The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 005

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 005 out of 513 – When the bell tolls, you must kneel

The ceremonial official started the ceremony. Marquis Moyu had only glanced at her as he entered the room. In the end, his gaze moved to the bride that had her head covered by a veil and his eyes returned to gentle warmth.

Ji Man couldn’t help quietly think that about the disparity in treatment. No wonder Nie Sangyu had been driven to become like a lunatic. Look at the slender and elegant bride that was standing over there. She wore an exceptionally elaborate crimson wedding dress. Many women must have worked quickly to finish the embroidery on this dress in time for the wedding.

Sitting on a higher level, the empress looked at this pair of newlyweds. Her face eased significantly. It seemed as if she was very satisfied with this marriage.

The bride, Wen Wan, was born in a small, ordinary family. Before the second female lead was introduced in the novel, Wen Wan had already experienced a period of joint trial and tribulations with Marquis Mo Yu. Now, they were entering the part of the story where there would be conflict among the women in the rear court. From an objective point of view, she was now the second female lead that would advance the development between the male lead and the female lead. From this point forward, she would play a supporting role in the novel’s ups and downs.

Having determined the correct position for herself, Ji Man didn’t have anything to worry about. Nie Sangyu had been ordered to commit suicide in the end because she had harmed other people. Since she didn’t have the leisurely mind to scheme any plots, she should be able to keep her life.

After the last step of the ceremony was over, the empress grandly returned to the palace.

Marquis Moyu led Wen Wan over to the head seating to sit down and she started to accept the concubines’ ceremonial offerings.

This dynasty’s hierarchy was very harsh. You weren’t allowed to offend your superiors and you always had to greet them in accordance to accustom. Even the Noble Consort Nie, who had once been very favored in the palace, had to greet the empress in accordance to customs. As the lowest level concubine, Ji Man had already prepared herself for rubbing her knees when she went back to her room.

As honored concubines, Qi Siling and Qian Lianxue had slightly higher statuses in the marquis’s residence. They were the first ones to kneel down in front of Wen Wan and offer cups of tea. As they lifted the cups of tea above their heads, they respectfully called Wen Wan, “Madam.”

Wen Wan magnanimously accepted the cups and drank tea, but she didn’t say a word.

After that, it was the ordinary concubines turn to perform their part in the ceremony. First, they had to offer tea to the honored concubines. Then, they offered tea to Wen Wan. Ji Man obediently took the teacup a servant girl handed to her and felt a cold gaze land on her body.

“This servant, Shuiqing, offers tea to Master Lianxue and Master Siling.”

“This servant, Hanyu, offers tea to Master Lianxue and Master Siling.”

One after another, the other two concubines kneeled down to respectfully offer tea.

Ji Man didn’t know why, but she felt as if all of the guests and that man’s gaze were all focused on her.

What was there to see? Wasn’t she just offering tea? Ji Man copied the movements of the previous two concubines and kneeled down in front of the two honored concubines, “This servant, Sangyu, offers tea to Master Lianxue and Master Siling.”

Ning Yuxuan’s eyebrows twitched. He hadn’t expected that she would actually be able to calmly kneel. His gaze became slightly complicated.

The guests also started whispering. They were shocked that the arrogant Nie Sangyu would actually offer tea to the honored concubines.

“You may rise.” Qi Siling gently smiled and stretched her hand out to help her up.

Ji Man stood up.

Mu Shuiqing was also looking at her in surprise. The surprise changed into disdain. Nie Sangyu must have received an expert’s advice in order to become so sensible. However, she wouldn’t allow this vicious woman to climb back over their heads in the future.

Although the new madam’s humble family background made her unworthy to be a marquis’s wife, this was exactly the reason why the female was able to evoke a different type of feeling from the marquis. If Nie Sangyu wanted to be favored just by relying on Noble Consort Nie’s status, then that was merely wishful thinking!

After she offered the second cup of tea, Ji Man comforted herself with these thoughts. Then, she saluted the new madam that was sitting on the head seating.

“I hate her… hate her so much…”

Ji Man had originally thought she wouldn’t hear that voice again. She froze for a moment and her gaze fell on Wen Wan’s skirt that was embroidered with a pair of birds flying together. What could she do to make Nie Sangyu let go of her deep hatred? It wasn’t pleasant to hear such a anguished background sound in this joyful bright red room.

“This servant offers tea to madam.” While she had been distracted, the two concubines in front of her had already offered tea. When Ji Man returned to her senses, she also hurriedly went up to offer tea.

Before Wen Wan reached her hand out to take the cup, she carefully examined her from top to bottom, “Are you Nie Sang Yu?”

Ji Man froze for a moment in surprise, then she nodded and said, “Yes.”

“I heard that you came to this household the earliest. If Wen Wan doesn’t know something in the future, I’ll have to ask you for your guidance.”

The female lead was worthy of being called the female lead. How could a concubine give advice to a marquis’s wife? Ji Man said with a smile, “This servant doesn’t dare to offer any suggestions. If madam has any orders, this servant will do them.”

Ning Yuxuan slightly furrowed his eyebrows and couldn’t resist looking at Nie Sangyu again. Less than a month had passed. What exactly had happened to make Nie Sangyu, that shrew-like woman, change into someone that was quiet and obedient?

Liu Mama had been keeping a close watch over her this entire time and had reported that nothing strange had happened during this time. But now, her behavior was like this. Ning Yuxuan couldn’t believe his eyes. If it wasn’t because of the current occasion, he really wanted to peel off Nie Sangyu’s face to see what demon was lurking underneath it.

Wen Wan nodded and didn’t say another word. She reached her hand out to accept the cup. Just as Ji Man was going to stand up, her knees suddenly hurt and her body started to fall down towards Wen Wan.

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