The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 088

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 088 out of 513 – Matchmaking isn’t easy (1)

Ji Man sat down by the window, looked at Errong’s beautifully tearful face, sighed, and took out a handkerchief to help her wipe her runny nose. “Why do you think he doesn’t want you?”

Ning Errong used Nie Sangyu’s handkerchief to wipe her face clean of snot and tears before saying, “During the past few days, he always accompanied me to go out and sightsee. He treated me so well. I thought he accepted the marriage between our two families. But now, he actually said he doesn’t want to marry yet… How does he regard me?”As Ning Errong said these words, she couldn’t help crying again.

Ji Man hurriedly patted her back and said, “Of course, you’re just misunderstanding my older brother’s meaning. My older brother is a blockhead. He’s very obtuse when it comes to romance. Otherwise, he wouldn’t only have two ordinary concubines and not a single honored concubine by now, right? He’s sincerely looking for a person to spend his life with, so he doesn’t want to rush things. He just wants to spend more time with you. It’s not that he doesn’t want you.”

Errong froze in surprise. She pitifully raised her head and looked at Nie Sangyu, “Really?”

Jim Man felt diffident inside, but her expression was very assured as she said, “I’m his younger sister.”

Ning Errong’s eyes brightened again and resembled black pearls glimmering underneath the sunlight. Actually, this girl’s inherent personality wasn’t bad. She was just slightly unruly and arrogant. However, she was deeply in love with Nie Sangyu’s older brother and was a good choice for her future sister-in-law.

After seeing all sorts of women in the marquis’s household, Ji Man felt that it would be the best to find a woman that whole-heartedly loved Nie Qingyun.

Ning Errong calmed down, tied up her hairstyle, and coughed twice to clear her throat before saying, “If this is just a misunderstanding, then it would be a waste to continue crying… You’re all dressed up. Are you going out?”

Ji Man nodded. She was returning to Nie Residence today under old madame’s order, so she had changed into a glamorous dress and was wearing the jade waist accessory that was carved with “Ning”. A golden kingfisher hairpin that old madame had given her was inserted into her hair and she was also wearing a bracelet made of the highest quality jade that Marquis Moyu had bestowed her when he had been in a good mood.

“I’m going back to Nie Residence to see my older brother. While I’m there, I’ll talk reason into him. Nie Clan and Ning Clan are already relatives by marriage. It’ll be good for the two families to be even closer. It’s time for that blockhead to become enlightened.”

Errong’s eyes turned and she whispered, “Then… since you’re going to see Qingyun, can you apologize on my behalf while you’re there?

“En?” Ji Man curiously asked, “Why would you be the one apologizing?”

With a guilty conscience, Ning Errong glanced at Nie Sangyu and quietly said, “When he said that he didn’t want to marry me, I was too upset… I slapped him”

Ji Man, “…”

Ji Man had originally thought it would be easy to play matchmaker, but now she discovered it would be a slightly difficult, ah. No matter how good Nie Qingyun’s temperament was, wasn’t it asking a lot for him to turn the other cheek and marry her?

“That’s fine. I’ll talk it out with my older brother.” Ji Man patted her shoulder. This young girl’s face would become swollen soon if she continued to cry. For now, she should say words to comfort her and put her at ease.


The carriage that Marquis Moyu had arranged for her to use was the one that he frequently used himself to travel. Ji Man listened to Muxu happily talking about the gift they were presenting to Nie Clan for this visit and only lightly smiled in response. Her mind was still filled with apprehension.

Although everyone knew that Nie Sangyu’s temperament had greatly changed to a gentle and virtuous one and she had even received Marquis Moyu’s fondness, Ji Man was still afraid. What if there was a cunning, old fox in Nie Residence that noticed there was something off about her? She would be doomed if someone asked her a question that she couldn’t answer.

And so, she hadn’t asked Muxu too many questions during this past period or exposed the truth that the stolen silver taels originally belonged to her. Muxu had once nervously asked her where the money in her wardrobe had gone and she had only simply said she had taken it out to do other things. She had decided that she wouldn’t punish Muxu. Even if she had a traitorous heart, she was the person that had the most contact with the real Nie Sangyu.

Moreover, she wanted to beat the other person at his or her own game and drag out the person that Muxu was secretly working for.

Ji Man went into the carriage and looked at Muxu, who was following her by walking outside the carriage. With so many hidden threats around her, Nie Sangyu had perhaps been unjustly accused of crimes before dying.

Nie Clan was a famous noble family. Right now, the patriarch of the family was Nie Xiangyun. He was a third-rank general. The emperor had bestowed Nie Clan’s mansion to them and it was divided into two parts: a north courtyard and a south courtyard. Nie Xiangyun lived in the southern courtyard with his wife, concubines, and children. His younger brother, Nie Xiangtian, was an imperial censor as well as a physician. He lived in the northern courtyard.

(T/N: Just in case it was too long ago, Nie Xiangyun is Nie Sangyu and Nie Qingyun’s father. Also, here’s a link for the cast of characters. You can find this link on the table of contents page, between the summary and chapter links.)

Because Nie Clan had abundant male members in high positions, Nie Clan had always been a tumor in the emperor’s heart. Previously, the emperor had used the excuse of Noble Consort Nie losing favor and significantly cut off a lot of Nie Clan’s branches. And so, the entire clan was behaving very properly right now. They didn’t dare to do anything that was even slightly against the rules and regulations.

Old madame had a sent a letter to Nie Clan in advance, so Nie Clan’s current matriarch, Chen Suqin, had ordered the servants to tidy up Nie Sangyu’s original courtyard. However, other than doing this, there wasn’t any show of welcoming Nie Sangyu.

The carriage arrived at Nie Residence. When Ji Man opened the carriage’s curtain, she saw Nie Qingyun standing at the residence’s entrance.

“Older brother!” Ji Man happily shouted. This man had always been the one that treated her the best. In the modern world, she didn’t have an older brother. Having him as an older brother here, she felt satisfied.

Nie Qingyun lightly smiled. Seeing that her complexion was better than the last time he saw her, he couldn’t help stepping forward and wanting to stroke her hair. However, he saw her glamorous hairstyle and his hand paused. He slowly put his hand back in its original position. “The servants said you wouldn’t be here until noon. I didn’t expect that you would come here half an hour early.”

“Older brother, have you been waiting here for me this entire time?” Ji Man smiled and her eyes curved into crescent moons.

Nie Qingyun glanced at her and led her inside the residence. “I just happen to be returning home at the same time.”


Translator Ramblings: Since Ji Man has already seen that nothing good came from Nie Sangyu marrying someone that didn’t like her, she’s a modern person that has dated different people, and thinks that infatuation/puppy love can’t last forever, I think it’s strange that Ji Man doesn’t even try to change Errong’s mind. Errong’s choices aren’t limited to just marrying Nie Qingyun or someone from the crown prince’s side. She can just marry anyone else.

On the other hand, Ji Man does seem to make snap judgments and she truly thinks that Nie Qingyun needs her help or he’ll stay a bachelor forever, so maybe, it’s not that strange. She has good intentions. What do you guys think?

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