The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 057

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 057 out of 513 – The savior arrives in time (2)

“Mother.” Ning Yuxuan retracted part of his anger, saluted, and said, “Your son is currently questioning about the matter of Qing-er falling into the water yesterday.”

“This is what you call questioning?” Old madame looked at him sternly and said, “I clearly only heard you convicting Sangyu. Sangyu, do you accept this?”

Ji Man felt that the original novel’s vicious mother-in-law was truly too lovely. She almost wanted to cry in gratitude. She hurriedly responded to old madame’s words by yelling out, “I don’t!”

Her life had finally improved and they wanted to drive her back to her original state? No way!

Old madame glanced at Sangyu to indicate for her to keep calm and to not get excited. Then, she immediately asked, “Xuan-er, how were you questioning earlier? Show me.”

Ning Yuxuan knew that his mother would protect Nie Sangyu no matter what. But, the facts couldn’t be changed. Nie Sangyu had committed a crime. He didn’t believe that anyone could invert right and wrong.

And so, he had the servant girls repeat their earlier actions and had everyone close their eyes.

Old madame didn’t close her eyes and watched the five servant girls in the back with Marquis Moyu. However, this time, none of the five servant girls dared to point.

“So this is the method that Xuan-er used to question?” Old madame smiled, but her eyes severely looked at Ning Yuxuan.

Marquis Moyu pursed his lips and said, “It’s probably because mother is too biased in favor of Sangyu, so they didn’t dare to point.”

“Oh?” Old madame chuckled. “Then Xuan-er, have you been biased enough in favor of Wen Wan?”

Stunned, Marquis Moyu lowered his eyes and stayed silent.

“My household’s rules are strict and won’t allow for the preposterous idea of having the servants decide their master’s crime.” Old madame’s expression was upright as she said, “Can you ensure that these servant girls don’t have selfish motives? Sangyu has been married to you for six years, before you even had your adulthood ceremony. It’s one thing for you to be indifferent towards her. But now, you’re going to convict her because of other people’s slanderous words?”

By the side, Wen Wan’s face turned red, then white as she listened to these words. Old madame’s words made it sound like Sangyu was her daughter-in-law, while she continued to be an unacknowledged, wild woman. From the time that old madame entered this courtyard, she hadn’t even glanced at her.

This wasn’t a comfortable feeling to experience. She truly liked Ning Yuxuan, so she also wanted his mother to like her. But, why was it so difficult?

Marquis Moyu was silent for a long time before he finally said, “Mother, you’re right to reprimand. But, Qing-er is pregnant with your grandchild. This matter can’t be left unsettled.”

“If you’re going to investigate, then do it properly. This house is full of deceitful women. Who’s words can you believe? How about asking Shuiqing, who she thought pushed her and what she wants done for this matter to be settled?”

Mu Shuqing was the person that had been the most harmed by this incident. Right now, it wasn’t even known if she would be able overcome her cold. Ning Yuxuan felt that these words were reasonable. He straightforwardly entered Mu Shuiqing’s room to ask for her opinion. In the passing, he could also say a few words to comfort her.

“At the time, Tanxiang was standing behind this servant.” With reddened eyes, Mu Shuiqing said these words. Seeing Marquis Moyu’s sunken expression, she hurriedly said, “However, this servant doesn’t know who had pushed her. The only thing that this servant knows for sure, is that it wasn’t older sister Sangyu.”

It wasn’t Nie Sangyu? Ning Yuxuan slightly raised his eyebrows. He had expected that Mu Shuiqing would allege that it was definitely Nie Sangyu. Instead, she had said words to exonerate her.


Hadn’t Mu Shuiqing and Nie Sangyu’s relationship always been bad? This was such a good opportunity. Why wasn’t she taking the opportunity to bite her?

Although he was curious, he couldn’t actually ask her this question. And since Mu Shuiqing had said these words, he could no longer blame Nie Sangyu even the slightest bit. As for her saying that the person behind her had been Tanxiang, he naturally didn’t believe her. Tanxiang was Wen Wan’s servant girl and had entered this household with her. She was as gentle as Wen Wan. How could it be possible that she would push Mu Shuiqing?

And so, this matter was resolved by leaving it unsettled. Marquis Moyu and old madame sent over many gifts to Feiyue Courtyard and even their treatment of Mu Shuiqing improved significantly. And so, Mu Shuiqing didn’t ask for an in-depth investigation to be performed.


“How are you going to thank me?” Ning Errong mischievously smiled. She pulled Nie Sangyu as they walked on the path. “If it wasn’t because I knew you were in trouble and went over to invite Old Madame, you would have definitely been punished today.”

Errong looked really cute and Ji Man couldn’t resist poking her forehead. She asked, “What do you want? How about I give you a box of cold cream?”

“You have that item?” Ning Errong gaped. “I heard about it as soon as I arrived in the capital. I had Baizhi wait in line for a long time, but I still wasn’t able to buy a box.”

Ji Man rubbed her nose. She really wanted to tell her that the person in front of her was a cold cream factory. Anyways, seeing that she also liked this type of item, Ji Man brought her to her room and generously gave her a box.

“I heard that a box this size cost fifty silver taels.” Ning Errong was beaming as she held the box. Then, she lightly coughed twice and clearly started to kiss up to Nie Sangyu, “What do you want to eat tonight? I’ll bring you over to my place to eat. It’ll definitely be better than the food you’re eating as a concubine.”

Ji Man was amused into laughing by her behavior. She thought for a moment before saying, “I’ve been here for so long. The food that I miss the most is barbecue. If your place has the tools for it, how about having a barbecue tonight?”

Her most beautiful memories of modern times were barbecues and beers during hot summers.


Translator Ramblings: Was this chapter’s resolution satisfying?

I love that it’s Mu Shuiqing, the person that originally had the most antagonistic relationship with Nie Sangyu, who saves her and not Ning Mingjie.

P.s. Ning Mingjie will have his moments to be heroic later in the story. And, I want to point out that Mu Shuqing doesn’t know for sure who pushed her, only Ning Mingjie saw the culprit.

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