The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 121

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 121 out of 513 – Returning to the capital (2)

“Jinse is just temporary. I hadn’t planned on bringing her back from the very beginning,” Ning Yuxuan slowly said. “But, since she has been serving me well, I feel slightly reluctant to part with her.”

Polygamy was the root of evil, ah. Ji Man silently cursed him for being a stud horse, but she showed an earnest expression as she said, “My lord, you should be take into account Madam’s feeling more. It won’t be good if the household isn’t peaceful.”

“Why are you saying that Wen Wan is the type to deliberately cause trouble?” Ning Yuxuan was displeased. “Why do you always think so badly of her?”

Ji Man turned her head to look at him. Her gaze was somewhat helpless. “Then, just treat it as if this servant has a malevolent mind that thinks badly of other people.”

Her eyes made Marquis Moyu feel rather uncomfortable. He frowned, but he didn’t say anything else.

The rest of the night passed in silence. With someone sleeping by her side, Ji Man quickly fell asleep.


During the following days, Marquis Moyu stayed with Jinse every day and night. Seeing how good their relationship was going, Noble Consort Nie worriedly pulled Nie Sangyu over to talk.

“Aunty, you don’t need to worry. Just think about my older brother’s wedding and feel happy.” Ji Man smiled. “As for Sangyu’s matter, Aunty, you don’t need to think about it. It’ll be fine once we return to the capital.”

Noble Consort Nie felt even more worried. “I’ve been hoping that you would receive his favor during this trip and get pregnant. Why have you stepped aside and allowed another woman to receive his favor without any good reason?”

“You can’t gain something without giving something up first,” Ji Man comforted her. “Aunty, worry less and spend more time resting. Sangyu won’t let Aunty down.”

Noble Consort Nie was skeptical. The boat had passed the ninth province and they would be returning to the capital soon. Noble Consort Nie had received the news that Marquis Moyu had only bestowed his favor on Sangyu five times.

Noble Consort Nie thought; with Sangyu only receiving favor five times in two months, there was no hope for a pregnancy. Now, she could only hope that Sangyu’s positive performance during this trip could wash away her previous blackened reputation and for Marquis Moyu to look slightly more favorably upon her.


Nie Sangyu’s behavior had truly been very good during this trip. Not only did the various madams stop gossiping behind her back, the emperor also praised Sangyu while he was bestowing rewards to Marquis Moyu as they returned to the capital.


All was peaceful on their way back from the Southern Trip. Whenever Ji Man opened a window, whether she was on the boat or in a courtyard, she could see Ning Mingjie’s shadow. Errong had told her that Ning Mingjie had gotten into the habit of keeping a nightly vigil since they had stayed in that governor’s residence. Because of this, he had even captured two assassins and would receive merit for his accomplishments. With him guarding her, Ji Man didn’t have another nightmare or encounter any dangers.


On the way back to the capital, Marquis Moyu decided to bring Jinse with them.

Ji Man wasn’t surprised. It had been confirmed that Jinse was pregnant three days ago. Although Jinse had been pregnant for less than a month, a sage monk had said she was pregnant with a boy.

Out of respect for the emperor, who had been there at the time, Marquis Moyu acknowledged this child. Moreover, he had agreed to bring Jinse back with them.

Noble Consort Nie had been furious. He might as well have given Jinse a wedding dress. Even worse, Sangyu hadn’t gotten pregnant.

For an unfathomable reason to others, Ji Man was in a very good mood tonight. She even happily did yoga in her room after dinner.

What was there for her to feel upset about? If she had been the one that was diagnosed with pregnancy on the way home, everyone in the household would treat her life a thorn in their eyes and flesh. Who knows how many complications would be thrown her way. With Jinse drawing away everyone’s ire, she had nothing to worry about. Not only was Jinse someone Marquis Moyu had picked up on his trip, she was also pregnant. The other women would definitely be more offended at the sight of Jinse than herself. She would be able to peacefully stand at the side and watch the upcoming show. How wonderful.

When Dengxin opened the door, she saw her master’s entire body twisted; her insteps were over her shoulders.

She rushed over and shouted, “Master! Don’t take things too hard!”

Her sudden actions startled Ji Man and she almost sprained her waist.


Dengxin’s scream seemed to have resonated throughout the area outside of the capital. And so, by the time they returned to the capital, a new rumor that had spread. Because the marquis had spent all of his time with another beautiful woman during the Southern Trip had spread, Nie Sangyu tried to commit suicide…

When this news reached marquis’s residence, at the same time Qi Siling let out a sigh in relief over one issue, she started worrying about the new problem.

It seemed that Nie Sangyu hadn’t gain any advantage during the past two months. Qi Siling felt quite happy over this news. However, why was the marquis bringing back another woman?

Moreover, while this woman had an origin that was similar to Mu Shuiqing’s, this new woman was an actual prostitute and her education wasn’t even as good as Mu Shuiqing’s. From the gossip she had heard, this woman was also given to Marquis Moyu by the crown prince.


When Mu Shuiqing heard this news, her face changed colors. She had finally been able to care for her unborn baby’s health without worries and her stomach was now showing a slight bump. But now, a woman that would be a threat to her position had appeared.


All of the women in the household were unsettled by the rumors they had heard. On the day that Marquis Moyu was scheduled to return, the other concubines didn’t need Wen Wan’s reminder to dress their best and wait for his return.


Since the day that the senior monk had diagnosed Jinse with pregnancy, Jinse hadn’t stop smiling and nestling against Marquis Moyu. Ji Man had originally thought Jinse was rather quiet. But after she had gained an advantage, her true personality had been revealed. It wouldn’t be good if she was favored too much.

When they were getting into the carriages to return to the residence, according to status, Nie Sangyu should have been the one sitting in the first carriage with Marquis Moyu and Jinse should be sitting with servant girls in another carriage. However, Jinse held Marquis Moyu’s hand and wouldn’t let go. Ji Man didn’t say anything and just went to sit with Gancao and Dengxin.

And so, when the carriages arrived at the marquis’s residence and Wen Wen approached the first carriage, she saw Marquis Moyu and an unfamiliar, delicately pretty woman stepping down from the carriage.

Originally, after two months of not seeing Yuxuan, Wen Wan had missed him dearly and wanted to express her feelings in words. However, after looking at the scene in front of her, Wen Wan’s expression sunk.

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