ChongFei Manual Ch 66.1

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 066.1 out of 171

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At the main hall's entrance, as soon as Wei Luo saw Liang Yu Rong pushing Wei Chang Yin over here, she felt discouraged from the turn of events.

She strived to stop this for so long, but what was meant to be, will always happen in the end.

Liang Yu Rong and Wei Chang Yin were approaching closer to her.

Liang Yu Rong properly called him, "Older brother." Wei Chang Yin nodded, said a few words with her, and instead of lingering here, he called a servant to bring back to his room.

Liang Yu Rong watched Wei Chang Yin leave, then she walked to Wei Luo's side, and doubtfully said, "Ah Luo, I though you were feeling unwell. Why did you still come here?"

Wei Luo's expression was solemn. She answered her question with another question, "Where did you go with my eldest cousin?"

Liang Yu Rong pointed at the small hall. Seeing that Wei Luo was deadly earnest, she though that something serious had happened, so she frankly said, "We went there to listen to a monk speak about scriptures." She pulled Wei Luo towards the direction of their rooms and jabbered her complaints, "Those scriptures were really hard to comprehend. I almost fell asleep while listening."

They slowly walked on the limestone-paved path. The guest rooms at the back of the temple were far away from the front courtyard. On the way back, they saw monks wearing simple robes with yellow silk waistbands. The monks would put their palms together in greeting when they saw them. They also properly returned the monks’ greetings.

They arrived at the guest rooms. Wei Luo stopped at her room's door, then she turned her head and asked, "Eldest cousin Chang Yin also gave you candy?"

Liang Yu Rong smiled and nodded. She thought that Wei Luo didn't believe her, so she took out the oil paper that she had neatly folded to show that she hadn't lied, "I decided to give older brother Chang Yin a bag of candy in return. Ah Luo, after I buy it, help me by delivering it to him, okay?”

Without even thinking about it, Wei Luo blurted out, "No.”

Liang Yu Rong was stunned. She thought that Wei Luo would definitely agree, but Wei Luo had refused without hesitation. At a complete loss, she asked, "Why?"

Why? Of course, it was because it would better if those two had less contact. Since they didn't have many feelings for each other yet, this was time to resolutely make a decision in order to avoid sorrow in the future. Wei Luo pushed open her door, walked inside, "Eldest cousin Chang Yin lives in Banyan Courtyard and rarely comes out. I also rarely see him. It won't be easy to deliver the candy to him."

This reason was really too half-hearted. Who would believe it? They live in the same residence. How could it be difficult for them to see each other? In the end, Wei Luo just didn't want to help her! Liang Yu Rong puffed out her cheeks and stared at the back of Wei Luo's head. Slightly angry, she said, "If you don't help me, then I'll deliver it to him myself!"

Wei Luo stamped her feet, then she carefully thought about the words she would say. If she helped Liang Yu Rong deliver the candy, the two of them wouldn't meet at least. If Liang Yu Rong delivered the candy herself, it was more likely than not that something would happen between them. If she looked at it that way, it would be safer if she helped her.

Wei Luo turned back midway and conceded, "Okay, I'll help you deliver it."

Liang Yu Rong immediately smiled and happily thanked her.


There was a peach tree grove behind Qian Temple that occupied more than half of the mountainside. Wei Luo had seen it on the way here in the carriage. The blossoming peach flowers were beautiful and would charm people into confusion.

She had already discussed with Liang Yu Rong in advance. After they eaten the food with the monks at noon, when everyone was resting in the temple, they would stroll around in the peach tree grove. After lunch was over, Wei Luo arranged everything properly. Just as they was preparing to leave, when she pushed open her door to go outside, she saw that Liang Yu Rong had also invited Wei Chang Yin!

Wei Chang Yin and Wei Chang Hong were together underneath a nearby banyan tree. One was gentle and refined. The other was tall and handsome.

Liang Yu Rong led Wei Luo forward. In her heart, Wei Luo wasn't willing, but this feeling wasn't shown on her face. She forced herself to smile as she asked, "Why did eldest cousin Chang Yin also come?"

Liang Yu Rong's hands were behind her back. She explained with a smile, "I was the one that invited older brother Chang Yin. I heard that older brother Chang Yin usually stays at home and rarely goes out, so I wanted to bring him with us to look at the peach blossoms.

At noon, on the path from leaving the main hall, Liang Yu Rong had invited Wei Chang Yin to go to the rear mountain with them. At that time, Wei Chang Yin had declined. He didn't want to bother them while they were having fun. But, Liang Yu Rong wasn't discouraged. What did she say to get him to come?

Oh, she said, "How do you know that you'll bother us? Does older brother Chang Yin not want to come because he dislikes us and think we'll bother him? I heard that you like peacefulness. Actually, we're not noisy either. You'll know if you come with us this one time. The peach flowers only blossom once a year. By lucky coincidence, we were able to get here in time. It would be a pity to not look at them."

Like Wei Luo, she had been clever and eloquent since she was a child and could change someone's mind in a few sentences.

Hearing her words, Wei Chang Yin could only laugh. The sound of his laughter made a person feel at ease. In the end, he agreed.

Now, he was sitting in his wheelchair with a calm face. There was a smile on his handsome face, "Yu Rong said that peach flowers on the mountain were blossoming well, so I came here without an invitation. Does Ah Luo not welcome me?”

Liang Yu Rong was standing at the side. Her bright smiling expression showed that she was clearly in a very good mood.

In this type of situation, could Wei Luo say the words "not welcome"? She nodded and against her own feelings, she said, "How could that be possible? Of course, I welcome eldest cousin to come with us."

After pondering for a moment, he smiled and said, "It's not early anymore. Let's just go."

The group of people walked towards the back of the temple. The peach tree grove wasn't far from Qian Temple. They each only took a servant girl or boy.

Wei Luo was walking at the back of the group. She looked at the people in front of her and was lost in her thoughts.

Liang Yu Rong had a glib tongue and an easy-going temperament. A person wouldn't feel bored or depressed in her company. Her personality was very complementary with Wei Chang Yin's. One was witty and lively. The other was gentle and calm. As she was speaking, Wei Chang Yin peacefully listened to her on the side. The picture from behind was also very beautiful. If they weren't destined to an unhappy ending, they would be really a good pair.

Wei Luo recalled the memories from her previous life.

She had just returned to Duke Ying's residence to find her relatives and had been driven away by Du-shi and Wei Zheng before entering the residence. She could only hide near the corner gate and wait for Wei Kun to return home. Later, she wasn't able to meet Wei Kun. Instead, she met Liang Yu Rong.

At that time, the marquis and his wife had already arranged a marriage for Liang Yu Rong with another person. But Liang Yu Rong's heart couldn't give up on Wei Chang Yin, so she came to Duke Ying's residence to see him. Wei Chang Yin never appeared. She stubbornly and persistently stood at the corner gate while silently crying. She kept crying and crying. It was probably because she felt too hopeless, so in the end, she crouched down and curled up into a ball. Her body kept twitching. She had normally been a carefree person, but now she didn't have any smiles left. She was only left with numbness and empty of all hope.

In the end, she wasn't able to keep waiting until she saw Wei Chang Yin. At dusk, people from Marquis Ping Yuan's residence took her back.

If they were doomed to an unhappy ending, then no matter what, Wei Luo couldn't let her fall in love with Wei Chang Yin.

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