The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 006

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 006 out of 513 – The ending can’t be changed

Chapter 006 – The ending can’t be changed

The scalding tea was spilled onto the new madam and the tea also scalded Ji Man’s hand. Someone nearby screamed and the main room suddenly became a chaotic mess.

Wen Wan was overcome with shock for a moment. When she returned to her senses and saw the chaotic scene, she hurriedly said clever words, “It’s fine. It was only an accident. There’s no need to be this anxious. It’s only a cup of tea. My dress is very thick.”

Ji Man clutched her left hand and stood at the side. She thought, I haven’t done anything to hurt other people, but other people want to hurt me. She hadn’t done anything at all. Why did her knees suddenly feel painful?

She cast a glance at the women near her. Everyone looked tense and was trying their best to remain calm. She couldn’t tell who done that trick or how she had done it. Ji Man felt that she had really underestimated the intelligence people from ancient times.

There were nobles amount the guests, so Marquis Moyu couldn’t explode in anger. He could only coldly look at Ji Man and have the matron of honor bring the bride to the bridal chamber.

Ji Man summoned her courage and stood up. She knew that Marquis Moyu would definitely settle scores once there was opportune moment. She had already obediently changed Nie Sangyu’s temperament and the plot had changed, so why was the result still the same? Nie Sangyu would still continue to be confined.

She sighed. She could only accept her fate. As long as her life wasn’t at risk, she might as well take things less seriously. Besides, her head was still on the chopping block, regardless if she stretched her head out or shrunk it back.

After the ceremony was over, the concubines were led back by servant girls. Under the eyes of everyone, Ji Man lightly smiled and held Muxu’s arm for support as she walked back the confinement courtyard.

“Master…” Muxu had mostly heard what had happened while she was standing outside, so she called out in worry. But, she didn’t dare to say anything else.

Ji Man tilted her head and smiled at her. “Don’t worry. Nothing bad will happen. In any case, my family has significant influence. He’s already done the worst thing by demoting me to a concubine. At most, he’ll continue to confine me. He won’t do anything else.”

Nie Sangyu’s family was exceptional. Her father was a third-rank general and her paternal aunt was a noble consort. She also had a cousin that was an imperial physician and an older brother was a medium-rank military officer. It was exactly because of these background supporters that Marquis Moyu had tolerated Nie Sangyu’s actions for so long.

Because Marquis Moyu had recently wanted to marry Wen Wan, Nie Sangyu had caused her own ruined through her recklessness. She had charged into the palace and caused a huge disturbance. The emperor had angrily rebuked Nie Sangyu. And, her actions had even led Noble Consort Nie to lose favor with the emperor. This was how Marquis Moyu was able to demote her to a concubine status.

Ji Man felt that Marquis Moyu was the archetype of an ungrateful person that failed to be loyal to his lover. Nie Sangyu had been his lawfully wedded wife. After he had angered her to the point of her losing her sense of propriety, he had casually taken away her position as the main wife. Marquis Moyu was probably secretly overjoyed.

Even thought Ji Man didn’t know if Nie Sangyu would be able to hear her thoughts, she still chided her. Look at this person that you had fallen in love with. You can’t just fall in love with a man by only looking at his appearance!


After staying in the room for a while and seeing that sky had darkened, Ji Man rubbed her stomach and asked, “Muxu, what’s for dinner?”

Muxu had been standing at the doorway. Hearing these words, she half-stumbled and half-ran into the room and whispered, “This servant recently went to the kitchen to ask. The marquis had said… There was a happy occasion in the residence today, so there can be dishes added to dinner. But, there won’t be any food sent here tonight… Master, you have to continue staying here for another month… Your future meals…. Your future meals will be the same as this servants.” Her voice became quieter and quieter. By the time she reached the last of these words, Muxu was almost crying and her body kept trembling.

Ji Man looked at her and couldn’t resist wondering how often Nie Sangyu had mistreated this servant girl. Why was Muxu so scared?

Ji Man quietly said, “He’ll give out sweets during a wedding, but he won’t even give me rice to eat. So stingy.” Then, she pinched Muxu’s shoulder and said, “Stop trembling. I won’t hit you. It’s fine. If there’s no dinner, there’s no dinner. I can accept this, just get my breakfaster earlier tomorrow. I’m not picky.”

Alarmed, Muxu lifted her head and glanced at her. Then, she nodded and ran out of the room at lightning speed.

Marquis Moyu had continued to confine her without asking a single question. He probably hated Nie Sangyu to the bone. Ji Man wasn’t inclined to bother herself with this issue either. It wasn’t possible for her to change everyone’s opinion of her in a single day. She could only slowly change their perceptions.


“What did she say?” Marquis Moyu was standing outside of the bridal chamber and asking Liu Mama.

In a mystified voice, Liu Mama said, “Master Sangyu didn’t cry or fuss. She only said that the marquis was stingy for not giving her rice to eat, then she went to sleep.”

Ning Yuxuan raised an eyebrow. After considering for a moment, he shook his head and said, “Continue watching her.”


No matter how strange Nie Sangyu acted, it wouldn’t elicit his interest. Today was his and Wen Wan’s wedding day. In the future, he wouldn’t allow anyone in the residence bully Wen Wan.

In the dead of the night, Ji Man was so hungry that she woke up. After rolling around the bed for a long time, she finally got up, went the outer room, shook Muxu awake, and quietly asked, “Where’s the kitchen?”

Muxu was probably feeling very sleepy. She drowsily pointed out the direction for her before falling back to sleep again.

Ji Man sneakily opened the doors and looked around. There wasn’t anyone outside. The confinement was entirely self-enforcement. No one should be watching over her… right?

She quietly walked out of the courtyard and walked in the direction that Muxu had pointed towards. In front of her, there were only buildings and gardens. She couldn’t tell which building was the kitchen. After searching for an hour, she finally saw a wooden sign with the words “gourmet food” written on it. Ji Man’s eyes brightened. Seeing the locked gate, she decisively climbed over the wall.

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