The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 125

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 125 out of 513 – Unable to peacefully sleep (2)

Ning Yuxuan was still in a bad mood. Seeing her leave, he thought that she would probably still come back. And so, he didn’t chase after her.

However, after he lied on the bed for a while and his anger had disappeared, the doors were still open. The cold wind blew inside and Nie Sangyu still hadn’t return.

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Feeling slightly unsettled because of her last words, Marquis Moyu couldn’t lie in bed any longer. He put on his outer clothing and headed outside.

Spring had started and the snow was melting, but it was still chilly outside. He had only walked a few steps before his shoes had gotten soaked. Ning Yuxuan walked around the entire Feiwan Courtyard, but he couldn’t find Nie Sangyu and had also unintentionally awoken Muxu.

Muxu was scared to death from seeing Marquis Moyu opening her doors in the middle of the night. She grabbed her quilt and blankly looked at him. “Marquis?”

What was he going to do to her? Didn’t he have her master to serve him? Why had he come to her room? During this period of shock, Muxu’s heart was palpating very quickly. However, before she had time to say another word, Marquis Moyu had already left after scanning the room.

Originally, he had wanted to order a few servant girls to look for Nie Sangyu. However, he couldn’t bear the loss in face if other people found out. Since he had driven her away, why was he looking for her now? Moreover, the object of his search was a woman that he had disliked for a long time.

Feeling bothered and gloomy, he left Feiwan Courtyard and went to the garden to look for Nie Sangyu.

Passing through the garden, he saw a person in the pavilion. Marquis Moyu called out, “Who’s there?”

Ning Mingjie turned his head slightly and chuckled. “Yuxuan, why are you awake so late at night too?”

So, it was him. Ning Yuxuan relaxed, coughed once, and said, “The moon looks nice tonight. I was just strolling around.”

Ning Mingjie slightly froze in surprise for a moment. He raised his head and looked at the dark sky.

“It’s not early anymore. I should go back to rest. Cousin, you should go to sleep too.” Ning Yuxuan turned his head away and looked rather pitiful as he walked away.

“En, you can go. I’ve gotten used to sleeping during the day. I really can’t fall asleep at night anymore.”

Marqyus Moyu didn’t understand the meaning of his words and merely thought that Ning Mingjie had messed up his sense of day and night during their trip. Thus, he didn’t ask any others questions and hurriedly went elsewhere to look.

After walking around the entire residence and waking up a lot of people, Ning Yuxuan still hadn’t found Nie Sangyu. Feeling anxious, he returned to the garden and asked Ning Mingjie, “Have you see Sangyu passing by here?”

Ning Mingjie raised his eyebrows, “It’s the middle of the night. Why would she be going outside?”

Ning Yuxuan opened and closed his mouth. He didn’t know how to explain. He could only put on a coldly indifferent expression and say, “She did go outside. I’m just casually walking around. If I can find her, I’ll bring her back. If I can’t, then let nature take its course.”

A light flashed through Ning Mingjie's eyes and a hint of smile appeared. He pointed in the direction of the southern courtyard and said, “Have you gone to Errong’s room to look? They’ve always gotten along well.”

Marquis Moyu suddenly realized, and he hurriedly headed to the southern courtyard. Noticing that his walking speed had increased, he lightly coughed twice and slowed down his pace to a leisurely stroll. But, after he left the garden, he used his martial arts ability to quickly reach the southern courtyard.

He told himself that he wasn’t worried about Nie Sangyu. She wasn’t that important. It just wouldn’t be worth if something bad happened to her.

The light in Ning Errong’s room had been extinguished. Ning Yuxuan didn’t let out a sigh in relief until he received confirmation that Nie Sangyu was upstairs by asking the servant girl on the first floor. Then, with a dark expression, he ordered Baizhi to drag her downstairs.

Woken from her sleep, Ji Man’s expression wasn’t good and her tone didn’t sound pleasant either as she asked, “What?”

Marquis Moyu coldly said, “Your temper is quite big. I had to come out and look for you.”

Ji Man was so sleepily that she could barely keep her eyes open, even her standing position was as totteringly unstable as a newborn chick’s. Hearing his words, she drowsily said, “En.” Then, she leaned against the wall and started to fall asleep again.

A belly full of fury had been growing like a smoldering fire while he was searching for her, but this feeling was washed away by her sleepy appearance. Marquis Moyu put on a serious expression and carried her back to Feiwan Courtyard on his shoulder without any gentleness.

With her eyes closed, Ji Man said, “I want to sleep.”

“You can sleep. I won’t bother you.” Ning Yuxuan covered her with a quilt. “In the future, don’t always run off to Errong’s room. You’re already a married woman. Other people will laugh at you.”

Ji Man had already fallen asleep.

Ning Yuxuan looked at her for a while, then he lied down on the outside part of the bed. This time, he was well behaved. He didn’t toss and turn.


Spring had arrived. It was time for new clothes to be made and many bolts of silk fabric had been brought to the residence. According to the rules, the best two bolts of fabric were given to old madame, Wen Wan received snowy, light silk fabric, Nie Sangyu received brocade fabric from Sichuan, and the rest of the women were given ordinary silk fabric.

The tailors came to each of the courtyards to take their measurements. An accident happened to occur in Qiangwei Courtyard. Wen Wan’s hand had accidentally been injured by a scissor.

In the past, Ning Yuxuan would have rushed over there without taking the time to say a single word. He might have even punished the tailors.

But as Ji Man was getting her measurements taken, she looked at the nearby Ning Yuxuan, who was leisurely reading a book. Had the sun risen from the west today?

Translator Ramblings: “En, you can go. I’ve gotten used to sleeping during the day. I really can’t fall asleep at night anymore.”

Marqyus Moyu didn’t understand the meaning of his words and merely thought that Ning Mingjie had messed up his sense of day and night during their trip.” 

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