The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 235

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 235 - Teasing Little Minx (2)

Ji Man had invited Midwife Yang to her room to chat.

As a professional midwife, Midwife Yang naturally knew about the incident where Nie Sangyu had given birth to a toddy cat. She had always kept her guard up when exchanging polite speech with this madam because the people in Qiangwei Courtyard had all said this madam wasn't a good person and warned her to be careful of her.

However after talking with her for a while, Midwife Yang thought that chatting with this madam felt very comfortable. She was a good listener that didn't interrupt the other speaker and diligently listened. When she spoke, her words were witty. She seemed completely different from her fearsome reputation.

In addition, Nie Sangyu was a woman that had lost her baby. Of the three children that Midwife Yang had given birth to, one had prematurely died, so she could empathize with Nie Sangyu's pain and felt very sympathetic toward her. And so, as they continued talking, Midwife Yang gradually became less guarded.

"Wan-er gave birth to the marquis's second son, but she has no status or a strong family background to support her. Most likely, her child will be given to me to raise." Ji Man propped her chin on her hand and sighed. "She's definitely going to feel angry and upset again."

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Midwife Yang pursed her lips, but in the end, she couldn't resist an old woman's busybody nature. "Doesn't everyone say that Madam doesn't like Miss Wan-er? Wouldn't it be perfect if you get to raise her child?"

Everyone? Ji Man inwardly sneered. Wen Wan really hadn't been idle. How many slanderous words had she said behind her back?

Ji Man had also met many people in modern times that liked to talk behind other people's backs. And so, she had already cultivated a unique linguistic technique to deal with this.

"How can I dislike Wan-er? She's a kind and gentle person. She never takes the initiative to stir up trouble. She's considerate to the marquis and abides by the proper etiquette and respect towards me. I've like her from the start. Why would people think that I dislike her?"

Midwife Yang was speechless. Qiangwei Courtyard's servants were always speaking badly about this madam behind her back. And yet, here she was, foolishly thinking that Miss Wan-er was very respectful towards her. Really, she was being way too stupid!

Unable to suppress her feelings, Midwife Yang said, "Madam, you shouldn't think that Miss Wan-er is such a good person. Who knows what kind of secret tricks she's capable of?"

Ji Man put on a slightly stunned expression. "Could you be misunderstanding something? Wan-er is such a simple girl. How could she be up to something bad?"

Midwife Yang coldly harrumphed. Just as she was about to speak, her expression suddenly changed, and she closed her mouth. She lightly hit her own lips and said, "Look at this old woman, I should be watching my tongue."

Ji Man slightly lamented what a pity. She had been so close to getting her to spill out Wen Wan's secret.

Midwife Yang definitely knew something.


Dengxin came rushing into the room and whispered into Nie Sangyu's ear, "Master, your order has been carried out."

Ji Man nodded. Everything else was ready, but the critical person was missing. Recently, Marquis Moyu had liked to spend time with his offspring, and he was always going to Qiangwei Courtyard. What should she do to get him to come over?

Pretend that was something wrong in Feiwan Courtyard? But, if she couldn't provide a specific issue, then Ning Yuxuan wouldn't stay overnight. Bare a thigh to seduce him? He would probably wrap her up and toss her out.

Ji Man felt a bit discouraged. It was so easy to fight with other women, but it was so difficult to seduce a man. After Nie Sangyu had given birth, if Ning Yuxuan was interested in breasts, she had an ample amount. If he wanted a beautiful face, she still had it. But, getting Ning Yuxuan to stay the night, it was like trying to win the bid for hosting the Olympic Games.

Still, everything had been prepared. It had taken her a lot of effort to find this breakthrough. Even if she had to tie him up and drag him over, she would get him to come here.

After Ji Man changed into an eye-catching and glamorous outfit, she resolutely carried a bowl of tonic and went to Ning Yuxuan's study with it.


The third prince hadn't been gone for long. On the way to the study, Ji Man overheard gossip that he hadn't been successful. Marquis Moyu was still biased in favor of the oldest prince. If the third prince wanted him to change sides, then he needed to destroy the first prince until not even ashes were left. Otherwise, even if there were only ashes left, Ning Yuxuan would persist until the ashes were revived and burned once more.

Ji Man couldn't help thinking; this person was really being stubborn. Currently, the third prince's position was very favorable. Compared to the first prince, his odds of success were so much higher. Why was Marquis Moyu insisting on hanging himself onto something that was doomed to fail?


Just as Ning Yuxuan was about to stand up and go over to Feiwan Courtyard, he saw Nie Sangyu pushing open the doors and coming inside.

He hurriedly sat down and held up a book to read.

Ji Man walked over with a cheshire grin. She put down the tonic and asked, "My lord, are you busy?"

"En." Ning Yuxuan didn't even raise his head. But in his mind, he questioned his reaction. Why had he suddenly sit down?

Seeing that Ning Yuxuan appeared as if he wasn't in a good mood, Ji Man obediently stood behind him and massaged his shoulders. She thought of a few classical lines that had been said by secondary female cannon fodders, gritted her teeth, and said in a syrupy sweet voice, "You haven't visited this servant in so long."

Ning Yuxuan's eyebrows slightly moved. He cleared his throat and asked, "Hmm? Did you come here seeking for favor?"

With her eyes on the goal, Ji Man blinked and maneuvered herself into his lap. "This servant hasn't see the marquis in so long. It's only natural that this servant misses you. How long has it been since..."

As she said this, she lovingly took his hand and placed it on her chest.

When the secondary female character was trying to seduce the male lead in the study, the male lead would usually go along with her act because he was in an argument with the female lead. Then, the female lead would always end up accidentally seeing them in this misleading position. Since ancient times, this was an inescapable plot point in all romance novels.

Just as Ji Man was daydreaming about Wen Wan pushing open the doors and entering the study, the hand that she had placed on her chest tightened. After that, a pair of warm lips descended down.

Crap! This male lead was way too lacking in self-control!

Ji Man looked at him with an alluring gaze, then looked down to hide her desire to gnash her teeth in annoyance. Although she had always thought this act was mutually enjoyable and neither side was taking an unreasonable loss, wasn't this position a little too advance? What if she injured her waist? Right now her waist was painfully pressed against the chair's arm, but Ning Yuxuan's hand had already slipped into her clothes.

The mood was heating up, and Ning Yuxuan's eyes were very dark, even his breathing was a bit warm "You..."

"Stop!" Ji Man covered Marquis Moyu's mouth and very seriously said, "My lord, please don't say you teasing little minx. Otherwise, this servant will laugh to death."


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