The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 019

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 019 out of 513 – Eternally classical cold cream (2)

“She didn’t secretly send out a letter?” Marquis Moyu leaned back against the soft couch as he looked at Liu Mama.

Liu Mama shook her head and said, “She hasn’t sent out any letter. Master Sang has been in her room during the past two days without doing anything. The only thing that had happen was that all of the osmanthus flowers in the courtyard had been plucked. This servant doesn’t know why she had this done.”

Ning Yuxuan found this baffling. With Nie Sangyu’s temperament, it was strange that she didn’t send a letter to her maiden home or to the palace to complain about being punished. And, she was even obediently staying in her courtyard?

On the side, Wen Wan smiled when she heard Liu Mama’s words and said, “It’s good that she can view things this way. My lord, now you don’t need to worry about being pressured by the Noble Consort Nie.”

Ning Yuxuan followed her words with an, “En.” His mother would be returning soon. All in all, his treatment of Nie Sangyu had been somewhat excessive. He still had to find an excuse to let her out of the confinement courtyard and give her some sweetness. Otherwise, she would sob out her grievences in front of his mother. Wen Wan was the main wife. If his mother saw Nie Sangyu in her current state, she would definitely feel that Wen Wan couldn’t tolerate other people.

However, she had just recently been beaten. He had to find an excuse to get out of this awkward situation.

Although he was pondering this problem, he didn’t show this on his face. “I’ll have to inconvenience mama to continue to watch her.”

“This servant asks to be excused.” Liu Mama withdrew from the room after saluting.


Ji Man acted as a human guinea pig for two days by using the cold cream. She didn’t find any negative side effects, but her complexion had improved a lot.

On the side, Muxu looked at her with a very curious expression.

“Take a container to use for yourself.” Ji Man said to her.

Muxu’s eyes brightened. She pinched her own robe and embarrassedly asked, “Can I really?”

“En.” Ji Man nodded. They had different skin types. Muxu had slightly oily skin while her skin was normal. It would be good to have another guinea pig.

In high spirits, Muxu took the cold cream and tried it on herself.

A week quickly passed by, the effect of the cold cream was very good. Ji Man and Muxu’s faces had both become noticeably fairer and softer.

Ji Man could now also leave the bed and walk around. She just couldn’t bend over without feeling tearing pain. She looked at her face in the mirror, then she looked at Muxu’s face. She felt it was time to take action.

“Other than Madam, who’s most favored?” Ji Man asked.

Muxu said, “Other than Qiangwei Courtyard, the marquis goes to Xuesong Couryard the most. Honored Concubine Xue’s health isn’t very good, but her older brother is the marquis’s close friend. The marquis has always taken good care of her. When he’s not busy, he always goes to her courtyard to see her.”

Ji Man remembered the coughing honored concubine that she had seen in the central room during the wedding. Honored Concubine Xue hadn’t been wearing makeup.

“What’s her servant girl’s name?”

Muxu said with a smile, “Honored Concubine Xue’s servant girl is Danzhu. Out of all the servant girls, she has the best temperament. This servant often goes to look for her to talk to with when this servant has free time.”

Ji Man pursed her lips, picked up a small container of cold cream, and said, “Since you have a good relationship with her, then we can’t hide good things from her. Give this to her to use, but tell her to not say anything to the other servant girls.”

Muxu’s eyes brightened, “Last time, Danzhu said this servant’s face had become better and better and asked what this servant has been using. This servant thought that since this was something we secretly made, it wouldn’t be okay to tell her. She’ll definitely be very happy to receive this. Thank you master!”

Ji Man faintly smiled, “You can go now. You’re probably feeling stuffy and bored after being confined in this room with me for so many days.”

Muxu made a sound of acknowledgement before picking up the container and rushing out of the room.

Women were happy when their beauty was appreciated. Although they were servant girls, they still wished to appear beautiful.

When Danzhu held the cold cream, she was overjoyed. After she secretly applied it for two days, she felt the result was truly quite good.

When she was assisting Honored Concubine Xue with putting on clothes and styling her hair, her master turned her head and asked, “Danzhu, which store’s cosmetics are you using? Your complexion keeps getting better each day.”

Because Qian Lianxue had poor health, the doctors have told her to use fewer cosmetics, so she never wore makeup. Although she was a beauty, she still looked duller compared to people who did use makeup.

Danzhu was a servant girl that cared about her master. She didn’t want to hide good things from her. She hurriedly went to her room and brought the cold cream for Honored Concubine Xue to see.

“Muxu said that this cold cream was made by her master using osmanthus flowers. It doesn’t have any negative side effects. This servant has used this for two days. It’s much better than those other cosmetics. This servant’s face feels fresh and clear. It doesn’t feel oily at all.”

Qian Lianxue’s eyes brightened a bit, but they quickly dimmed. “I can’t use stuff like this. It doesn’t matter how good it is.”

“This item doesn’t hurt the body like other cosmetics. Master, you can probably use it.” Danzhu quickly said, “The doctors said those cosmetics have something harmful for the body, but this is made with osmanthus flowers. Master, it should be okay for you to try.”

Qian Lianxue’s eyes brightened again. She looked at herself in the bronze mirror and said, “Then, let me try a little bit.”

“Ah!” Danzhu hurriedly helped her finishing grooming before applying the cold cream.

Ji Man waited a few days. As expected, Danzhu came to visit her.

“Master Sang.” Danzhu wasn’t as arrogant as Banxia. She properly saluted when she came inside, but her gaze went towards Nie Sangyu’s dressing table. “This servant had boldly given the cold cream made by Master Sang to my master to use.”


T/N: I thought it was interesting that the author selected a cheat that has limited use in the marquis’s household. Yes, Ji Man could use this cold cream to improve her relationship with the other concubines. But, this is only a temporary favorable impression and its entirely contingent on Ning Yuxuan continuing to dislike her. The second he shows her the slightest favor, the other concubines and Wen Wan won’t care about this skincare product. Plus, if she gives it to all of them, it’s not special anymore. If she only gives it to a few of them, the ones who don’t get it will dislike her more.

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