ChongFei Manual Ch 53.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 053.2 out of 171

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During the banquet, Liang Yu Rong and Wei Zheng were sitting to the left and right side of Wei Luo respectively. Li Xiang was sitting to the right of Wei Zheng.

Li Xiang had been somewhat uneasy this entire time. She would frequently give her personal servant girl a meaningful look to have her go outside to check on the situation. That servant girl would constantly leave and return to whisper a few words into her ear. It seemed that she hadn't found out anything. Otherwise, Li Xiang's facial expression wouldn't become more and more ugly.

Wei Luo supported her cheek with her hand. There was a smile on her lips as she pretended to not see Li Xiang's actions. She picked up a piece of shark fin with her chopsticks to place on Liang Yu Rong's plate and deliberately asked, "Jin Lu just told me that Chang Hong didn't see older brother Liang Yu. Where did older brother Liang Yu go?"

Liang Yu Rong paused and asked without thinking, "Didn't my older brother go to the rear courtyard’s lakeside?"

Chang Hong really did want to consult and ask Liang Yu for advice. But, he didn't mention going to the rear courtyard’s lakeside. Wei Luo had made up this entire story and she acted out her next part well. With a confused expression on her face, she asked, "He went to the backyard?"

Liang Yu Rong nodded. She thought that Wei Luo didn't believe her and prepared to call out to a servant girl to look for her older brother, "I'll have someone look for him..."

Wei Luo quickly stopped her, "It's fine. It's not that urgent. Let's talk about it after we finish eating. It'll be fine to let Chang Hong wait for a bit."

Liang Yu Rong could only sit back down, but she felt confused. She had clearly asked her servant girl to go and speak with her older brother. Why didn't he go?

On the side, Li Xiang heard their conversation. Her heart was fluttering and she wasn't in the mood to continue eating. She only sat there eating the food without tasting it. After half a cup of tea, she finally stood up and said her good-byes to the nearby people, "I'm already full. I'm going to leave earlier. Sisters, enjoy your meal."

After she said this, she turned around and left.

Behind her, Wei Luo slowly revealed her smile. Her craftiness was hidden in her smile.

Not even a moment later, Liang Yu Rong couldn't resist having a servant girl go and ask around about Liang Yu's location. The servant girl quickly returned and said that Liang Yu was currently eating dinner in the reception room and hadn’t gone to the rear courtyard’s lakeside.

Liang Yu Rong was a little bit angry and said to Wei Lui, "My older brother went back on his word..."

Wei Luo didn't mind at all. She smiled and said, "It's fine. Perhaps, he was stopped at the banquet. Older brother Liang Yu shouldn’t be blamed. But, I'm worried that Chang Hong might still be waiting in the rear courtyard’s lakeside. I'll go over there to look."

Liang Yu Rong nodded and asked out of worry, "It’s dark out. Want me to go with you?"

Wei Luo said, "No need. It'll be fine if I go there with Jin Lu. If I haven't returned in an hour, you can bring people to look for me."

Jin He Villa covered an enormous area. A large distance separated the rear courtyard from the front courtyard. It would take thirty minutes to go from one place to the other. It was already night now and it was quiet everywhere. It would be really scary to walk on the path alone.

The more that Wei Luo walked, the farther she was. She soon arrived at the rear courtyard's lakeside. She stopped behind a banyan tree. The moon was covered with clouds and only faintly illuminated the lakeside. There was a person standing there. It was Li Xiang.

Of course, Liang Yu wouldn't have come here at this time. When he arrived at the receiving room, he would met Chang Hong and asked him about his request to go the rear courtyard after the banquet. And, Chang Hong would have told him that he hadn't made this request. He and Chang Hong wouldn't be suspicious. They would only think that they were acting unnecessarily and dismiss this matter. Wei Luo's ultimate goal was only to lead Li Xiang here.

Not far away from Wei Luo, Li Xiang had been waiting at the lakeside without seeing Liang Yu's figure. She walked back and forth twice. Her eyebrows showed a trace of impatience as she looked forward. Didn't they say that Liang Yu would be at the rear courtyard? Why was there no one here when she came? Could he have already left after waiting for a while?

The servant girl at her side indignantly said, "Miss, could Marquis Ping Yuan's heir be tricking you? We waited here for so long and he still hasn't come."

Worried that there was something wrong, Li Xiang resolutely said to her servant girl, "I'm not going to continue waiting. Let's go back. If anyone asks, just say that I happened to pass by here while I walking around.

The servant girl hurriedly nodded.

The two of them were just about to leave when they heard a soft and delicate voice from behind them say, "To walk all the way here just for a stroll, younger sister Li Xiang is really in a leisurely mood. My eyes have been opened to a broader world view.”

Li Xiang suddenly stopped and turned around to look, "Who's there?"

The limestone-paved lane was illuminated with lanterns that were on stone pillars. The lanterns only illuminated one side. Wei Luo came out from the shadows. Behind her, there was a gentle glimmer of light. Her eyes smiled as she slowly said, "Of course, it's me. Who else did younger sister Li Xiang think it was?"

Li Xiang's face became ugly from anger. She coldly asked, "Why are you here? Did you follow me?"

Wei Luo didn't answer. She walked towards her, "Is it important whether or not I followed you? Right now, isn’t the important issue who you’re waiting for?

She had deliberately avoided everyone on the way here. No one should have discovered her here. How did Wei Luo know? Or could it be that she had known from the beginning?

As expected, Wei Luo stopped and slowly smiled as if she just realized something. Wei Luo looked at her and asked, "Let me guess, are you waiting for older brother Liang Yu?"

Li Xiang gritted her teeth.

Wei Luo's pink lips slight curved up as she slowly asked, "Did I guess right?"

Li Xiang fiercly glared at her and wished that she could stab two holes into Wei Luo's body, "Did you write that letter?"

Wei Luo put her arms behind her back. Her tone was relaxed as she casually admitted, "Does it matter if I was the one who wrote the letter? Do you have evidence?"

Wei Luo wasn't afraid of Li Xiang telling anyone about the contents of the letter, much less showing the letter to anyone else. Because, at that time, even if it was proven that she wrote the letter, only Li Xiang's reputation would be damaged and not hers. Li Xiang had already eaten this grievance that couldn’t be spoken of the moment she came to the rear courtyard.

As expected, Li Xiang gritted her teeth and didn’t say anything.

Wei Luo held back her laughter. From her peripheral vision, she saw a glimpse of faint light that wasn't far away. She walked a few steps forward to Li Xiang's side. She leaned close to her ear and whispered, "You probably have that letter with you, right? What would happen if someone finds that letter? I wonder how sensational it would be if news went out that Prince Ru Yang's daughter was privately meeting with a man at night.”

Li Xiang was finally at the end of her patience. She raised her hand and fiercely pushed her, "You wretched girl*."

* (T/N: Li Xiang says slut, but she’s intending it as the archaic meaning of immoral woman instead of modern meaning of sexually promiscuous woman.)

Although Li Xiang had pushed very hard, Wei Luo had prepared in advance and could have stayed standing if she wanted. Instead, Wei Luo intentionally staggered two steps back and fell to the ground!

Li Xiang raised her hand and was about to viciously slap down, "Despicable!"

The people that weren't far away had finally arrived and saw this scene by chance. Liang Yu Rong wasn't the only person that had come. A sapphire blue-robed figure quickly rushed forward, stopped Li Xiang's hand from slapping Wei Luo, and reprimanded, "Stop!"

Wei Luo looked up. It was actually Li Song illuminated by the lantern’s light.

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