The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 122

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 122 out of 513 – Bringing a new person home and seeing old people (1)

Apparently, Marquis Moyu had never told Jinse about his household situation. And so, Jinse felt somewhat lied to when she saw the group of women after coming out of the carriage. Stunned by the sight in front of her, she forgot to salute.

“My lord, you worked hard on this trip.” The smile had been wiped off of Wen Wan’s face. After casting a glance at the other woman, she asked, “Who is she?”

Ning Yuxuan said, “She’s a concubine that I accepted during this trip. Arrange a place for her to stay.”

Once these words were said, no one had a good expression. Jinse probably had many sweet dreams and imagined that she would reach instant success because of her pregnancy. She hadn’t expected that Marquis Moyu would only give her the status of an ordinary concubine and her smile also disappeared. As for the other women, they looked at her with ill intentions.

“Where’s older sister Sangyu? She had also gone on the trip to look at the scenery. Why don’t we see her?” Qi Siling quietly asked.

Ji Man had worn simple clothing today and had mixed in with the group of servant girls. She looked rather pitiful as she tidied her hairstyle and came over to greet Wen Wan. “Madam, you seem well.”

As soon as Wen Wan saw Nie Sangyu’s sorry looking figure, her previous resentment towards her scattered. Instead, she felt somewhat sympathetic. So what if Nie Sangyu had gone with the marquis on this trip? She ended up getting bullied by a mere prostitute. If it had been her, she would have been angered to death.

Wen Wan stared at Jinse and said in an unpleasant tone, “I’ve never seen a secondary wife being pushed out of the carriage by a concubine until now! Well, you’re a woman from the outside after all. It can’t be helped that you’re lacking in etiquette. Just learn by example from now on.”

The group was tired from the carriage ride, but they were blocked at the entrance and couldn’t enter. Marquis Moyu’s expression didn’t look very good. Jinse had been embarrassed by Wen Wan’s words, so she silently lowered her head. This situation felt somewhat awkward.

Ji Man lightly smiled and said, “It’s not early anymore. How about we go inside now? Madam, even though you miss the marquis, we should go inside to talk.”

With Nie Sangyu taking the first stab at smoothing things over, Qi Siling also remembered to react. She walked forward to Wen Wan’s side and said to the marquis, “Madam has prepared a feast to welcome everyone back from their long journey. Let’s go inside.”

One by one, the servant girls stood to the side to open a path. Behind them, Ning Mingjie and Ning Errong had also gotten off their carriage. Marquis Moyu lowered his eyes and didn’t approach Wen Wan to walk inside together. Instead, he entered the residence by himself.

Feeling quite wronged, Wen Wan clutched her handkerchief. Could other people have been right? Were all men enamored with the new and bored with the old? Now that there was a new woman, was she going to be ignored like the other women?

While her heart was feeling bad, a nearby person suddenly supported her by the arm.

Ji Man faintly smiled and said, “Madam, let’s go inside.”

Qi Siling had originally wanted to support Wen Wan, but Nie Sangyu had stolen her position. But, she didn’t care. The new woman was following etiquette and walking behind them. Qi Siling deliberately slowed her pace, so she could have the first opportunity to speak with Jinse.

“Madam, is there any need for you to feel so sad?” Ji Man saw that Wen Wan had only silently twitched her lips in response and was allowing her support her, so she quietly said, “The marquis missed you this entire trip. He’s only acting this way because he wants you to be more obedient.”

Wen Wan slightly frowned. She glanced at Nie Sangyu and said, “How am I not obedient? If he wants me too meekly submit myself to being mistreated like you, I can’t do it.”

“Acting obedient isn’t the same as accepting mistreatment.” Ji Man looked at Marquis Moyu, who was still walking ahead of them by himself, and smiled. “The marquis is using different methods to get the result that he wants. He switches between acting hot and cold in order to forge Madam into what he wants. If you don’t believe this servant, then wait two days. If you don’t lower your head by then, he won’t be able to resist coming to you.”

This was truth. This truly was what Ning Yuxuan was thinking. He was using the same method as one would use to refine a sword; alternate between hot and cold and repeatedly grind until you obtained the form that you wanted.

This technique had been well-tested on Wen Wan. Every time she threw a tantrum, he would give her the cold shoulder for a few days. In the end, Wen Wan would take the initiative to come to him and her attitude would lessen.

If Wen Wan didn’t know Marquis Moyu’s intentions, then the direction of their relationship would definitely follow Ning Yuxuan’s desired course. Wen Wan would gradually become gentle and magnanimous. She would learn to tolerate and accept the other women. This could be considered Marquis Moyu’s method in training his wife.

However, even if he had thought of a thousand possibilities, he wouldn’t have expected that Ji Man would see through his plan. It was one thing for her to figure out his plan, but she had actually taken the step of telling Wen Wan the truth.

Wen Wan understood now. There was no point in her feeling sad and upset. Marquis Moyu had done this intentionally. Knowing his scheme and also knowing that he wouldn’t abandon her because she had a place in his heart, Wen Wan felt much more confident.

“Thank you for pointing this out to me.” Wen Wan curved her lips. “If he wants me to tolerate and accept this woman, I won’t make it easy for him!”

Ji Man lowered her head. As expected, Wen Wan had been favored to the point that she was fearless. She had already given Wen Wan the information that she needed. If Wen Wan was clever, she would grasp Marquis Moyu’s weak point and successfully reverse the situation. If she was stupid… then her future outlook was bleak.

She wasn’t planning on harming Wen Wan. After all, Wen Wan was Marquis Moyu’s beloved and also the great female lead. As for how the story would go, that would depend on Wen Wan’s luck.

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