The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 036

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 036 out of 513 – Don’t abandon the wife that had suffered hardship with you for a new wife once you obtain success (1)

Ji Man noticed Wen Wan’s gaze, but she didn’t turned around. She only continued to lightly smile and straightened her sitting posture. As a concubine, she was only allowed to sit down at the table because of old madame. She would be overstepping her bounds if she interrupted their conversation.

The couple said coaxing words throughout the meal to keep old madame in a happy mood, so the meal passed by smoothly. Old madame didn’t say anything to put Wen Wan in a difficult position.

And, unexpectedly, Marquis Moyu quietly said as they were leaving their seats, “Sangyu has become much more sensible.”

Ji Man smiled at him and saluted, “Thank you for your praise, my lord.”

Old madam’s gaze swept across these three people before she calmly said, “I’m going to the palace tomorrow to see Noble Consort Nie. Originally, I was thinking that I should bring Sangyu with me to see her since Noble Consort Nie loves her dearly. But, her current status… Xuan-er, what’s your view on this matter?”

Only the main wife and secondary wife had the qualifications to enter the palace. Nie Sangyu was currently a concubine, so her status was only slightly better than a servant girl. Thus, it would be impossible for her to enter the palace.

And so, old madame had said these words with the intention of asking if Sangyu’s status could be improved.

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However, Marquis Moyu only lightly smiled, “Noble Consort Nie has recently shut herself up and is contemplating over her mistakes. Although she’ll be done soon, it’ll be better if mother waits a few more days before visiting her. As for Sangyu, she hasn’t done anything to deserve the status of secondary wife.”

Although he was only speaking the truth, he was clearly striking old madame’s face. Old madame’s complexion sunk again. She was silent for a long time before she finally said, “Never mind then.”

Her son had grown up and had forgotten to be grateful towards his mother for raising him. She couldn’t force him to do anything. He had looked as if he wasn’t as against Sangyu as before, so she had thought she would able to improve Sangyu’s status. This way, she would also be able to justify herself to Noble Consort Nie. She hadn’t expected that he would block her attempt.

Sangyu had made a mistake first. Even if she deliberately wanted to be biased in her favor, she was powerless.

Ji Man actually didn’t care. As a concubine, she had meat to eat. She also had old madame to protect her and extra income from her outside business. And so, she said with a smile, “Old Madame, there were new wild roses planted in my courtyard and there were also new fishes added to the garden pond. If you’re free this afternoon, how about we walk around the residence?”

Old madame turned around to look at her. Her expression had slightly improved. “Okay, this bag of old bones should walk around more.”

While Ji Man was brightly smiling, the corners of Ning Yuxuan’s lips twitched when old madame wasn’t looking at him.

Go look at Feiwan Courtyard’s wild roses? The plaque hadn’t been hanged yet. And, the courtyard was small, narrow, and shabby. If old madame saw the courtyard, she would definitely complain that he was mistreating his former main wife. In a fit of fury she would probably force him to promote Nie Sangyu.

Ning Yuxuan’s gaze lingered on Ji Man. Ah, her smile looked so innocent and pure. It was quite attractive and looked completely different from her previous resentful expression. He had originally wanted to glare at her so that she wouldn't bring old madame to Feiwan Courtyard. But once he started looking at her, he slightly lost his mind for a moment.

Although there was a birthmark on the back of her neck, Nie Sangyu seemed as if she was no longer the previous Nie Sangyu. After six years of interacting with her, this was the very first time that he thought she was beautiful. She clearly still had the same face, but for some inexplicable reason, he now felt slightly curious about her.

When he returned to his senses, he had already walked out of the main courtyard. Wen Wan was pulling his hand and after biting her lip for a long time, she finally said, “Yuxuan, how about you promote Sangyu’s status? It’s fine if she’s the secondary wife. I’m satisfied as long as your heart only has me.”

Ning Yuxuan turned his head to look at her. He said with a smile, “How could I bear to make you suffer like that? Even though Old Madame is slightly biased towards Nie Sangyu, she can’t go against convention.”

“But…” Wen Wan hesitantly said, “I saw how happy Sangyu made Old Madame today. If she finds out that you punished her and that she’s living in the most remote courtyard on the eastern side, won’t she get mad?”

“She won’t.” Although Marquis Moyu’s tone was gentle as he comforted her, his eyes were as deep as the sea. “I’ll deal with this matter. You don’t have to worry.”


After a post-lunchtime break, Ji Man confidently supported old madame as they went out for a stroll. During the walk, she told her about what happened in the household while she had been away, but she didn’t mention her punishment. She only said that she had been focused on praying to Buddha and had turned over a new leaf.

Her words filled old madame’s eyes with surprise. Old madame asked, “You’ve started to pray to Buddha?”

Ji Man lightly smiled. “This servant isn’t as devout as Old Madame and is only silently chanting them for peaceful mediation. This way, I won’t constantly chase after things that I can’t obtain.”

There was praise in old madame’s eyes. “It’s good that you can accept things as they are. There are some things that will come to you if you only stop obsessing over them. Unintentional actions might bring unexpected success.”

Ji Man smiled and agreed. She supported old madame as they walked through the residence’s flourishing garden and passed by the honored concubines’ grand courtyards. She could see Feiwan Courtyard up ahead.

Although Nie Sangyu was a concubine, she had once been Marquis Moyu’s legal wife. His current treatment of her was deplorable. She had lost all of her servant girls except Muxu two months ago. Feiwan Courtyard only had two rooms and it was slightly gloomy and cold. When the autumn wind blew by, it wasn’t that much better than the confinement courtyard.

Ji Man would admit that she had deliberately led old madame here, so that she would move her to a new courtyard. She had such a strong supporter. It would be a waste to not use it.


Translator Ramblings: I think the reason that Ji Man hasn’t mentioned to old madame about Ning Yuxuan punishing her is because she’s waiting for the perfect moment, when it’ll do most damage. Plus, as long as she doesn’t say anything, this blackmail material will continue to lurk behind him.

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