The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 245

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 245 - Unaware that she's already involved (2)

Inside, Qian Lianxue was crying and smiling. Her gaze was full of affectionate and loving feelings as she looked at Ning Yuxuan. "Lianxue has been sickly since childhood, didn't have a parents' protection, and still needed to take care of my younger brother. It was my lord that took Lianxue out of that helpless circumstance. My lord, it was at that moment that Lianxue fell in love with you."

Marquis Moyu silently sat by her bedside.

Qian Lianxue continued to sob as she said, "When I was a child and saw Yingchen being bullied, as his older sister, I couldn't help him. Instead, he was the one that protected me. I'm a useless older sister, that's why I wanted to do my utmost to win over a little bit of something for Yingchen."

Looking at her, Ning Yuxuan finally said, "I brought you into my home because I thought you were a person that needed care. You say that you want to live a good life where other people don't bully you. I haven't treated you unfairly in this aspect. Why did you interfere in so many things and use your utmost effort for someone else? Lianxue, you're only a woman."

Qian Lianxue shook her head. "I'm Yingchen's only sister. When he later couldn't understand my feelings, I didn't have anything to say. But, he followed after my lord and did the tasks you gave him. Lianxue couldn’t understand my lord's strategies. I was afraid that once the imperial court falls into chaos, Yingchen would become involved. So I..."

Ning Yuxuan lightly concluded, "You overestimated your intelligence."

Qian Lianxue bit her lip and coughed a few times before saying, "Qian Lianxue never thought about harming my lord or your heir. My lord, your harem is too chaotic. Lianxue just wanted it to be more balanced."

Really, she was concerning herself with things that she shouldn't.

Ning Yuxuan knew that Qian Lianxue was just shifting the point from the main issue and trying to gain his sympathy. But, between them, there was Qian Yingchen, so it wouldn't be good for him to say too much. He could only listen to her speak.

With tears in her eyes, Qian Lianxue said, "My lord, can you stay the night and keep Lianxue company? Lianxue has been dreaming about my lord every night."

Standing outside, by the doorway, Ji Man thought; Qian Lianxue really didn't know when to stop. She was already this sickly, but she still wanted the marquis to stay overnight. It couldn't be that she wanted to use this opportunity to fake a pregnancy, so that she could change her fortune and return to the marquis's estate, right?

Dream on.

After pushing the doors open, Ji Man walked to the bedside. Pretending that she hadn't heard Qian Lianxue's previous words, she anxiously said, "My lord, someone from the estate just came by and said that Old Madame's illness is getting worse."

Marquis Moyu had a good point; no matter what other women did, his mother was still the most important person.

As a result, Ning Yuxuan didn't say another word before standing up and pulling her with him as he walked out of the room.

"My lord..." Qian Lianxue weakly called out. But, Marquis Moyu didn't turn back.

Ji Man didn't make a false report. Old Madame's illness was getting more and more serious each day. Today, she hadn't woken up even once.


Ning Mingjie was currently staying by Old Madame's bedside and watching over her. Hearing the sound of people coming inside, he turned his head to look.

The imperial physician was on the side. After checking Old Madame's pulse, he shook his head. "She won't last past the next two days." The mood in the room immediately became sorrowful.

Ji Man was stunned. Looking at Old Madame’s wan and sallow face, she pursed her lips.

Marquis Moyu's expression wasn't good either. He went straight to asking the imperial physician if there were any other methods.

Danggui and Shouwu were gritting their teeth, as they silently crying while the concubines remained quiet.

If Old Madame really passed, Ji Man was the only woman in the harem that would genuinely feel upset and pained. After all, the other women hadn't received Old Madame's protection and favoritism. Wen Wan would probably feel elated when the time came. The great mountain that loomed over her was finally falling.

As Wen Wan waited for Old Madame to die, she pondered who she should send over to chat with the empress. She had already given birth to the marquis's child. At the very least, the emperor should take back his punishment. She also had to take back her child from Nie Sangyu.

Nie Sangyu didn't have her own child. Once Old Madame was gone, Nie Sangyu's position as the main wife wouldn’t be stable for long. Wen Wan still had hope that she would be able to regain everything.

When Ji Man turned her head, she saw Wen Wan's curved up lips and felt a burst of loathing. Her eyes were icy cold as she looked at her.

After being momentarily startled by this cold gaze, Wen Wan asked with a very innocent expression, "Madam?"

Ji Man turned her head away. Wen Wan was such a small-minded woman. It was only with the invincible halo given by the author that she was able to be the female lead. Otherwise, she wasn't even good enough to play the secondary female character.

Wen Wan's only advantage was that the author had decided that Marquis Moyu would fall in love with her.

Was love enough for her to do nothing while the male lead always saved her? Could she just walk down the path to a happily ever after unimpeded?

Ji Man refused to acknowledge this system of value that would reward someone for doing nothing.


During the next two days, Ji Man stayed in Old Madame's courtyard to watch after her. Ning Mingjie and Ning Yuxuan also stayed there to watch Old Madame as well, but Ning Yuxuan would occasionally have to leave because of work.

On the second day, in the afternoon, when Ning Yuxuan had left the estate, a death bell rang.

In the end, Old Madame's spirit departed.

Sitting by the bedside and looking at Old Madame's smile that appeared as if she was freeing herself, Ji Man blankly asked, "Why does dying feel like freedom to you?"


An imperial decree came from the palace. Old Madame was conferred a posthumous title, Lady Protector of the Nation, and would be buried in a manner befitting a noble consort. Her grave would be next to Marquis Pingnan's. One grave was old and the other one was new, but they would be right next to each other.

On the day of the funeral procession, Ji Man didn't cry. She stayed silent during the entire procession.

The only person in this dynasty that whole-heartedly protected her was gone. Ji Man suddenly realized; she had thought that she was just a bystander that was indifferently observing everything. But, she was wrong. She had already become involved with these people.

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