The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 037

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 037 out of 513 – Don’t abandon the wife that had suffered hardship with you for a new wife once you obtain success (2)

But, just as they walked to the intersection, she saw Marquis Moyu standing in the small path in front of them.

Hearing the sound of the steps, he turned around and asked, “Mother, did you come out to go for a walk?”

Old madame was slightly surprised by his appearance. “Why are you idling at home instead of with the crown prince today?”

As the crown prince’s close friend, Ning Yuxuan would often be out dealing with official work, or drinking alcohol and composing poems with him. The crown prince had also previously said he wanted to visit Chu Feng today. But, he had to cancel the crown prince’s invitation at the last minute in order to deal with the problem created by Nie Sangyu.

“The crown prince also wanted to rest today. Since this son hasn’t seen mother in two month and you returned today, it’ll be good to accompany you more.” Marquis Moyu easily said.

Ji Man could clearly sense that old madame’s mood became even better. Naturally, nothing could be better than her son missing her.

“It’s enough that you’re being thoughtful. You can come with us to Feiwan Courtyard.” Old madame said, “I haven’t seen Sangyu’s new courtyard yet.”

Ning Yuxuan nodded. He walked between Ji Man and old madame, then he supported old madame with one hand and the other hand seized Ji Man’s wrist. “Okay, I’ll go with the two of you.”

His hand was very hot as if he had recently exercised. The tips of Ji Man’s ears turned slightly red. She struggled to break free a few times and could only watch as he led them towards a different direction.

“My lord, aren’t we going to Feiwan Courtyard?” Ji Man curiously asked.

Ning Yuxuan turned his head. His eyes reflected her innocent gaze. He lightly smiled, “We are. I’ll bring mother there. You just have to follow us.”

Ji Man gritted her teeth. What was he planning? Feiwan Courtyard was clearly in the other direction!

After they passed through a small path, they saw a sign hanging at the entrance of an eastern courtyard up ahead.

Feiwan Courtyard.

Ji Man and Muxu looked at the grand Feiwan Courtyard in front of them. Their chins almost fell to the ground in shock. This courtyard was clearly a place for an honored concubine or a secondary wife to live. He was actually giving her, a concubine, this place?

However, old madame was nodding in satisfaction. “Xuan-er knows how to handle matters properly.”

Marquis Moyu lightly smiled, but his eyes held a warning when he glanced at Ji Man.

Ji Man quietly closed her mouth. Got it! Since she had profited by moving to this large courtyard, she would act obedient. But, it seemed that Ning Yuxuan was a filial son after all. Since he cared so much about old madame’s feelings, Wen Wan's life would definitely be miserable in the future.

As old madame walked into the courtyard with Marquis Moyu, the wild roses in Feiwan Courtyard were still in bloom. When she saw the freshly dug soil, she didn’t say anything and just smiled.

“This courtyard isn’t any worse than Qiangwei Courtyard. It’s very suitable for Sangyu.”

The mother and son had reached a mutual tactic understanding. Marquis Moyu uttered an agreement and inwardly relaxed.

This courtyard had been empty anyways. Giving it to that woman to live in could be considered as making use of an old property. It would be worth it to dispel old madame’s idea of promoting her to the position of secondary wife.


In the evening, old madame let Nie Sangyu stay in the main courtyard during mealtime again.

Wen Wan stopped at the doorway with the servants holding the dishes behind her. She saw Nie Sangyu sitting to the left of old madame and felt slightly awkward. No matter what, she was the main wife, but here she was, bringing the food while Nie Sangyu, a concubine, was sitting down as if she wasn’t a servant.

Ji Man pretended that she didn’t see Wen Wan looking at her. She turned her head to chat with old madame, “Sangyu was really too foolish before.”

“True.” Old madame sighed with emotion, “When you married into this household, you were only a young girl. I remembered you use to tell everyone that you wanted to grow old with Xuan-er.”

Sitting on the other side, Marquis Moyu lifted his hand to signal that Wen Wan could sit down. He didn’t have any intention of responding to old madame’s words.

But, this didn’t hinder Ji Man from playing her part at all. She looked at Ning Yuxuan with tender feelings and said, “Old Madame, there’s no need to mention things that happened when Sangyu was young and inexperienced. The marquis has a new wife now. Naturally, Madam will be the person that grows old with him.”

Ji Man’s words put Wen Wan into the spotlight. Slightly embarrassed, she raised the corners of her lips into a smile. As a person that recently entered this household, she naturally wouldn’t be able to participate in a conversation about the past. She could only clutch her handkerchief and quietly sit.

“Old Madame, eat some of this.” Ji Man had heard from Muxu which foods that old madame like to eat, so she hurriedly added some to her bowl.

“This dish was personally cooked by Wen Wan.” Ning Yuxuan looked at Nie Sangyu. She had easily picked up the food as if she had been the one that cooked the dish.

Ji Man withdrew her chopsticks. After hesitating for a moment, she put down the chopsticks and appeared as if she was forcing herself to smile with great difficultly. “Then, I’ll have to ask Shouwu to serve Old Madame.”

Ji Man knew how to pretend to be magnanimous and she also knew how to pretend she was being wronged. After watching plenty of TV shows, this was super easy.

Old Madame cast a rebuking glance at Marquis Moyu and also put down her chopsticks.

Wen Wan became panicked. She felt so wronged that tears had already appeared in her eyes, “Yuxuan.”

Marquis Moyu intensely looked at Nie Sangyu.

Ji Man saw the same disgust in his eyes that she had seen during the wedding when they had met for the first time.

She shrugged. She hadn’t done anything wrong. It was his own fault for being too protective of the female lead and making Nie Sangyu feel bad. Besides, she was the secondary female character. So what if she made things difficult for the female lead?

“This son was wrong. This son will personally add food to mother’s bowl.” Ning Yuxuan raised the corners of his lips, picked up his chopsticks, and transferred one of the braised meatballs that Wen Wan had made into old madame’s bowl.

Old madame calmly looked at him and said, “When you were a child, I taught you the importance of benevolence, righteousness, loyalty, and filial piety. But, I forgot to teach you to not abandon the wife that had suffered hardship with you for a new wife once you obtain success. I reluctantly accepted that woman as your wife, but I don’t want you to forgot the person that had accompany you during the past years because of that woman.”

Hearing these words, Ning Yuxuan slightly furrowed his brow. Although he felt angry, he didn’t dare to talk back. He could only lower his gaze and said, “This son understands.”


Translator Ramblings: Such a wonderfully awkward and tense dinner for everyone except Ji Man. She doesn’t have to take things seriously because she sees herself as a bystander. But at the same time, she feels whatever Nie Sangyu feels, so she’s motivated to take action. Right now, Ji Man can clearly distinguish Nie Sangyu’s feelings from her own. I wonder if this will stay true for the rest of the novel.

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