The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 157

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 157 out of 513 – Madam Ning the Mediator Envoy (2)

Zhao Kaifeng’s poor poetry skills weren’t Luo Qianqian’s match. She soundly criticized him from top to bottom using famous poems and songs.

Listening to them from the side, Ji Man couldn’t stop laughing.

An hour later, Zhao Kaifeng smiled. Listening to her well-spoken words, he thought that she looked as beautiful as a lotus. He shook his head, “You definitely deserve the title of the capital’s most talented woman. I can’t outargue you.”

Luo Qianqian sneered. “You’re flattering me. Didn’t you all give the title of most talented woman to Wen Wan, on the basis of her “In praise of the lotus” poem?”

Zhao Kaigeng coughed. “She’s not as literary talented as you.”

“Thank you for finally opening your eyes and saying the truth.” Finished with cursing at him, Luo Qianqian’s heart also felt considerably better. Still, when she remembered that he still thought Wen Wan was a good woman, she felt as if a fishbone was painfully stuck in her throat.

Ji Man walked into the pavilion. “The heir has already stood there and let you curse at him for such a long time. How about putting the issue of divorce to the side for now?”

Reaching Luo Qianqian’s side, she quietly said, “I’ll invite the two of you as guests to Marquis Moyu’s residence tomorrow. Let’s see if this sore point can be resolved.”

Luo Qianqian lowered her head and thought for a long time.

Seeing that Nie Sangyu was whispering something to Qianqian, Zhao Kaifeng fretfully looked at her and said, “Madam Ning, this is Prince Huainan’s private household matter. Isn’t it inappropriate for you to interfere?”

Last time, this madam had said Qianqian had married the wrong person, and Qianqian had ended up saying she wanted a divorce. What was this madam telling her now?

Ji Man rolled her eyes.

Luo Qianqian also glared at him. “You don’t want Madam Ning to interfere? Then, let’s go to the palace together right now and ask the emperor to allow us to divorce. Is this what you want? Madam Ning has been trying to persuade me to change my mind. And yet, here you are, blaming her for interfering in family matters.”

Zhao Kaifeng didn’t say another word. He turns his head away and looked at the vase on the side. He felt annoyed with himself. Why had he become so pathetic? At this point, Qianqian might as well eat him alive.

Ji Man acted as a mediator. “The flowers will be blooming very beautifully tomorrow in the marquis’s residence. Please give Sangyu some face and come over.”

“Alright,” Qianqian agreed.

The situation had turned around and there was potential for reconciliation. The people in Luo Residence and Prince Huainan’s residence let out a sigh in relief.

As Ji Man was leaving, Sir Luo sent servants to go back with her to deliver presents. Ji Man gave all of the gifts to old madame.

Looking at the southern sea pearls that Sir Luo had given to Nie Sangyu, she happily said, “Isn’t there only a Wen Wan between the heir and his wife? You’re such a clever child. You must have a way to fix this problem, right?”

“Old Madame, you can be reassured.” Ji Man gave a small smile.

Wen Wan was the type of woman that said different types of words to different men. She had the ability to look absolutely pitiful and her persuasive words were perfect. The heir was just missing a chance to see the real Wen Wan.

Right now, Wen Wan was locked in the woodshed and Marquis Moyu hadn’t visited her. Ji Man propped up her chin in her hand. It wouldn’t be difficult to resolve this problem.

That night, Marquis Moyu wanted to go to Qi Siling’s Jiyue Courtyard.

But, when he was halfway there, Ji Man had blocked his path with a bowl of chicken soup.

“My lord.”

Ning Yuxuan raised his eyebrows. Looking at the sweetly smiling woman in front of him, he asked, “What?”

“This servant has something to discuss with you.” Ji Man fawningly held out the bowl of chicken soup. “How about going to Feiwan Courtyard with me to talk?”

Ning Yuxuan looked at her, then he looked at Jiyue Courtyard that was down the path. He nodded.


He finished drinking the chicken soup. Based on the flavor, he could tell that she must have simmered it for over two hours. Ning Yuxuan elegantly wiped his mouth and asked Nie Sangyu, “What do you want?”

Sitting upright and still, Ji Man seriously said, “My lord, I think you should visit Wan-er tomorrow.”

Marquis Moyu was slightly surprised. “Why?”

“According to a person’s mental progression, Wan-er will have understood why she was wrong by tomorrow afternoon and will want to see the marquis.” Ji Man blurted, “This servant is worried that she might get too depressed since she’s been locked up for so long. It’ll be good for the marquis to pay her a visit.”

Ning Yuxuan looked at her for a long time with his arms crossed before chuckling. “What are you plotting?”

Nie Sangyu wasn’t the type of kind-hearted person that would ask him to see Wen Wan for no good reason.

“Sangyu is doing this for the marquis, the marquis’s household, as well as Prince Huainan’s heir and daughter-in-law,” Ji Man seriously said, “You just need to go over there and listen to Wen Wan speak her side of the story. You don’t have to do anything else.”

“Is this chicken soup supposed to be my remuneration?” Feeling rather unsatisfied, Ning Yuxuan tapped the spoon against the bowl.

The corners of Ji Man’s lips twitched. “My lord, what else do you want then?”

“I want two more bowls. One for tomorrow and one for the day after that,” he said.

“Sure.” It wasn’t difficult to cook chicken soup. The more chicken soup she prepared for his health, the more it would prove that she was a virtuous wife.


And so, the marquis that had been bribed with three bowl of chicken soup really did go to see Wen Wan the next afternoon.

Earlier in the afternoon, Ji Man had led Qianqian and Zhao Kaifeng to the other side of the wall that bordered the woodshed. There were three chairs and a plate of snacks for them while they waited to hear the conversation on the other side.

As soon as the woodshed was open, Wen Wan’s tearful voice came out, “My lord – ”

Zhao Kaifeng instinctively turned around to look. Unfortunately, the window's paper was too thick and he couldn’t see anything.

Looking at how haggard Wen Wan had become, Ning Yuxuan sighed. “This time, I really couldn't protect you. The emperor wanted me to order you to commit suicide. I could only protect you by saying you’ll never advance to being a concubine or a wife for the rest of your life. Do you accept this?”

The sound of Wen Wan’s cries abruptly cut off. She incredulously asked, “How could this be? This matter has nothing to do with Wan-er!”

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