The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 090

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 090 out of 513 – A hardworking matchmaker (1)

Everyone in the room was startled. They had all seen what had just happened. Although some of Nie Sangyu’s words had been a bit too sharp, she had been lightly smiling the entire time. At the end, she had presented Chen-shi with tea. Unexpectedly, Chen-shi had been the one that was utterly flustered and exasperated and pushed away Nie Sangyu’s tea.

A person had just entered through the doorway at this time and the fragments of the cup lightly landed on the corner of his azure robe.

Chen-shi raised her eyes to look at the person in the doorway. Shocked by what she saw, she hurriedly stood up and saluted, “Old Master.”

Nie Xiangyuan had even previously said that he would be coming by soon. How could she have forgotten and lost her self-control? Chen Suqin somewhat nervously looked at Nie Xiangyuan’s expression. He always sided and protected Nie Sangyu. She was afraid that the image of a warm, caring mother that she had worked so hard to establish was completely destroyed.Nie Sangyu’s biological mother, Chen Suxin, was Nie Xiangyuan’s original wife. She and Chen Suqing had married into Nie Clan together, but she hadn’t been able to become pregnant. After Chen Suqin gave birth to Nie Qingyun, Chen Suxin had only given birth to one child, Nie Sangyu. However, Chen Suxin had lost too much blood while giving birth and died just like that. Despite this, Chen Suqing knew that Nie Xiangyun loved her older sister the most even after all these years.

Thinking of these memories, she despised Nie Sangyu even more.

“Why was there such a loud disturbance without rhyme or reason?” Nie Xiangyuan’s face was very gentle. Although he was a general, he had a scholar’s refinement. However, when he was angry, his eyes were terrifying and no one dared to directly look at him, just like right now.

Ji Man obediently kneeled down to salute, “Daughter respectfully greets father.”

“It’s so rare for you to come back.” Nie Xiangyuan’s expression was gentle as he patted Nie Sangyu’s shoulder. Seeing that her fingers were slightly red from being scalded, his brow furrowed and he looked at Chen-shi as he said, “Are you really this petty and intolerant?”

Chen-shi was so scared that her face turned deathly pale. Standing at the side, she quietly said, “Old Master, this servant didn’t do that intentionally…”

“Father, you don’t need to blame mother.” Ji Man took over the conversation and obediently said, “Mother probably loves father too much and that’s why she can’t tolerate Sangyu. It’s fine. Sangyu only comes back once or twice a year and can tolerate the occasional grievance.”

Although these words sounded magnanimous, Ji Man had deliberately said these words to file a complaint. From the memories she had gotten from Nie Sangyu, Chen-shi hadn’t just slightly mistreated her. Behind Nie Qingyun’s back, she had been treated the same way as a concubine’s daughter. In addition, every time Sangyu went out with Qingyun, Chen-shi would tell the honored concubines that she had no sense of shame and was out seducing men at such a young age.

Anyways, Ji Man absolutely disliked Chen-shi. She was narrow-minded and often said sharp and unkind words. Fortunately, Nie Qingyun wasn’t close to his mother and hadn’t been influenced by her.

“It seems like you’ve grown up and become much more sensible.” Nie Xiangyuan sat down at the head seat and smiled at Nie Sangyu as he said, “Unfortunately, certain people have become more lacking in sense as they grow older. Already at middle age, but deficient in etiquette.”

Chen Suqin’s face changed colors. He was implicitly scolding her in front of all these honored concubines and ordinary concubines. She was so angry that her body trembled. Old master only cared about protecting that hussy. How would she be able to keep her head up in front of these concubines in the future?

“Daughter hopes that her visit home can be happy. Father, please stop showing such a stormy expression,” Ji Man said with a bright smile. “There will be a wedding soon in this household. Father, you should be happier.”

Nie Xiangyuan glanced at Nie Qingyun. “Are you talking about Marquis Jingwen’s daughter?”

Ji Man nodded, “Errong has a pure heart, and she’s also from an established noble family. Older brother has the reached the age when he should be getting married. Unfortunately, he keeps delaying it. At this rate, you might never have grandchildren.”

Nie Xiangyuan lightly smiled. “I already mentioned this to Qingyun. He’s the one who’s unwilling. Logically, he would be marrying up if he married Marquis Jingwen’s daughter. But, he’s not appreciating his good fortune.”

Hearing these words, Chen-shi wasn’t happy. “Why are you saying Qingyun is social climbing? He’s your oldest son and also the son of a main wife. How is he unworthy of a junzhu?”

Ji Man thought; no wonder Nie Xiangyuan hadn’t been able to forget Chen Suxin even after all these years. Chen Suqin was really too stupid. Nie Xiangyuan’s words had clearly been said out of politeness for Qingyun to hear. And yet, she insisted on interrupting.

Nie Xiangyuan pretended that he didn’t hear her. He looked at Nie Qingyun and said, “Your younger sister has personally come here to act as a matchmaker. What are your views on this marriage? Sangyu has always treated you well since the both of you were children. She wouldn’t do anything to harm you, right?”

Nie Qingyun kept his head down and didn’t speak. The room was silent for a while.

Ji Man looked at the expressions on this father and son pair and said, “Since there’s something on older brother’s mind, then as his younger sister, it’s only natural for me to clearly understand what he’s thinking before asking him to marry. I haven’t seen the climbing roses in my courtyard in a long time. How about we eat lunch first? Then, older brother can take a stroll with me in that courtyard after lunch?”

“Okay,” Nie Qingyun finally spoke.

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