ChongFei Manual Ch 65.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 065.2 out of 171

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Hearing that Zhao Jie didn't see, Wei Luo's face slightly cleared up and her heart calmed down. Unlike Jin Lu, she didn’t feel emotional about her period.

She had already experience this before and didn't feel there was any need to be emotional. A woman would have a period every month. It showed that she had grown up and could have children. Fortunately, Jin Lu had brought cotton cloth with them this morning just in case. Now, it would be put to good use. Jin Lu took out the cotton cloth and showed her how to use it. She had already used this item in her previous life, so naturally she learned how to use it again very quickly.

After everything was put into order, with her mind at ease, Wei Luo finally arrived at the main hall.

Inside the main hall, there was a mother and a daughter kneeling in front of a distinguishing and awe-inspiring Buddha statue. They were quietly asking for Buddha's blessings. Wei Luo looked left and right. She didn't see Liang Yu Rong. She inevitably felt somewhat anxious and her eyebrows furrowed.

Liang Yu Rong didn't return to her room and she wasn't in the main hall. Where did she go?

Actually, she didn't go anywhere. Liang Yu Rong had only gone to the smaller hall behind this one to listen to a monk lecture about Buddhist scriptures. Wei Luo was just too nervous. Liang Yu Rong had almost never spoken to Wei Chang Yin before. She couldn’t fall in love with him in a single day, right?

Liang Yu Rong was properly kneeling on the praying mat. The monk's lecture of difficult to understand Buddhist scriptures lingered around her ears. She became sleepier and sleepier as she listened. Before, she didn’t have anything to do so she had come here with the crowd. Now, she wanted to leave, but felt slightly embarrassed. She turned her head to look at Wei Chang Yin in his wheelchair and only saw that his gaze was peaceful. They were in the same place, but he was able to be calm and elegant. He seriously listened to the abbot speak classical scriptures without the slightest impatience.

Liang Yu Rong could only withdraw her gaze, piously sit back in her original position, copy his calm appearance, and stop looking around.

However, she still couldn't reach his state of mind. As she kneeled, she gradually became sleepier. Her head swayed and she almost fell asleep.

Just as she was about to fall asleep, a slender hand appeared in front of her. There was a piece of malt sugar candy in the palm. She instantly became clear-headed from surprise. She looked over there and saw Wei Chang Yin. There was faint smile on his face. Handing her a candy, the meaning didn't need to be explained.

She wasn't bashful. She picked up the candy and put it into her mouth. The sugar melted and the sweetness that filled her mouth decreased her sleepiness. She obediently continued kneeling there until without knowing, she finished eating the candy. After a while, she turned her head to look at Wei Chang Yin. Her dark limpid eyes blinked at him. That gaze was clearly asking, "Do you have anymore?"

Wei Chang Yin faintly smiled, reached inside his sleeve that was decorated with an eight-treasure pattern embroidered in golden thread, took out a bag that contained candy wrapped in oil paper, and handed it over to her. He wasn't against sweet foods and would occasionally carry a few pieces of candy with him. When he was feeling impatient or irritable, he would eat a piece of candy to calm himself down. Seeing that this girl wasn't calm, he had taken out a piece of candy to calm her. He hadn't expected that it would be so effective.

After she had the malted sugar candy, Liang Yu Rong really stopped dozing and looking around. By chance, the monk finished his lecture right when she finished the bag of candy.

Walking out of the small hall, Liang Yu Rong caught up with the wooden wheelchair, "Older brother Chang Yin!"

Hearing her voice, Wei Chang Yin indicated for the servant to the stop pushing the wheelchair.

She stopped at his side and handed back his bag. Her eyes curved and she smilingly asked him, "I ate all of your candy. The next time we meet, I'll give you candy too. What type of candy do you like? Malted sugar candy?"

A smile appeared on Wei Chang Yin's handsome and scholarly face, "Anything is fine."

Anything is fine? So he didn't have any preference on the type of candy she bought? She had a keen interest about this area and quickly thought of something, "I know that Ba Zhen has a really a delicious milk candy with fruit stuffing. It’s sweet without being greasy. Do you want to try that? I'll buy it for you as compensation, okay?"

(T/N: Below is an image of that candy.)

Ch 65 - milk candy with fruit filling.png

As she said this, one after another, the worshippers left the hall. If they stayed here, they would block other people's path. She very naturally went behind Wei Chang Yin and started to push his wheelchair forward.

This scene was very familiar. She suddenly remembered there was a similar scene from her childhood. It was snowing that day. He was sitting underneath a cypress tree by himself and powdery white snow was falling on his head. She had walked forward and wanted to help him push his wheelchair. Unfortunately, she was too weak and couldn't push it even after many attempts. Now, she had grown up. Although it would be strenuous to push, she would be able to do it now.

Wei Chang Yin tried to stop her, "You won't be able to push the wheelchair. Let's have a servant do it."

Liang Yu Rong slowly pushed him forward. She shook her head and said, "You're not heavy. It won't be strenuous to push you."

Wei Chang Yin paused and didn't continue to speak.

After they had walked for a while, the main hall was in front of them. He hadn't answered her question from earlier, so she asked again, "Older brother Chang Yin, I'll buy you candy from Ba Zhen, okay?"

He chucked. This time, he nodded, "Okay."

Then, we agreed. Liang Yu Rong said, "I'll buy it another day, I'll have Ah Luo pass it on to you." She thought about and didn't feel at ease, "I don't know if Ah Luo will secretly eat it..."


The author has something to say:

After many days of not posting, Zhao Jie wrote something on his Weibo. (T/N: China’s equivalent of Twitter)

Prince Jing Zhao Jie: The flower that I spent many years raising. I can finally pluck it.

Prince Ru Yang’s heir, Li Song: ???

Zhao Jie to Li Song: Has your hand healed enough for you to write on Weibo?

Li Song to Zhao Jie: No, I’m using my face to type.

House Zhen’s Gao Dan Yang: What flower? I remember older cousin Jing only likes orchids.

Empress Chen: Stop plucking flowers. Hurry up with finding me a daughter-in-law! That’s the important thing!

Zhu Geng: I think I know what he meant…

Empress Chen to Zhu Geng: Tell me!

Zhu Geng to Empress Chen: It’s a long story…

Before Zhu Geng could finish writing, he discovered that couldn’t comment anymore. Zhao Jie had put him on the blacklist.


When Wei Luo returned home and saw Zhao Jie’s Weibo, she silently clicked the like button without knowing that the flower was her.

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