The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 043

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 043 out of 513 – The devastatingly beautiful Noble Consort Nie (2)

“Your servant greets the noble consort.” Old madame neatly kneeled before the gauzy curtains.

Ji Man hurriedly kneeled too, but she didn’t know how to address herself, so she simply didn’t say anything.

Laughter came from behind the curtains. “I had been hoping you would visit soon. It’s lonely in the palace. There isn’t anyone I can talk to here.”

Then, Noble Consort Nie ordered, “Pengshu and the others, withdraw and close the front doors for this consort. Other than the emperor, don’t let anyone else enter. Do you understand?”

“Understood.” The female palace servant acknowledged her command, hurriedly led the group of palace servants out of the hall, and a deep, groaning sound was heard from the front doors as they were closed.

“Quickly, rise.” The person behind the gauzy curtains got up from her cushioned couch, separated the layer upon layer of curtains, and personally helped old madame stand up.

“Xiu-er, if you didn’t come here to talk with me soon, I would have almost died from being shut up in here.” Noble Consort Nie’s voice was choked up with emotion. It didn’t sound anything like her earlier cheerful laughter.

Standing by the side, Ji Man couldn’t resist secretly glancing at Noble Consort Nie.

One look was enough to shock her. Logically, Noble Consort Nie was the around the same age as old madame. Although she possessed elegant bearing and charm, she was still a middle age woman.

However, Noble Consort Nie had a small face with shining, tenderhearted, almond-shaped eyes and seductive figure. She didn’t look like a woman in her thirties or forties.

People couldn’t be blamed for saying that the Song Emperor was bewitched by Noble Consort Nie’s beauty. There were very few people that wouldn’t be bewitched by her devastating beauty. However, her skin didn’t look as youthful anymore. There were a few fine lines and it looked slightly dull.

“I know you suffered grievances.” Old madame sighed. She held Noble Consort Nie’s hand and sat down at the table with her. “Sangyu wasn’t sensible and gave the emperor a reason. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to bear with punishing you.”

Following old madame’s words, Ji Man kneeled down again. “Aunt, Sangyu caused trouble for you and came here to humbly apologize.”

Noble Consort Nie turned around to look at her. She shook her head and stretched a hand out to help her stand up. “It can’t be completely blamed on you. He wanted to prune Nie Clan’s leaves. Even if you didn’t barge into the palace, he would have found another reason. It’s only that you really need to change your temperament. You must have also suffered a lot during this period of time, right?”

Ji Man did her best to grin. She looked at her beautiful aunt, shook her head, and said, “Sangyu hasn’t suffered. I’ve lived in the marquis’s household for several years and finally figured things out. I won’t act as impulsive and unruly as before. I’ll consider myself fortunate if I can properly serve Old Madame and aunt for the rest of my life.”

Noble Consort Nie was slightly shocked. She stretched her hand to stroke Nie Sangyu’s hair. “You seem to have become much more sensible. When I heard that Yuxuan had demoted you to a concubine, I was worried that you would take things too hard.”

Nie Sangyu had truly taken things too hard, but she, Ji Man, wouldn’t take these things to heart. If it weren’t for Nie Clan, Ning Yuxuan would have definitely directly divorced Nie Sangyu. For her to continue to stay at the marquis’s residence and make a comeback, this opportunity was already hard to come by.

“No matter how depressed I was, I became less depressed when I thought about my family,” Ji Man said with a smile. “Compared to the amount of doting that the marquis had given me, Old Madame and aunt had given me much more. So, why should Sangyu waste time obsessing over this matter?”

Noble Consort Nie froze from shock and contemplated these words for a long time. Her eyes redden again, “Even a young girl is able to take a lighter view than me. Xiu-er, I had prepared a stomachful of grievances to tell you, but this girl has decreased half of it just by saying a few words.”

Old madame’s eyes held praise as she glanced at Nie Sangyu. Then, holding Noble Consort Nie’s hand, she quietly said, “The two of you, aunt and niece, are the same. You’re both the type that falls head over heels. But, Your Highness, your servant had already said a long time ago, there’s no such thing as real feelings in the imperial family. When the emperor is willing to favor you, you should treasure it. Don’t act immaturely by causing trouble for him. On the other side, the empress is glaring at you like a tiger watching her prey. The crown prince has also recently been working industriously. If you don’t start to fight for the third prince and help him now, it’ll be too late if you want to speak later.”

On the surface, Noble Consort Nie and the empress had a peaceful relationship. But, in private, they fiercly competed with each other. The crown prince was not only oldest son, but also the son of the legal wife. The emperor rather liked his intelligence and elegant demeanor. The third prince was Noble Consort Nie’s son, but he liked the mountains and rivers and preferred to stand aloof from worldly affairs. Even though Noble Consort Nie was anxious to death, she didn’t have a way to change him.

“He doesn’t want it. What’s the use in me competing for him?” Noble Consort Nie sighed. “There will be new people in the palace next year. When I look at myself in the mirror and see myself growing older each day, I feel despair from the bottom of my heart.”

Old madame shook her head, “Countless women have been added to the harem during the past years, but doesn’t he still stay at your place for a few days every month. What’s there for you to worry about?”

“But…” Noble Consort Nie touched her face. “Women age faster in the palace. When the time comes and I’m physically and mentally exhausted, perhaps my hair will turn white overnight.”

Old madame thought about the gift that Sangyu had brought with her when they left the palace, hurriedly turned her head, and said, “Sangyu has something good she wants to give to Your Highness. Your Highness, how about looking at it?

Ji Man nodded, went outside, and took back the bundle wrapped in cloth that she had recently handed over to a place servant.

“Sangyu had gathered these items from outside the palace. These are all beautifying items to nourish the skin to maintain a youthful appearance. Your Highness, if you find these items comfortable to use, Sangyu will bring more of these items next time.”

Hearing the words, “beautifying items, youthful appearance”, Noble Consort Nie’s eyes brightened. Seeing Sangyu taking out various containers, she couldn’t resist curiously asking, “What are their effects?”

Old madame slightly smiled and said, “Just look at my face. You were so preoccupied with being broken-hearted that you didn’t notice I’m only wearing light makeup today. Do you see that the spots on my face have diminished a lot?”

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