The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 091

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 091 out of 513 – A hardworking matchmaker (2)

It was time for lunch. A group of servant girls came into the room and brought in wonderful-smelling delicacies. Ji Man almost drooled, but there was also a sullen Chen-shi at the same table. She couldn’t forget her manners and had to eat the meal with dignity and elegance.

When half of the meal was over, Chen-shi suddenly said, “I heard that Marquis Moyu greatly favors his new wife, ah. I also heard that a concubine in Marquis Moyu’s household has become pregnant. Sangyu, you’re faced with pressure from top and bottom. Are your days going well?”

Nie Qingyun slightly frowned and glanced at his mother. Chen-shi’s didn’t notice at all and only stared at Nie Sangyu.

Ji Man said with a smile, “People only know the reality and truth of their own lives by experiencing it. Even if someone’s life looks magnificent and bright on the surface, we don’t actually know how much suffering that person is hiding. Some things might seem bitter on the outside, but that person might actually be living freely and leisurely. Don’t you agree?”

Chen-shi coldly sneered, “Are you saying that a main wife’s life might not necessarily be as good as yours? Isn’t that just sour grapes?”

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“Grapes are sweet. Whether or not I eat them, their taste won’t change.” Ji Man put down her chopsticks and placed her hands on her knees. She looked at Chen-shi and said, “Sangyu wasn’t sensible before and provoked the marquis’s ire and lose the position of the main wife. But now, Sangyu understands. I just want to live the rest of my life peacefully. I don’t want to struggle or compete for his favor. As long as I have a clear conscience, that’s better than anything else. There are certain people that exhaust themselves with crafty plots and tricks. In the end, nightmares will wake them up in the middle of the night. That’s what I would call a truly wretched existence.”

Ji Man had just casually said these words. Chen-shi had probably used plenty of underhanded tricks in order to climb up to the position of the main wife. And so, Ji Man hadn’t expected that Chen-shi would have such an extreme reaction to her words.

Chen Suqing’s face immediately paled. She looked at Nie Sangyu as if she was seeing a ghost; even her hands that were holding the chopsticks trembled.

Nie Xiangyuan quietly said, “If you can’t even peacefully eat a meal together, then go back to your room.” These words were clearly directed towards Chen-shi.

Chen-shi stood up and surprisingly didn’t even say another word. After she saluted, she staggered back to her room.

Chen-shi’s behavior made Ji Man think there was definitely something she was feeling guilty about.

After Chen-shi left, the atmosphere around the table became friendlier.

Nie Xiangyuan lightly smiled and said, “You’re a lot more clever than before. You know what words to say now. Before, you would have been the one that left the table first.”

Ji Man smiled in embarrassment. “If I don’t grow up now, then I won’t even know when someone tries to harm me.”

Nie Qingyun’s eyes showed a slight amount of distress. “Did something happen in the marquis’s residence? Is this why you’ve changed so dramatically?"

“Not really. Every day, I spend my time gardening, eating, and napping. When everything else is done, I just need to go to old madame’s courtyard to pay her respect,” Ji Man breezily said.

This pair of father and son knew that she was just saying these words to comfort them, but they couldn’t say anything to expose her lies. They could only inwardly sigh.

After they finished the meal, Nie Xiangyuan said, “If you’re suffering any grievances, you can directly come back. My Nie Clan can afford to support and raise another daughter.”

Ji Man was touched. She vehemently nodded.

After the meal was over, Ji Man and Nie Qingyun went to stroll around in her old courtyard. It was time for Ji Man to figure out his thoughts. She tilted her head and asked, “Older brother, why don’t you like Errong? She’s so lively and cute. Isn’t she a perfect match for your introverted personality?”

Nie Qingyun pursed his lips and didn’t say anything

“Look, Ning Mingjie is going to stay in the capital and develop his career. If Errong marries you, won’t you have another connection through marriage? Older brother, you’re still young. There’s a long path for you to walk…”


“En?” Ji Man followed Nie Qingyun’s action and also stopped walking.

Nie Qingyun took a deep breath, clenched his fist, and said, “I’m worried about disappointing her and failing to live up to her expectations. I don’t care that much about… the feelings between a man and a woman. On the contrary, I feel that I’ll be content if I can just take care of you for the rest of my life. As for marriage, I don’t want to marry a woman that has feelings towards me. A casual marriage for the sake of an alliance would be fine.”

Ji Man widened her eyes and gaped for a long time.

Nie Qingyun has a serious sister complex, ah. He actually wanted to take care of Nie Sangyu for the rest of his life?

“Older brother, listen to me.” Ji Man returned to her senses and said with serious expression, “Right now, I’m person that’s capable of defending herself. Unlike before, I’m not prone to causing trouble and I don’t need you to come and clean up my messes. You’re just too used to protecting me. Actually, even if you protect another woman instead of me, you’ll feel the same way.”

Ji Man thought; some older brothers suffer from hero complexes according to psychology. They get into the habit of protecting their younger sisters and because they’re foolish when it comes to love, they mistake their feelings as romantic affection.

Nie Qingyun declined to comment. He only looked the climbing roses in the courtyard and seemed lost in his thoughts.

Ji Man continued to chatter on, “Isn’t Errong very similar to me in many aspects? She also likes to cause trouble. She’s also very energetic. Older brother, you probably like this type of woman.”

After a long period of silence, Nie Qingyun looked at her and asked, “Do you want me to marry her?”

Ji Man nodded, but then she felt there was something wrong with this situation. She hurriedly said with a serious expression. “Older brother, you have to be sure about your decision. If you marry a woman, then you have to be responsible for her for a lifetime. You can’t make your decision because of someone else’s opinion. If you marry Errong, then you have to wholeheartedly treat her well. Otherwise, I won’t give you such a cute, young girl to marry.”

Nie Qingyun sighed. “Then, let me think about this some more.” There was already a hint of softening in his voice.

Ji Man’s smile was so big that her eyes curved. “This is your major life event, of course you have to carefully think it over. I won’t rush you. It’s afternoon. I should be going back to the marquis’s residence. You have to properly take care of yourself.”

“I’ll send you back,” Nie Qingyun said.


During this visit, Ji Man had hurriedly come and hurriedly left. She didn’t get a chance to see Nie Sangyu’s two younger half-sisters. However, she had accomplished her objective. Three days later, Nie Xiangyuan personally brought Nie Qingyun to the marquis’s household for him to propose marriage to Ning Errong.


“Sangyu, what should I do? I’m so nervous.” Ning Errong held Nie Sangyu’s hand in a death grip. “What do I need to do to prepare for my wedding?”


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