The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 124

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 124 out of 513 – Unable to peacefully sleep (1)

Wen Wan bit her lip and quietly harrumphed. She knew that she shouldn’t have said those words, so she softened her voice as she said, “I’m just asking you to not let me down…”

Marquis Moyu’s expression was very calm. He stood up and said, “If you ever feel that I’m treating you unfairly, then just ask me for a divorce letter. You can remarry whoever you want and I’ll fully support your decision.”

After these words were said, he immediately left the room

Wen Wan was shocked by these words. She couldn’t suppress the feeling of being wronged and her eyes became teary.

She opened and closed mouth as she tried to think of a way to keep him from leaving without backing down from her position. He was the one that was wrong to begin with. Why was he flipping it around and blaming her? Wen Wan was extremely hurt and upset. And, when she thought of Nie Sangyu’s earlier words, she swallowed down the words asking him to stay.

Men were always greedy and not satisfied with what they had. She wasn’t wrong, and she wouldn’t lower her head in apology. If his heart truly had her, he definitely wouldn’t make her suffer this monumental grievance and continue to give her a cold shoulder.

She turned around and went to her bed to have a crying fit. Wen Wan hated to death the other women in the residence. If they didn’t exist, her life with Yuxuan would be perfect. They were such a well-matched pair. Was a perfect couple’s happy life a dream? Why were there so many bothersome women?


That evening, old madame returned home and Jinse went to pay her a visit. Jinse had originally thought that elderly people would feel happy at the news of descendants. And so, she had dressed up nicely to pay respects. How could she have known that old madame would be so harsh? Instead of acknowledging her and letting her stand up from her kneeling position, old madame just elegantly drank her tea.

Ji Man had also come to pay respects. Seeing old madame’s attitude, she knew that old madame wasn’t happy seeing a second Mu Shuiqing. However, she didn’t have the right to interfere, so she just obediently poured tea for old madame.

After Jinse had been kneeling for a long time, she finally couldn’t suppress her temper. She raised her head and said again, “This servant, Jinse, is here to pay respects to Old Madame.”

Old madame coldly harrumphed. “When did this household start the practice of having new servant girls coming to pay me respects? Then, will this old bag of bones have to stand at the entrance and suffer though all of you paying me respects instead of resting?”

Jinse’s face turned red, then white. She gritted her and said, “This servant isn’t a servant girl. This servant is a pregnant concubine brought back by the marquis.”

Her tone was rather belligerent. She wasn’t the same as Mu Shuiqing. At the very least, Mu Shuiqing was a woman that had been trained in the crown prince’s household for two years and knew proper etiquette. In contrast, Jinse’s tone strongly showed that she was a person that had lived in a rougher environment and didn’t know how to restrain herself when feeling wronged. She immediately showed her dissatisfaction when old madame embarrassed her.

“Oh? I heard that you’re a woman from a brothel.” Old madame’s eyelids didn’t even twitch. “Who’s the father of your child?”

Hearing these words, Ji Man didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry. It seemed that old madame didn’t want to acknowledge this child, ah. In this dynasty, it was extremely rare for prostitutes to be brought back home, and yet Marquis Moyu had two of them. It was only to be expected that old madame would be angry.

Jinse felt so wronged that her voice was choked with emotion as she said, “Of course it’s the marquis’s child. Otherwise, the marquis wouldn’t have brought back this servant.”

Old madame was silent again for a long time. She also turned her head to sharply look at Nie Sangyu with a rather reproachful gaze.

Ji Man lowered her head. It couldn’t be helped. Nie Sangyu’s body had failed to live up to the expectations of her two elders by not getting pregnant.

“A pregnancy isn’t a big deal. You just need to have two more servants watching over you.” Old madame put down her cup and expressionlessly said, “You’ll only be considered to have ability if you can give successfully give birth to a son. Since you’re a woman from the outside, then know your place and stay in your courtyard. On a normal day, you don’t need to come here. I prefer peace and quiet.”

Jinse lowered her head and uttered a sound of acceptance. She knew that this old madame was disdainful of her background, so she didn’t try to do anything else. Dingxiang helped her up and they withdrew from the room.

It was true that getting pregnant wasn’t difficult. Look at herself as an example. Hadn’t she easily gotten pregnant? But, Jinse knew that it would be impossible for her to successfully give birth.


The marquis and Wen Wan started another cold war. And so, Ji Man wasn’t surprised to see Ning Yuxuan and his gloomy face that night.

While his mood was never good when he argued with Wen Wan, it seemed especially bad this time. As Ji Man was wondering what Wen Wan had said to anger this person that seem to suffer from facial nerve paralysis, she heard Ning Yuxuan say, “Don’t say a single word tonight. I don’t want to hear a woman’s voice.”

Great, it would be saving her effort if she wasn’t allowed to talk. Ji Man nodded her head to indicate agreement. She ordered Muxu to bring back warm water, then she washed her face and rinsed her mouth. Once she was done, she went to bed and closed her eyes to sleep.

Ning Yuxuan was very irritable tonight. His inability to sleep and his constant tossing and turning bothered Ji Man enough that she opened her eyes and accusatorially looked at him.

“The bed is too hard!” Marquis Moyu said with a gloomy face.

Ji Man silently criticized; are you the Pea Princess? He normally slept perfectly okay here. And now, he suddenly thought the bed was too hard?

(T/N: Just in case this fairytale isn’t famous enough, the Pea Princess was a woman whose royal identity was proven by her sensitivity to feel a pea even under many mattresses.)

But, she didn’t have a choice. Whatever he said was right. Ji Man left the bed and had Gancao bring over two comforters.

“Too soft.” This great lord still wasn’t satisfied.

Ji Man nodded and kept her light smile. She had Gancao take away a comforter. This time, Marquis Moyu didn’t say anything. He just lied down with an ugly expression.

“Why are you so far from me?” He asked in an annoyed tone.

Ji Man scooted over a bit.

“Don’t come too close!” He disdainfully pushed her away.

Ji Man took a deep breath, then she took another deep breath. He was already keeping her from sleeping. Why was this great lord still finding so many faults?

She got out of bed, put on her shoes and cloak, and started walking the doors.

“Where are you going?” Ning Yuxuan raised his eyebrows.

“Going off to die,” Ji Man finally spoke to him, then she opened the doors and left.

This great lord was unbearable. Whoever wanted to serve him was welcome to come here. This unstable person was truly breaking the boundaries of acceptable human behavior. Ji Man kicked the cobblestone path a few times, then she decisively went to the southern courtyard to look for Errong and rely on her for help.

Translator Ramblings: Oh, Ning Yuxuan when will you learn that Ji Man doesn’t care about your problems and she really will ignore you if she has the option? It was nice to see Ji Man finally having enough of his childish antics and leaving.

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