Cast of characters for The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir. Minor spoilers up to most recently translated chapter. Last updated on July 16, 2018.

Marquis Moyu's household

Old Madame Ning

  • Other names: Marchioness Pingnan
  • Personal servants: Shouwu and Danggui
  • Live at: main courtyard
  • Misc information: mother of Ning Yuxuan, husband is deceased, first rank lady

Ning Yuxuan

  • Other names: Marquis Moyu
  • Personal servant: Guibai
  • Lives at: western courtyard
  • Misc information: the original novel's male lead  & 21 years old at the start of the novel

Wives and concubines are listed in the order they entered the household.

Nie Sangyu ("NSY")

  • Personal servant: Muxu
  • Lives at: confinement courtyard at the start of the novel. Moves to Feiwan Courtyard (eastern part of the residence) later.
  • Rank: Concubine at the start of the novel. She had been Ning Yuxuan's main wife for the past 6 years
  • Misc information: 20 years old at the start of the novel

Qi Siling

  • Personal servant: Songlan
  • Lives at: Jiyue Couryard
  • Rank: Honored Concubine 
  • Misc information: Used to manage the inner courtyards' expenses before Ning Yuxuan's marriage to Wen Wan

Qian Lianxue

  • Personal servant: Danzhu
  • Lives at: Xuesong Couryard 
  • Rank: Honored Concubine 
  • Misc information: Known to be kind and have poor health. Doesn't wear makeup. Her older brother is close friends with Ning Yuxuan. 

Liu Hanyun

  • Personal servant: Chunpi
  • Lives at: ??
  • Rank: Concubine 
  • Misc information: ??

Mu Shuiqing

  • Personal servant: Banxia
  • Lives at: Feiyu Couryard 
  • Rank: Concubine 
  • Misc information: She was given to Ning Yuxuan by the crown prince. She and the Original! Nie Sangyu always argued when they saw each other 

Wen Wan

  • Personal servant: Tanxiang
  • Lives at: Qiangwei Courtyard
  • Rank: Main wife
  • Misc information: the original novel's female lead

Nie Clan

Name: Nie Xiangyuan
Relationship to NSY: Father

Name: Nie Qingyun
Relationship to NSY: Older half brother

Name: Noble Consort Nie
Relationship to NSY: Aunt
Personal servant girl: Pengshu

Imperial Family

Listed by birth order

First prince (and also crown prince )

  • Name: Zhao Zhe
  • Mother: Empress

Third prince

  • Name: ??
  • Mother: Noble Consort Nie

Other Characters

Name: Miss Shui
Relationship to NSY: Shopkeeper and partner to NSY's cold cream and rouge store.

Name: Ning Huaiwen
Other names: Marquis Jingwen
Relationship: Ning Yuxuan's father's young brother

Name: Ning Mingjie
Relationship: Ning Huaiwan's son/Ning Yuxuan's older cousin
Misc info: Supporting male lead

Name: Ning Errong
Relationship: Ning Huaiwan's s daughter/Ning Yuxuan's younger cousin
Misc info: Nie Sangyu's best friend

Ning Clan