The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 044

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 044 out of 513 – Putting up advertisement. Settling the household (1)

It was only now that Noble Consort Nie had the inclination to carefully look at old madame’s face. At first glance, there didn’t seem to be any difference from before. It was only that her skin looked a bit smoother than usual. But, when she looked closer, she saw that the wrinkles around the corners of eyes had diminished significantly and her face looked rosier.

“This…” Noble Consort Nie was slightly excitedly. She turned her head to look at Nie Sangyu, “Is this change due to Sangyu’s efforts?”

Ji Man lightly smiled.

Old madame nodded and said, “Isn’t it so. She’s such a young girl, but instead of dressing herself up, she comes to play my place every day to take care of my face by applying creams. She’s more serious about it than Shouwu and Danggui. There’s truly a noticeable effect.”

Noble Consort Nie became interested. She slightly propped herself up and picked up one of the gold boxes that Nie Sangyu had taken out of her bundle.

“This is a popular item called cold cream. Sangyu had previously given a box of this cold cream to old madame and also brought a box of it for you today. It’s more effective than any other expensive powder and it won’t harm your face.” Ji Man acted like a salesperson.

After she finished introducing cold cream, she held up something woven from silkworm fibers. “This is called a facemask. I made a moisturizing type and a whitening and wrinkle removing type. There’s ten of each type. I’ve already tested them on a servant girl’s face. The results were pretty good. Old Madame had also used this before. Next to them, the other containers are filled with herbal gel with natural fragrance.”

“Moisturizing… wrinkle removing?” Noble Consort Nie was slightly at a loss.

Ji Man lightly smiled, looked at her face that was considerably covered by powder that was made by using grounded lead, and said, “Aunt, if you believe in Sangyu, how about trying these products right now? Have people bring in water to wash your face. Sangyu will apply a wrinkle removing face mask and you can see the result for yourself.”

There was naturally a reason why Ji Man had brought so many products with her today. The rouge store had started to introduce facemasks as a set package. But, the cost to make it was significant and it’s price was considerably high. The average person wouldn’t be able to afford buying them and Ji Man needed to promote this product in order to sell it.

If they could say that these facemasks were being used by a consort in the palace, it would be the best type of publicity.

Once Noble Consort Nie's face was cleaned of makeup, the wrinkles on her face became more apparent.

Ji Man said, “Excuse me,” before she stepped closer to carefully look. Then, she took out and unfolded the facemask and carefully put it on to Noble Consort Nie’s face.

Noble Cosort Nie only felt a sense of coldness as something covered her face. Although she was slightly unused to it at first, a little while later, it actually felt quite comfortable.

“It needs to be left on for fifteen minutes. You can rest for a bit.” Ji Man quietly said.

Noble Consort Nie slightly nodded and closed her eyes to take a nap. She had been very tired during the past period.

Old madame sat on the side and watched as Nie Sangyu smoothed out the facemask on Noble Consort Nie’s face before sitting down on the cushioned couch and quietly watching her.

This child had truly changed significantly. Even from the viewpoint of an old woman, she felt that the side view of Nie Sangyu had become more captivating. But, Xuan-er’s heart had already been firmly locked by that Wen Wan girl. For Sangyu to take back her position as the main wife, it would be extremely difficult.

After the facemask, Ji Man also applied cold cream onto Noble Consort Nie’s face and used her ability to re-draw Noble Consort’s eyebrow makeup.

Her face looked even better than before and this way her pores wouldn’t be poisoned by crude, ancient cosmetics, which in turn would also greatly improve her skin. Ji Man smiled as she looked at Noble Consort Nie’s surprised face. She gave her the bag with the remaining facemasks. The bag was marked with a Shuiji rouge store’s seal.

“Pengshu.” Noble Consort Nie couldn’t stop touching her face. After the facemask treatment, her skin had noticeably become whiter. Her skin looked even more like white jade after cold cream had been used. She was overjoyed. The effects were very obvious.

She directly said, “Bestow Sangyu the pair of golden bracelets that had twining flowers that the emperor had bestowed to this consort and also the ruby hairpin!”

Pengshu acknowledged her order. Seeing her rarely happy master being so happy today, she also felt happy. She brought the items over and handed them to Sangyu.

Ji Man kneeled down to express her thanks. This transaction had been worth it. She had received such an expensive pair of bracelets and hairpin in exchange for the twenty facemasks, one box of cold cream, and a few bottles of herbal gel. She was so happy that her eyes were closed as the abacus in her heart calculated her profit.

Seeing how pleased Noble Consort Nie was, old madame returned to saying more mollifying words for a while.

When they were leaving, Noble Consort Nie profoundly looked at Nie Sangyu and said, “I feel like this child has grown up.”

Ji Man was smiling as she completed the thanks and good-byes required by etiquette. Afterwards, she followed old madame into the carriage and returned home with her.


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