The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 056

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 056 out of 513 – The savior arrives in time (1)

Ning Yuxuan had said that he would investigate yesterday’s matter, so everyone that had been on the stone bridge last night came to Feiyu Courtyard this morning.

Wen Wan’s complexion had greatly improved. Marquis Moyu had probably successively coaxed her last night. However, when her gaze turned to Nie Sangyu, Ji Man felt that the female lead had changed. Wen Wen had originally been the fortunate female lead that had received everything without even having to ask for it, but she had interfered and taken away part of the female lead’s halo. Wen Wan’s heart was most likely feeling a sense of unfairness and staring to hate her.

Even if a woman was a Holy Mother, she would become angry when her fundamental interests were disturbed. Moreover, Wen Wan could be considered a somewhat careful person. Ji Man almost suspected that Ning Yuxuan was deliberately using her as a way to provoke Wen Wan, so that Wen Wan would learn to keep herself away from the other women and not be bullied by them.

Wen Wan started by saying, “I was walking in the front with the two honored concubines yesterday, so we naturally couldn’t have turned around and pushed Qing-er. The people that were following behind the two honored concubines, go and stand in the same position you were in."

Ji Man pursed her lips and was the first person to walk to the center of the courtyard. At that time, Liu Hanyun was standing to her right and Mu Shuiqing was standing to her left. They were followed by Wen Wan’s servant girl, Tanxiang, Qi Siling’s servant girl, Songlan, and Qian Lianxue’s servant girl, Dangzhu. Further behind them, it was Nie Sangyu’s servant girl, Muxu, Mu Shuiqing’s servant girl, Banxia, as well as Liu Hanyun’s servant girl, Chunpi.

No matter how anyone looked at it, Nie Sangyu had been in the most suspicious position. She had been in the best position to push Mu Shuiqing into the water.

Wen Wan determinedly looked at them for a long time before she turned her head to look at Marquis Moyu and said, “We’re all sisters. It wouldn’t be good for your servant to make any guesses. My lord, please make the decision instead.”

Ning Yuxuan glanced at Nie Sangyu before he pursed his lips and asked the servants in the back, “At that time, who moved? Or, did anyone feel someone next to herself move? All of you, close your eyes and point. No one is allowed to open her eyes. Otherwise, you’ll be driven out of this household.”

This was actually a pretty good method. It allowed the people that were afraid to speak to also act as witnesses. Ji Man silently praised him and also closed her eyes.

Ji Man heard the faint sound of sleeves being raised behind her. While she waited for Ning Yuxuan to order everyone to open their eyes, she whole-heartedly believed that she wouldn’t be wrongly accused. However, when she finally opened her eyes, she saw that Ning Yuxuan was looking at her with an extremely harsh gaze.

“What?” Ji Man didn’t understand. When she turned around to look, all of the servant girls were standing in place with their heads lowered.

“I can listen to your explanation.” Marquis Moyu pursed his lips and said, “Why did you push Qing-er into the water?”

She pushed Mu Shuiqing into the water? Ji Man widened her eyes. She incredulously turned her head and glanced at the servant girls behind her. It was such a large group of people. It couldn’t be that they had all pointed at her, right?

After being surprised for a short period of time, she calmed down again. There were five servant girls behind her. At least three of them had past enmity with her. Why had she thought that they would say the truth instead of harming her?

Ji Man smiled, turned around to look at Marquis Moyu, and said, “My lord, if you were this servant and stood in such a conspicuous spot, would you push Master Qing into the water? What’s the benefit to me if she loses her child? First, I’m not the main wife. Second, I’ve never received any genuine feelings from you. Other than harming myself, what will I get by doing this?”

These words had the slight meaning of implicating Wen Wan. Marquis Moyu’s expression immediately sunk and his peach blossom eyes were filled with fury. He coldly harrumphed, “Who doesn’t know that you have a poisonous heart? Not only did you plot to murder my heir, now you’re also trying to harm Wen Wan by placing the blame on her?”

Ji Man also sneered. “My lord, you’re heart is already slanted to one side and you won’t listen to anyone’s explanation. Why are you bothering with asking Sangyu this question? Just directly lock me in the confinement courtyard.”

“Audacious!” Ning Yuxuan was truly angered. His eyes were sharp enough to be swords that wanted to stab through her while she was still alive. “Nie Sangyu, are you relying on your identity as a member of Nie Clan to increasingly disregard other people? Right now, you’re a concubine. And you dare to talk back to me like this?”

Ji Man was also overcome with anger. She was innocent and had been wrongly accused. Who wouldn’t be angry? And yet, this scumbag had the insistent attitude of protecting the female lead and disregarding everyone else’s opinion. It made her fume with rage.

The female lead’s life was important. It couldn’t be that the supporting female character’s life was worth nothing!

Wen Wan hurriedly came forward to act as the mediator. “My lord, please calm down. Sangyu, be mindful and pay attention to propriety when you’re speaking. Don’t anger the marquis. If you’re really confined again, your days won’t be good.”

Ji Man inwardly sneered, but she returned to showing an obedient expression on her face. There wouldn’t be any good result to directly facing off with Marquis Moyu. The female lead had given her a way out. It would be a waste to not use it.

Ning Yuxuan didn’t know why he was behaving this way. When Nie Sangyu had acted improperly and angered him in the past, he would never outwardly express his anger in this manner. At the most, he would show her a cold face and ignore her. But Nie Sangyu’s current indifferent attitude of having nothing to lose always provoked his anger and made him want to choke her to death.

After he calmed himself down, he said, “You’ve always been narrow-minded and unable to tolerate other people. Right now, there are so many witnesses. Even if you want to argue, it’ll be difficult for you to avoid being punished. You had the sinister intention of trying to murder my heir. In consideration for the fact that you’ve been part of this household for several years…”

“You also know that Sangyu has been in this household for several years?” A furious voice came from the courtyard’s entrance. Everyone in the courtyard was startled. Wen Wan hurriedly turned her head and saw Ning Errong supporting old madame as they entered Feiyu Courtyard.

Everyone was shocked. They looked at the Marquis Moyu’s cousin, who was beaming. In their minds, they hatefully thought, why did she have to bring old madame here at this point in time?


Translator Ramblings: I didn’t blame Ning Yuxuan for suspecting that Nie Sangyu was the one that pushed Mu Shuiqing into the water, especially since she has pretended to be good in the past. Even Errong, who is 100% on Nie Sangyu’s side, believes that this is totally something she would do. He at least made an attempt by asking the other servants instead of directly asking Mu Shuiqing, given her well-known hostile relationship with Nie Sangyu.

But then, Ji Man touched his bottom line, Wen Wan.

Storywise, I really like that the author shows us a different perspective of how terribly unreasonable a typical male lead is when it’s something related to the female lead. Logic will be thrown straight out the window. For example, in ChongFei Manual, the male lead orders his bodyguard to cut off the tongue of a singer just because she saw something that she shouldn’t have about the female lead. I don’t remember anyone commenting that the male lead’s order was unnecessarily harsh or being upset at him. He was partially doing it to ensure that the female lead’s reputation will be left pristine. Ning Yuxuan is doing the same thing here. He shows an extreme reaction whenever anyone intentionally or unintentionally tries to smear Wen Wan’s reputation.

That being said, I love old madame’s words and how she defends Sangyu in the next chapter.

Also, I included a spoiler in the comments below related to this.

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