The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 158

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 158 out of 513 – News that arrived without warning (1)

It was simply an unexpected disaster. How could Wen Wan not feel wronged? Originally, she and Yuxuan were on the path to happily ever after. But, she ended up suffering a miscarriage due to the fake haunting, then that woman from Prince Huainan’s household had stirred up trouble and she had been demoted to a servant girl. It was one thing to be a servant girl. But, the emperor wanted to kill her. The man she was deeply in love with said he protected her. But, she would have to stay a servant girl forever?

Wen Wan shook her head, then she shook her head again. She tugged on Marquis Moyu’s sleeve and beautifully cried like falling rain on pear blossoms. “I never said anything that I shouldn’t have to Prince Huainan’s heir. I didn’t know that he had given my father money. How can it be my fault that the heir’s wife is small-minded and wants a divorce? Yuxuan, you know what kind of person I am. I wouldn’t be greedy for the heir’s money!”

Ning Yuxuan gently crouched down and Wen Wan leaned on his knees. Her cries sounded so wretched, so he gently stroked her hair to comfort her.

“They’re the one that wanted to give your father money. I know it’s not your fault,” Marquis Moyu lightly said, “But, how did they know your father needed money?”

Wen Wan froze in surprise for a moment. Her gaze shifted to a different spot. She pursed her lips and said, “I don’t know how they found out. Yuxuan, you know what my father is like. He’s caused me so much suffering because of his gambling addiction.”

“En.” Ning Yuxuan lowered his eyes. “You never told anyone about your father’s gambling, right?”

Wen Wan closed her eyes and responded, “… Right.”

On the other side of the wall, Ji Man looked at Zhao Kaifeng. The other person had his lips slightly pursed.

Ji Man had recently asked him; what did Wen Wan say to him and the other men?

Zhao Kaifeng had more or less repeated Wen Wan’s words.

Wen Wan very skillful with the words she said. She had never directly said that Nie Sangyu was a malicious person that made her life difficult, or that her father was a gambling addict that had a lot of gambling debts. She would just weakly and softly say a few sentences about not having a happy life in the marquis’s household and worrying that one day Marquis Moyu would no longer love her. Then, when her crowd of listeners kept asking questions, she would pretend to be magnanimous by saying, “Actually, it’s not Sangyu’s fault. She’s the main wife now…”

Another example would be, when her father was mentioned, Wen Wan would start crying and sob out, “I wish that I hadn’t been born his daughter, but he’s my biological father. I was almost sold off because of his gambling debts, and now…”

Then, these men that were ruled by their hormones would take the initiative to slander Nie Sangyu and willingly clean up after her father’s gambling debts. Moreover, they would even think that Wen Wan was quite pitiful.

This type of method, only another woman would be able too see through it. When men looked at Wen Wan, they would only think she was endearingly pitiful.

Ning Yuxuan sighed. “Why did you insist on continuing to go to Tonghua Poetry Association? If you didn’t love to play so much, this wouldn’t have happened either.”

“It’s because you were too close with Nie Sangyu, so I wanted to make you feel jealous.” Wen Wan angrily looked at him. “You clearly said you despised her the most, but now you visit her courtyard almost every day and always show her a pleasant countenance. You even give her lots of presents and paint for her. How can I not feel jealous?”

Ning Yuxuan dimly smiled. “Didn’t you use to say, as long as you could be with me, it didn’t matter how many other women I have?”

“I was just saying it.” Wen Wan lovably pouted. “Who wouldn’t want her man to wholeheartedly love her? They’re all saying that a fox demoness has possessed Nie Sangyu, that’s why she became so skilled at seducing people. I’m afraid that you’ll fall into her trap one day.”

Ji Man rolled her eyes.

Ning Yuxuan helplessly said, “You’re being very petty too.”

Wen Wan smiled with eyes that had recently finished crying. “My heart only has you. I don’t care about any of the people in Tonghua Poetry Association. I know they like me, but I only like you, ah.”

“You know those people have improper feelings about you and you still spent time with them?” Ning Yuxuan was slightly displeased.

Wen Wan hurriedly grabbed his hand. “I just wanted to make you feel a little bit angry. How could I have known that trick wouldn’t work on you? No matter what they say, I promise that I won’t even look at them in the future. Do you believe me?”

Zhao Kaifeng couldn’t resist coldly laughing. Wen Wan really was two-faced. In front of them, Wen Wan would act bashful and shy like an inexperience young maiden. She would blankly look at them as if she didn’t understand the intentions behind their actions, and they had liked how pure and innocent she was.

But in the end, she had just been using them. She knew they had improper thoughts about her and had used them to demonstrate her beauty and charm without even batting an eyelid as she did so.

Luo Qianqian looked at Zhao Kaifeng’s expression, nibbled on a pastry, and lightly snorted.

The people on the other side continued to talk. Ning Yuxuan had only come here to comfort Wen Wan, but Wen Wan had been eager to prove her innocence and wipe herself clean of any involvement. In the end, she made it sound as if the people in Tonghua Poetry Association were the ones that were showering their unwanted affection onto her.

Tired of hearing this, Zhao Kaifeng stood up and started walking away.

Luo Qianqian saluted Nie Sangyu and meaningfully looked at her to indicate her gratitude, then she followed after him.

Ji Man thought that this was pretty good ending. Zhao Kaifeng would gradually put down his feelings for Wen Wan and discover Luo Qianqian’s good points. If these two didn’t divorce, then all was well.

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