize a favorable impression?

However, at the moment, it was true that only Wen Wan's status was suitable. She was neither a true concubine nor a true servant. Everyone still had to address her as Miss. If Wen Wan wanted to give a performance, then this would be a load off her mind.

After thinking this over, Ji Man agreed to her request.

"Madam, please hide this matter from the marquis." Wen Wan shyly smiled. "Wan-er wants to surprise him."

Looking at Wen Wan's face, Ji Man stiffly nodded.

Several scenes of a female lead creating a stir at a banquet had already flashed through Ji Man's mind. Wen Wan would either be singing a song, playing a stringed instrument, or performing a feitian dance. There would definitely be one option that was suitable for her. And then, the audience's reaction would always be the same. There would be absolute silence followed by overwhelming applause.

(T/N: Click here for a video of feitian dance.)

However, she felt that Ning Yuxuan was the type of person that didn't like his lovers stepping into the limelight. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked her to interfere in the matter with Tonghua Poetry Association and ruin Wen Wan's sweet dreams.

Wen Wan obviously hadn't noticed this aspect about Ning Yuxuan.


After returning to Qiangwei Courtyard, Wen Wan painstakingly practiced dancing. She would perform this dance for the little prince's birthday banquet, and Ning Yuxuan would sit up and take notice of her improved performance...

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