ChongFei Manual Ch 85.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 085.2 out of 171

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Empress Chen was worried that Gao Dan Yang would become too depressed and do a foolish thing. She stood up and chased after her.

Fortunately, she hadn't run far. She had stopped next to one of the verandah’s pillars. Her head was lowered and she was wiping away her tears. Empress Chen gestured for the servants to leave, walked forward, patted her shoulders, and said, "Dan Yang, Jie-er's words weren't without reasoning... He's thinking for you. You're twenty years old this year. Most girls your age are already married and have children. You have to think about your marriage...”

Gao Dan Yang cried broken-heartedly. Soon, her entire face was covered in tears. She turned her around and threw herself into Empress Chen's chest like a helpless little girl. "Maternal aunt, other people don't know. But, shouldn't you clearly know... Why did I wait until now? Isn't it because... Because..."

Empress Chen's felt bad for her. She patted her back and comforted her, "Maternal aunt knows. Of course, maternal aunt understands." Because Empress Chen clearly understood, she felt even more depressed. She didn't want to hurt her. She could only softly say, "But you know Jie-er's temperament. He knows exactly what he wants and doesn't want. If he wants something, he wouldn't wait. No matter what, he'll obtain it. If he doesn't want something, even if you forcefully push it to him, he won't have the slightest interest. Dan Yang, I know you truly love him. But, this can't be forced. Carefully think about this, once you figure it out, tell maternal aunt. Maternal aunt will help you select a husband. Regardless if it’s a man from an aristocrat family or the imperial family, maternal aunt will fulfill your choice.”

This type of thing, could it be gotten over in a short period of time?

If she could get over him so easily, then she wouldn't have waited several years for him.

Gao Dan Yang suddenly thought of something, looked up from Empress Chen's chest, wiped her tears, and asked, "Maternal aunt, why did older cousin Prince suddenly tell me this? Did he find someone that he likes?

Empress Chen shook her head, sighed, and said, "If he did, I wouldn't be anxious."

She had recently asked Zhao Jie this question. Zhao Jie didn't say anything, so she had assumed it was still the same answer as before.

He wasn't young anymore. He didn't have anyone that he liked and he wouldn't marry his childhood sweetheart. What did he want to do? Empress Chen felt very helpless towards him. She thought that the day she would be able to hold her grandson was in the far, indefinite future. She didn't know how long she would have to wait.

She thought of Duke Ding's young grandson with his white and tender little face. He was as lovely as white snow. When Empress Chen met him, that little fellow would giggle whenever he saw anyone. She felt so envious when she saw him. If she had a grandson, he would also be very lovable. But, she didn't know when Zhao Jie would marry and have a child to continue their family line.

Hearing this, Gao Dan Yang’s cries gradually faded.

If he didn't have anyone that he liked, then she still had hope. Regardless of Zhao Jie's feelings towards Wei Luo, since he hadn't mentioned Wei Luo yet, then he didn't have the intention of marrying her at the moment.

As long as Zhao Jie didn't marry Wei Luo, she wouldn't give up hope.

She had already waited for so long. Asking her to change her feelings in a short period of time, how could she be willing? While she thought this, on the surface, she continued to look broken-heartedly and helpless. She looked down and said, "I'll properly considered maternal aunt's words."

Empress Chen thought she had gotten over Zhao Jie. Delighted, she patted her hand and said, "Good, as long as you get over this, this empress can let go of the stone in her heart."

Gao Dan Yang pursed her lips and forced herself to smile.


Since then, Wei Luo stayed at home and didn't leave Duke Ying's residence.

During the past several days, a carriage came to Duke Ying's residence every day with an invitation to the palace from Princess Tianji, but she didn't go even once. She knew that it wasn't Zhao Liuli looking for her. It was Zhao Jie. She wasn't an idiot. She learned from her mistakes. If Zhao Liuli was really looking for her, she would order people to inform her first, then send a carriage to the palace. It was only when Zhao Jie was looking for her that a carriage would directly bring her to Prince Jing's residence.

Why was he looking for her? She wasn't a doctor. He was currently injured. It would be better if he spent this time focused on recuperating.

In addition, Empress Chen was worried about him and would certainty be visiting him from time to time. Last time, she had gotten away because Liuli had helped out with an excuse. If she were to meet Empress Chen again, how would she be able to explain?

She had carefully considered. For both of their reputations, it would better if she didn't go.

Ten days after Zhao Jie was injured, Wei Luo still hadn't visited Prince Jing's residence.

As the days continued into summer, the days became hotter and hotter. Wei Luo was wearing a gauzy, magnolia color robe embroidered with butterflies and leaning on her couch to enjoy the cool air near her lattice doorway. Her clothing was flimsy. There was only a peach pink dudou inside her robe. Her white jade-like flesh could be vaguely seen. Even so, she still felt hot. She leaned on her couch, sipped on the pickled plum juice that Jin Lu had brought, and listlessly said, "Why isn't it cold?"

While fanning her, Jin Lu explained, "This year's ice is scarce. It's not easy to buy... Miss, don't be anxious. Sixth Young Master has left the residence to personally buy some and might be back soon."

Her face slightly eased, "Oh. Okay, I'll wait for Chang Hong to come back."

A little while later, Bai Lan walked into her inner room. She saw her Miss lazily leaning against the couch with her robe falling down and exposing half of her delicate and smooth shoulder. She looked down to see the exquisite skin on her chest. Although she was a woman, she couldn't help looking. After a while, she looked away, swallowed her saliva, and said, "Miss, people for Count Zhong Yi's family have come to see Fifth Master. It seems like they're here to discuss your marriage with Young Master Song Hui." After a pause, she added, "Prince Jing has also come. He's currently in the receiving room."


(T/N: I feel bad for Gao Dan Yang. I think this entire thing was Empress Chen’s fault for telling Gao Dang Yang’s mother she wanted to play matchmaker for Gao Dan Yang and Zhao Jie when they were children. Then, she continued to try to pushing them together even though Zhao Jie has repeatedly told the empress he wasn’t interested a long time ago. And, the empress lied to her about Zhao Jie giving her those two bracelets and distorted her view of Zhao Jie. What else has she lied about? Maybe, at that point, Gao Dang Yang would have given up on Zhao Jie if the empress didn’t keep giving her false hopes.

I don’t think Gao Dan Yang was wrong to believe she and Zhao Jie would eventually get married. Since she was young, that’s what both of their parents wanted and what they keep telling her. If you spent several years trying to accomplish something and everyone around you encourages you towards this goal, then suddenly one day, your biggest supporter tells you to give up, would you be able to easily give up?

Its weird that Zhao Jie’s opinion matters more than what his mother wants when it’s something as important as marriage. Normally, a prince would need the support of his maternal clan if he wanted to become emperor.

I would feel differently if Gao Dan Yang had schemed against Wei Luo like a normal c-noval villainess, but she only mentioned things about their childhood.

What do you guys think?)



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