ChongFei Manual Ch 85.1

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 085.1 out of 171

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A long time after Gao Dan Yang said this, Wei Luo didn't show any reaction.

"Younger sister Ah Luo?" She called out.

Wei Luo looked up with her shining dark eyes, blinked, and uncertainly said, "En."

This sound was sweet and agreeable. The languid and charming sound would enter a person's bones. Even as a woman, Gao Dan Yang had to admit that hearing this sound softened her heart. She looked at the young girl's beautiful face with her soft cheeks and exquisite skin that was snow white and almost transparent underneath the sunlight. In all details, she was so beautiful that poems would be composed about her. She was an exquisite figurine that looked as delicate as flowers. Naturally, Gao Dan Yang's appearance wasn't bad. But, in front of her, she didn't have the slightest advantage.

If Zhao Jie liked Wei Luo, she wasn't sure about her odds of success.

Thinking of this, Gao Dan Yang's mood sunk. She pursed her lips, smiled, and slowly said, "Does younger sister Ah Luo understand the words I just said? I know that younger sister Ah Luo is a well-behaved girl in your words and actions. It's only that older cousin Jing hasn't married yet. It would best to avoid doing anything that would arouse suspicion. It wouldn't be good if someone misunderstands."

Hearing this, Wei Luo slowly and deliberately nodded as if she rather agreed with her words, "Older sister Gao's words are logical. I rarely come to Prince Jing's residence. If it weren’t for Liuli, I probably wouldn't have come here today. Besides, unlike older sister Gao who's familiar with everything here, I'm not even familiar with these paths." Then she curved her limpid eyes and politely said, "Older sister Gao, thank you for your guidance today. If there's nothing else, I'll be going home."

Gao Dan Yang almost couldn't keep the smile on her face. With great difficultly, she said, "Then, I won't continue to send you off. Younger sister Ah Luo, be careful on the way home."

She had just recently said that it wouldn't be good for Wei Luo to come to Prince Jing's residence. In the blink of an eye, Wei Luo had praised her for being familiar with this place. Wasn't she taunting her?

Gao Dan Yang wanted to see traces of ridicule on Wei Luo's face, but she was disappointed. The little girl was smiling generously without the slightest trace of judgment, flaw, or guilty conscious. Because Wei Luo's smile was magnanimous, she felt even more unbearable.

She kept warning the other person, but the other person didn't take her seriously. Instead, she was thought of as a narrow-minded person.

Gao Dan Yang watched Wei Luo going into the carriage, then she turned around and walked back into Prince Jing's residence.

Inside Jin Courtyard, Zhao Jie had just finished drinking a bowl of medicine. He was sitting on his bed and listening to Empress Chen garrulously talking about what he should do to recuperate from his injury.

Gao Dan Yang walked into the inner room and saluted Empress Chen and Zhao Jie, "Maternal aunt, older brother Prince Jing."

Empress Chen turned to look at her and said she could rise. "Has Ah Luo left?"

Gao Dan Yang nodded and walked to Empress Chen's side. "She left. I personally led younger sister Ah Luo to the entrance and saw her going into the carriage."

This being the case, Empress Chen was reassured.

Empress Chen thought of her conversation with Zhao Jie and started to open her mouth. She wanted to properly talk with Gao Dan Yang, but in the end, she choked down those words. She had watched Gao Dan Yang grow up and was clear about her temperament. She was an understanding, well-educated, and filial daughter. Originally, she had wanted to match her and Zhao Jie together. When they were still children, she had already talked about this with Duke Zhen's wife and she had agreed.

She didn't expect that as these children grew up, Zhao Jie still didn't have any interest in Gao Dan Yang. No matter how she tried to persuade him, he wouldn't agree.

Now, these two people were grown up. One had the intention and the other didn't. It wouldn't okay to keep delaying this. Since Zhao Jie wasn't willing to marry her, then she couldn't let Gao Dan Yang keep waiting. As a twenty-year-old woman, she was considered old. But, with her and Duke Zhen's abilities, it wouldn't be difficult to find her a good marriage partner.

But, how should she start? She had clearly tried to act as their matchmaker a moment ago. She couldn't persuade her to give up in the next moment.

Empress Chen didn't feel comfortable saying anything, but Zhao Jie didn't have any scruples.

Gao Dan Yang took the small, brightly colored cup from a servant girl and brought it to Zhao Jie. She said, "Older cousin, drink this tea to get rid of the bitter taste in your mouth."

Zhao Jie's hands were placed on the light blue brocade blanket. He didn't take the cup. His eyebrows were lowered and in an estranged and detached tone, he said, "Dan Yang, if there's nothing important, it would best if you don't come to Prince Jing's residence."

Caught unprepared, Gao Dan Yang's hand that was holding the teacup shook. She looked at him and asked, "Older brother Jing, why are you saying this? Have I done something wrong to make you angry at me?"

He said she hadn't. His following few words broke all of her fantasies, "Men and women should maintain a distance from each other. I'm doing this in considering for your reputation."

She stiffened and the words "karmic retribution within one's lifetime" flashed through her mind.

She had just said the same type of words to Wei Luo. In a blink of an eye, Zhao Jie had returned these words to her! He said that men and women should maintain a distance from each other. These few words clearly severed their relationship and broke her heart. Didn't he know that she had been waiting for him this entire time? Why was he saying this now? Was he telling her to not wait anymore?

Gao Dan Yang forced herself to smile, "Older cousin..."

Zhao Jie didn't wait for her to finish her words. He coldly interrupted her, "You're not young anymore. You should agree to a marriage soon. I recently talked to imperial mother about this. She'll help you with finding someone."

Gao Dan Yang's face paled. Her heart turned into ashes. She looked at him, then she looked at Empress Chen. She probably felt ashamed. She had waited for him for so many years, but he was going to push her to another man. This was entirely her fault for showering affection on an uninterested party. She thought of the words that she had just said to Wei Luo and her face turned red. She felt ashamed and disgraced. Her eyes turned red. She put the small, bright tea cup down on the table next to the bed, then she turned around and ran out!


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