The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 020

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 020 out of 513 – This is an amazing business opportunity (1)

Ji Man naturally knew why she was here, but she still outwardly showed a surprised expression, “You actually had given it to Honored Concubine Xue to use?”

Danzhu nodded. She saw that there were still several containers on the dressing table, so she said, “Master Sang, you also know this. My master can’t use the cosmetics being sold in the stores, so she was naturally very fond of the cream that you made. Master Sang, would you be willing to give up some of your favorite item again?

Muxu knew that her master had made several containers worth. She had only given Danzhu a small container. There were still five, large, sealed up containers left.

Unexpectedly, Ji Man furrowed her brow and seemed as if she was being put into a difficult position. She looked at Danzhu for a long time before she finally said, “This is a very rare item. I don’t have much of it myself. Muxu had secretly given you that cream. The other courtyards weren’t told about this.”

This implication was that there weren’t free lunches in the world.

Danzhu didn’t know how to respond for a moment. She followed up by saying the words that Honored Concubine Xue had told her on the way out, “My master said, this confinement courtyard is cold and cheerless. Master Sang, you probably don’t want to stay here any longer than you have to. Since the Old Madame will be returning shortly, the marquis probably wants to let you of here. He just doesn’t have an excuse to use. If you’re willing to give her some of your treasured cold cream, my master will give him an excuse and let Master Sang live more comfortably.”

Ji Man raised an eyebrow, that sickly beauty was a sensible person. She knew that she had to give her something in exchange. And, what Ji Man wanted was just to leave this confinement courtyard sooner. It didn’t feel good to be constantly spied on every day. Also, they saw rats again last night.

However, she couldn’t be too obvious about her goal. Ji Man hesitated for a long time before finally saying, “I can give you the cream, but I have a request. If you can’t do it, then this will be the last container.”

Danzhu glanced at her, “Master Sang, please say it.”

“The two of you know the origin of this cold cream, but in front of outsiders, please tell them that I had asked someone to buy it for me. Can you do this?” Ji Man said.

Muxu didn’t understand the reasoning behind this. Wouldn’t it be good if they let people know that she had made the cold cream? Wouldn't that make everyone come over here to beg them to make it for them?

However, Danzhu understood. Nie Sangyu currently had a lowly status and a person with talent would arouse the envy of others. If other people found out that she could make this cream, the other women would fight over it. When that happened, she would offend people if she didn’t give them the cream. If she gave everyone the cream, they would still feel offended. Master Sang was actually quite clever.

“This servant will do as you bid and pass along your message to my master.” Danzhu bobbed a curtsy.

Ji Man smiled and placed a container into her hand. “Your master can you use this without worries. This cream is a treasure and won’t harm her body.”

Danzhu repeatedly thanked her. After accepting the item, she swiftly returned to Xuesong Courtyard.

Qian Lianxue had experienced a taste of beauty. How could she be willing to easily return to before? Naturally, she would be willing to exchange anything for it. During the past few days, Marquis Moyu would always praise her beautiful face every time he came to her courtyard. It didn’t look as if she was wearing any makeup, but her face looked very good. He even stayed the night in her courtyard today.

Honored Concubine Xue was ecstatic, but she didn’t forget that all of this was due to Nie Sangyu’s cold cream. Although that woman had treated all of the concubines terribly, there wasn’t any personal, deep enmity between them. And now, she had helped her in such a big way, so she would naturally say a few words to help her.

“My lord, the weather has become colder and it’s going to be winter soon. The confinement courtyard is simple and crude. It doesn’t offer the slightest protection to the cold. My lord, are you still going to let Sangyu continue to live there?” Qian Lianxue gently asked.

Marquis Moyu was lying next to her. His gaze moved and he said, “It was her own fault for lacking in propriety. It’s only appropriate for her to be confined for a while.”

“In this concubine’s opinion, she’s been confined for long enough.” Qiang Lianxue sighed and said, “She’s been so obedient. She hasn’t said a single word of complaint about being beaten. This concubine heard that as soon as her body recovered, she started to embroider handkerchiefs again. This concubine has even accumulated a pile of them.”

Marquis Moyu glanced at her and said with a smile, “You’re as soft-hearted as always. Fine, if she’s as good as you say, then she can be allowed to move to one of the courtyards on the east side.”

Qian Lianxue relaxed. She confirmed that she hadn’t guessed wrong based on how easily he had agreed. The marquis had really just been missing an excuse to step down from his earlier decision.

Anyways, Nie Sangyu was a treasure right now. Helping Nie Sangyu was the same as helping herself. The marquis had already stayed at Qiangwei Courtyard for half a month. But, hadn’t he finally stayed over at her place today?

Qian Lianxue reached out and tightly hugged Ning Yuxuan. Ah, he was a fickle man, but he still made people unable to resist falling for him. Who didn’t want him to only belong to herself?

Ji Man’s wish was fulfilled. She had been pardoned and could move to one of the courtyards on the east side to live. That courtyard didn’t have a sign on its entryway either. And, it was also a quiet place. However, compared to the crude and simple confinement courtyard that had rats everywhere, this courtyard was at least clean and warm.

Although Liu Mama also moved here with them, she clearly wasn’t watching over her as closely as before. After all, her confinement period had ended and she was a free person.

Muxu was so happy that she was crying and smiling. She supported Ji Man over to the cushioned couch to sit down. Then, she cleaned up the inside and outside of the courtyard until it was squeaky clean.

“Master, we don’t have to be confined anymore. We’re finally free.”

Ji Man stretched her hand out to tap her nose and said with a smile, “Look at how happy you are. Don’t forget. We’ve only escaped from prison, but we still have to strive for a more comfortable life.”

Muxu stuck her tongue out. She was clearly much bolder than before. As she attended to getting lunch, there was a bright smile on her face.

Qian Lianxue’s words did have some sway. Her gamble had been correct. Ji Man touched her back. Her injuries weren’t swollen anymore, but they still ached. She would slowly take things step by step. Even if Nie Sangyu wanted Marquis Moyu to fall in love with her, Ji Man still wanted to wreak havoc to his life. She would think about Nie Sangyu’s wish after she was satisfied with inflicting her retribution on him!


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