The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 236

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 236 - Nie Sangyu, die a wretched death! (1)

Ning Yuxuan paused before kissing her palm. Ji Man hastily took her hand back and heard him gloomy say, "How did you know was what I going to say?"

Ji Man, "..."

She resisted the urge to laugh. She absolutely couldn't ruin the mood. Fine, if he wanted to call her teasing little mink, she would let him. Right now, the most important thing was to seduce him into doing what she wanted.

After her outer garment was tossed to the side, Ji Man was pressed onto the table straight away. There had been too many pregnant women in this courtyard, and the remaining ones he was interested in were too sickly and unwell to be favored. This stallion was probably feeling too repressed.

Just as the scene was especially moving, the half-closed study doors were open again.

Forgot to tell you, normally, none of the women would be stopped by the servants stationed outside the study unless the marquis was having a private discussion with guests. The rest of the time, anyone could easily enter his study when he wasn't busy.

And so, when Nie Chenyu obediently following the original storyline and pushed opened the doors, she was greeted with a passionate scene of two intertwined people on the study's desk.

Ning Yuxuan paused in his movements, wrapped Nie Sangyu up, straightened his clothes, looked at the study's doorway, and indifferently asked, "Why did you come here?"

Nie Chenyu wasn't the female lead. She was just another cannon fodder. But, she actually also liked Marquis Moyu a lot. It was one thing for her to not receive favor again, but today, she was witnessing such an amorous scene after coming here with a snack that Wen Wan had told her to bring.

With tears in her eyes and a slightly red face, Nie Chenyu said in a low voice, "Older sister Wen Wan told this servant to bring the marquis a snack."

Ji Man also felt somewhat embarrassed. She straightened her dress and sat up.

Ning Yuxuan said, "Then put it down here."

Nie Chenyu nodded her head in acknowledgement. As she put down the snack, she glanced at Nie Sangyu, then she hastily ran out of the room.

Even thought this was only a brief interlude, the mood had been pretty much ruined. It was impossible for Ji Man to say to Ning Yuxaun, "Come on, let's continue." Instead, she simply put on her outer garment and gently said, "My lord, will you come visit this servant tonight?"

Ning Yuxuan coughed to clear his throat, awkwardly turned his head, and said, "I'll consider it."

Her clothes had already been stripped, and now he was saying, he'll consider it? Ji Man twitched her lips. It wasn't just women that behaved unreasonable, men were the same too.

Still, looking at his body, she guessed that he would probably be vising her tonight. And so, she obediently saluted and withdrew from the study.


The sky was getting dark. After eating dinner and visiting Liu Hanyun and playing with her daughter, Ji Man returned to her courtyard.

Lianyi had been having nightmares for the last two nights, so Dengxin had been sleeping over in the side hall with her. It was slightly cold tonight, and a thick layer of clouds covered the moon. Once night fell, the courtyard was pitch-black.

Ning Yuxuan still came over. Once the amorous portion of the night was over, Ji Man clung to him like a barnacle and wouldn't let him sleep. It was like dealing with a pestering cat. From time to time, he would drowsily poke her cheeks, but his eyes were already closed.

Ji Man bit down on his neck, and the pain finally woke him. Feeling very annoyed, he glared at her.

"Ah!" A shout came from outside. It wasn't loud, but the two people in Nie Sangyu's room were able to clearly here this sound.

When Ning Yuxuan looked at her, he saw the excitement in her eyes. He couldn't help raising his eyebrows. "What are you up to now?"

"Just faking a haunting. My lord, are you interested in going out to look?" Ji Man roguishly smiled.

Marquis Moyu sighed. He knew it. There could only be one reason why this person would act so obediently today; she wanted him to do something for her again.

Dragged out of the bed by her, he put on a black cape, and the two of them sneaked out through the window like Batman. Softly and quietly, they arrived at the front part of Feiwan Courtyard.

The courtyard was pitch-black. Lianyi was sitting on the side with her hand covering her mouth.

There was a ghost in the middle of the courtyard with a slithering snake draped over its body. Its face was covered by long hair. His voice sounded unreal as he said, "Lainyi, I'm sorry. I said I would marry you..."

The corners of Ning Yuxuan's lips twitched, and he disapprovingly looked at Nie Sangyu. This type of pretense was too disrespectful to the deceased.

Ji Man shrugged. She didn't have any other methods. Ancient people were too stubborn, and they also believed in the supernatural. She could only use this unrefined, but effective method.

Still covering her mouth, Lianyi stood up and approached the shadowy figure to touch him. "Little Five..."

"Little Five" hastily took several steps back. He quietly said, "There are too many grievances on my body. You can't touch me. You need to stay in the world of living."

Lianyi cried more bitterly, but she quickly stifled her cries and looked around. She was afraid of waking up other people.

She sobbed, "I've been dreaming about you a lot. In my dreams, you said you would come and marry me... that you would be with me forever... when I woke up and saw you... I didn't expect that you had really come."

"Little Five" sighed. "I really regret it. Why did I follow master's order? Otherwise, you and me, we would still be okay."

Lianyi shook her head. "You did it for me. Otherwise, you wouldn't have agreed to help Mistress Xue."

Ning Yuxuan froze in surprise. Ji Man directed her middle finger towards him. See, the truth has been revealed. She had already told him that Qian Lainxue wasn't a good person, and he wouldn't believe her.

"Mistress Xue told me to bring those snakes to Madam's room, but I wasn't careful enough and one came out and bit me." The shadowy figure sighed again. "I died because I was trying to harm someone else, so the King of Hell has sentenced me to having my soul scatter into pieces and unable to enter the reincarnation cycle. I came here to say goodbye to you..."

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