ChongFei Manual Ch 54.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 054.2 out of 171

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Chang Hong stood up and saw that other person's slanted eyebrows and indifferently cold, thin lips. It was Prince Jing.

Startled, Chang Hong watched him pick up Wei Luo in a bridal carry. With furrowed eyebrows, Chang Hong said, "Men and women should keep their distance from each other. Let me carry her instead."

Zhao Jie pretended to not hear him. As he walked, he said to Zhu Geng, "This prince's room has medicinal wine. Bring it over to fourth miss's room."

Zhu Geng agreed and immediately disappeared into the dim light of night.

Fortunately, the lighting was dim here. Most of the people were in the octagonal pavilion admiring the moon, playing wine-drinking games, and composing and reciting poetry. They weren't paying attention to the situation over here. Zhao Jie couldn't resist picking up Wei Luo and firmly walking away from this troublesome place.

Wei Luo didn't expect that he would suddenly appear. She dazedly looked at him and could only see his chin and thin lips. She uneasily shifted around and said in an anxious tone, "Big brother let me down. It won't be good if anyone sees... Chang Hong. Let Chang Hong carry me."

Zhao Jie didn't let go of her. Instead, he held her tighter. "Does your foot not hurt anymore?"

She couldn't tell what he was feeling from the sound of his voice.

The hollow of his palm felt scalding hot. Only a layer of clothing separated her skin from his. It made her feel somewhat uneasy.

Her eyelashes trembled and raised her eyelids. Her teary eyes gave off the feeling of innocence, "It hurts."

Zhao Jie's face finally became slightly milder, but his steps didn't stop. He carried her all the way to the eastern courtyard. He entered her inner room and placed her down on her rosewood arhat bed.

How could he enter her inner room so naturally? Although she had been close to him since her childhood, she was grown up now. Shouldn't they avoid doing things that would arouse suspicion? Wasn’t he the one that said to not allow men to freely enter her courtyard?

As Wei Luo was puzzling this out, Zhao Jie had already crouched down in front of her. He took off her red shoe that was embroidered with golden tree peony flowers, and then took off her white silk sock, "Let this prince see your injury."

A tender white foot was exposed in front of a man's eyes. Her toenails were an attractive pink and appeared smooth and delicate. At the moment, because she was nervous and ill at ease, her five toes were slightly curved inwards. It was both shy and cute. Zhao Jie's eyes turned and became darker. Without a change in his expression, he held her foot and checked her injury.

Wei Luo shrunk backwards. She wasn't used to his touch, "Let me do it..."

Zhao Jie looked up at her. At the same time, his fingers gently pressed down on the spot that she was injured, "How can you do it yourself? Does this hurt?"

Wei Luo whimpered. Her tears almost came out of her eyes. She curled up and her forehead unconsciously came to Zhao Jie's shoulder. She pitifully said, "Big brother, be a little more gentle. It hurts..."

Her sweet milky voice was right at his ear. Zhao Jie felt that half of his body had become numb. He turned around to look at the side of her small face. Her white teeth were biting her pink lip. Teardrops were hanging on her thick and long eyelashes. This pitiful appearance really made it difficult for him to maintain control.

Zhao Jie slightly lowered his head. His thin lips wiped her soft cheek. With a hoarse voice, he said, "Hug me if it hurts. Ah Luo, be obedient. Don't flail about.”

Sure enough, she was guilelessly obedient. Her arms went around his neck and she hugged him without resisting.

This alluring body was in his embrace. Her cheek was next to his neck. Warmth was suddenly scattered on his skin. It was as if countless bugs were crawling on him, climbed into his heart, and slowly bitten away all of his rationality. Zhao Jie closed his eyes. His palm was placed on her lower back, near her waist. He restrained himself and didn't go any lower.

Jin Lu and Bai Lan looked at each other in dismay and saw the other person's uneasy.

Soon, Zhu Geng arrived with the medicinal wine. Zhao Jie had put a towel on Wei Luo to make a cold compress on her ankle. Then, he personally spread the medicinal wine on Wei Luo. His actions were very careful and gentle as if he was caring for a priceless treasure. After the medicine was applied, Zhao Jie put on her sock and shoe for her.

After he washed his hands, he went back to her side and said, "Don't walk at all tomorrow. After the hunting ceremony is over, this prince will come to see you and apply medicine one more time. You’ll be fine the day after tomorrow."

(T/N: Below are pictures of medicinal wine. It’s usually a medicine that you drink. But, maybe he’s using it as a disinfectant?

Added 12/5/17: Som commented below that its probably "an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever applied externally - think Salonpas.")

Ch54 - medicinal wine.jpg

She wasn't seriously injured and the effect of that medicine was good. As long as she properly rested, the injury wouldn't be a problem.

Wei Luo sat on the edge of the bed. Her hands were holding onto the bedframe as she looked at him. Her tender little face was imbued with gratefulness, "Thank you big brother..."

Zhao Jie was standing in front of her. Although the expression on his face was warmer than when they were at the lakeside, there still wasn't a smile.

Wei Luo remembered that they had parted on bad terms yesterday. She guessed that he was still angry about her words. Actually, she didn't have any other meaning. She only wanted to tell him that truth. Who would expected that his face would become so ugly? She tilted her head and said to his dark eyes, "Is big brother still angry? In fact, you're not other men either. Your kind treatment towards Ah Luo, Ah Luo remembers it all in her heart.”

There was only a tiny ripple of change in Zhao Jie's stubborn eyes. He didn't respond.

Seeing that he wasn't speaking, Wei Luo gripped his sleeve without thinking and continues looking at him. Just when Wei Luo thought that he wouldn't speak, he raised his hand, stroked her head, and asked, "Do you want to marry Song Hui?"

Wei Luo blinked. She didn't know why he would ask this question. There didn't seem to be any reason for bringing it up.

She didn't really want to marry Song Hui. She only thought of Song Hui as an older brother and didn't have any romantic feelings towards him. And, whenever she saw Song Hui, she would think of his engagement with Wei Zheng in her previous life. She hated Wei Zheng too much, so she couldn't accept Song Hui who had once been engaged to Wei Zheng, even if it was something that had happened in her previous life.

But, she wouldn’t tell Zhao Jie these things. She looked down and said, "This is the engagement that my parents arranged. My opinion isn't important."

Zhao Jie's thumb went down to cover the small red birthmark between her eyebrows and he quietly asked, "If you didn't have this engagement, would you want to marry him?"

She looked up with a startled expression.

His thin lips curved up into a faint smile. He patiently and systematically guided, "Ah Luo, what kind of man do you want to marry?"

Wei Luo pursed her lips. After a while, she finally said, "A person that treats me very very well."

Zhao Jie gazed into her eyes and slowly asked, "Like the way that this prince treats you very well?"

(T/N: It’s interesting/strange that there are other people watching them during this private conversation. But, I guess as nobility, they’re used to always having servants in the background.

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