ChongFei Manual Ch 166.1

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 166.1 out of 171

Wei Luo’s waistline became wider and wider. Her formerly small, slender, and seductive waist had already vanished without a trace. Not only was her belly protruding, her cheeks had also become round. The small peaches on her chest had turned into large, tender, and white steamed buns. If today wasn’t the day that Zhao Liuli and Yang Zhen were visiting the palace together, Wei Luo wouldn’t have been willing to go out no matter what. She felt that other people shouldn’t see her current appearance. Before she went out, she looked at herself in the mirror for a long time. The more she looked, the more displeased she was with herself.

Wei Luo touched her belly, sighed, and said, “Little watermelon, once you’re born, your mother really has to fix herself up.”

On the side, Zhao Jie chuckled. It was probably because Wei Luo’s appearance of sighing in despair was too cute. He walked forward to hug her. He nipped her ear and said, “No matter how your appearance changes, my Ah Luo will always be the most beautiful girl.”

“No.” Wei Luo pushed him away and sternly corrected him, “You can’t say that. It’ll make me complacent. I only temporarily look like this because I’m having a child and there’s no other choice. I’ll lose this weight once I give birth.”

Zhao Jie’s thin lips smiled. He looked at her without moving. With a lowered voice that had a tempting magnetism, he said, “But I’m only saying how I truly feel.” In his heart, his girl always looked the best, especially in this moment when she was straightening her back and shoulders to support her round belly. Her petite body was nurturing their unborn baby. The curve in her bulging belly was the most beautiful curve in the world.

Wei Luo called him, “Smooth talker”, but her tone was sweet.

Fortunately, Wei Luo clearly knew that Zhao Jie was only saying sweet words of love and didn’t take these words seriously. It was enough just to hear these words.

On the way to the palace, Wei Luo silently said towards her belly, “Little watermelon, your mother has sacrificed so much for you. You definitely have to be safely without any complications.  Don’t torment your mother on your way out.”

She had heard from Liang Yu Rong that giving birth would be very painful.


At Zhao Yang Hall, Zhao Liuli and Yang Zhen had already arrived a while ago.

Zhao Liuli was sitting on a red sandalwood arhat couch. There was a large, sapphire blue pillow behind her. With red cheeks, she furtively looked at Yang Zhen, who was standing in front of Emperor Chong Zhen and Empress Chen. Yang Zhen was wearing a red robe that was embroidered with a pattern of rippling water. His face was solemn as he respectfully answered their questions.

All in all, Yang Zhen appeared as calmly serious as always with his attention fully concentrated on the emperor and empress. Before Zhao Liuli married him and understood his inherent nature, she didn’t have any complicated feelings when she saw him like this.

On their wedding night, Zhao Liuli didn’t even have time to change out of her wedding dress before Yang Zhen had pressed her down on their bed.

Yang Zhen had tightly held her wrists and infatuatedly nipped at her ear while repeatedly calling her, “Your Highness.” Later on, his voice became hoarse and he called her, “Liuli”. Pressed underneath his body, Zhao Liuli couldn’t move. She could only tremble and accept his numerous kisses.

When Yang Zhen had thrust inside, it had hurt so much that tears rolled down from her eyes. She bit his shoulder and sobbed out her pain. Yang Zhen knew that this was hard for her to take, but he couldn’t control himself. He licked the tears on her face and didn’t stop until he had opened her body completely.

After Zhao Liuli had sobbed for an hour, to the point that her small face was completely flushed and looked extremely pitiful, Yang Zhen carried the weaken Zhao Liuli to the cleaning room to wash up.

When Yun Zi led the palace servants into the inner room to clean up and they saw the utterly disorderly mess on the bed and wedding dress that was so soaked it could drip, their cheeks turned red one after another.

Emperor Chong Zhen had given Yang Zhen a few days off.

During the past few days, Yang Zhen didn’t go anywhere. He stayed with Zhao Liuli for three days and three nights inside their room. No one came to bother them in the room, except for when the servants knocked on the doors to indicate that they had brought food and water. Zhao Liuli hadn’t known that Yang Zhen would be so energetic. He had probably endured for a long time. All of his energy came out and was directed towards her body once they were married.

They had left behind traces of themselves in every corner of the bridal room; even the window ledge and desk weren’t exceptions. Yang Zhen wouldn’t even let her off when they were eating. While he was feeding her food, he still wouldn’t leave her body.

Zhao Liuli felt that these three days had passed by very quickly, but also very slowly. If they didn’t have to return to the palace to see imperial father and mother today, Yang Zhen might not have allowed her to leave their room.

As soon as Zhao Liuli thought of how absurd the past three days had been, she felt extremely embarrassed. Even right now, her entire body still felt sore and she had to be carried on a palanquin to come to Zhao Yang Hall today. Her legs were so weak that she couldn’t even stand up. Imperial mother could probably figure out what had happened. It was entirely Yang Zhen’s fault. Why didn’t he show any restraint?! Zhao Liuli’s cheeks flushed as thought about this.

After Emperor Chong Zhen and Empress Chen finished asking their questions, they seemed satisfied with Yang Zhen.

Empress Chen allowed Yang Zhen sit down, then she sighed with emotion and said, “Liuli is this empress’s precious daughter. This empress has always extremely doted on her. Now that she’s married to you, you have to treat to her well. Don’t let this empress be disappointed in you.”

Yang Zhen stood up to say, “Your Majesty, please be assured. This subjects is whole-heartedly devoted to the princess.”

Empress Chen nodded and turned her head to look at Zhao Liuli, who was sitting askew against a pillow. Displeased, she reprimanded, “You’re already a married girl. Why are you still not acting properly? Go down there to sit so that other people won’t see you and laugh.”

Zhao Liuli supported her waist and slowly sat up and got up from the couch. When she walked to Yang Zhen’s side, she blew out her cheeks as she passed by him to sit at the nearby rosewood chair. Yang Zhen couldn’t help curving the corners of his mouth. When he looked at Zhao Liuli, his eyes were overflowing with delight.

When he smiled like this, Zhao Liuli couldn’t resist thinking about the things he had done to her. Her ears immediately became red and she looked away.


Not long after, one after another, Wei Luo, Zhao Jie, and the other princes and princesses came by. The entire family sat down together and talked for a while.

After lunch, the princes and princesses said their good-byes. Wei Luo and Zhao Liuli stayed in Zhao Yang Hall to accompany Empress Chen and talk with her. Zhao Jie, Yang Zhen, and Emperor Chen left the hall to go the imperial study.

Right now, it was very difficult for Wei Luo to do anything. Empress Chen and Zhao Liuli showed her the utmost care. When Zhao Liuli found out that the baby’s movements could be heard, she was extremely curious. She gently pressed her ear against Wei Luo’s belly and listened. “Imperial sister-in-law, why isn’t it moving?”

Wei Luo said, “It’s probably because it’s not familiar with you and it’s scared of strangers.”

Zhao Liuli wasn’t discouraged. She started speaking to Wei Luo’s belly. She said words like, “I’m your aunt,” and “You’re called little watermelon, right? Could you talk with me?”

Seeing this sight, Empress Chen and Wei Luo wanted to laugh. Soon after, little watermelon started to move in Wei Luo’s belly and stretched out a small foot. It could be counted as a greeting to Zhao Liuli.

Zhao Liuli felt surprised and joyful. “It can really hear me speak?”

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