ChongFei Manual Ch 165.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 165.2 out of 171

Wei Luo felt like her days were going by especially quick. Perhaps, this was because Wei Luo didn’t do anything else to do, other than keeping herself healthy for her unborn baby, after she was diagnosed with pregnancy. In the blink of an eye, it was Zhao Liuli and Yang Zhen’s wedding day.

It was currently early summer and the weather wasn’t too hot yet. Wei Luo was wearing a charming red, gauzy top that had a pattern of butterflies and flowers in Su style embroidery. The top was paired with a pleated, pomegranate skirt. Her back and shoulders were straight to support her pregnancy belly as she entered the palace.

When Wei Luo arrived at Chen Hua Hall, Zhao Liuli was currently sitting in front of a copper mirror with a decorative design of a pair of mythical birds and flowers. She was wearing an opulent, red wedding dress and headdress. Her hair was black and her lips were red. All the preparations had been completed.

Seeing Wei Luo coming inside, Zhao Liuli blinked before curving her eyes into a smile, “Imperial sister-in-law, I almost thought you weren’t going to come.”

Wei Luo said, “Today is your wedding day. How could I not come?”

Zhao Liuli looked at Wei Luo’s belly. “You’re going to be giving birth soon. It’s really dangerous for you to come out. It’ll be better if you stay at home.”

Wei Luo was currently only seven months pregnant. Although her belly looked big, there was still a while before she would be giving birth. Wei Luo cast an annoyed look at her and teased her, “A bride should be crying on her wedding day. If imperial mother see how happy you are, won’t she be sad?”

Once Wei Luo said these words, Zhao Liuli immediately tried to curb her joy. She intentionally tried to look solemn, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t hide the smile on her lips. Her expression went back to her previous one very quickly. She mumbled, “How am I suppose to cry when I know that I’ll be married to older brother Yang Zhen soon? I don’t even have enough time to be happy!”

Wei Luo had never heard such honest words. She couldn’t resist laughing for a bit.

A short while later, Empress Chen walked into Chen Hua Hall. She was also splendidly dressed. The brightly colored palanquin was already prepared and waiting outside the hall for the princess.

Empress Chen’s heart felt reluctant as she thought of how the daughter she had worked so hard to raise would be someone else’s soon. Her eyes became red and tears started to fall down from her face as she stood in from Zhao Liuli. Zhao Liuli had only recently said she wouldn’t be able to cry, but now tears tumbled down her face too, to the point that she felt a pain in her chest.

With great difficulty, Qiu Mama was finally able to persuade the two of them to stop crying. She hurriedly fixed Zhao Liuli’s makeup before bringing her to the brightly colored palanquin.

Yang Zhen had already been waiting outside the palace for his bride for a long time. As soon as the brightly colored palanquin came out of the palace, it headed towards Yang Zhen’s residence while accompanied by a chorus of wind instruments. Yang Zhen’s home was located in the southwest part of the capital. The palanquin traveled through almost the entire capital as it went from the palace to Yang Zhen’s residence. On either side of the streets, the common people had come out to watch the festivity. Emperor Chong Zhen’s favorite princess was getting married and everyone joined in the celebratory and joyful mood.

For a long time, Zhao Liuli clutched a jade ruyi as she sat in the brightly colored palanquin that kept swaying until it finally stopped. She held one end of the knotted red silk ribbon as Yang Zhen led her into his home. Yang Zhen was an orphan and only had a distantly related uncle. So, after the two of them bowed to the heavens and earth, Zhao Liuli was escorted by a group of people to the bridal chamber.

(T/N: Below is a picture of a jade ruyi. It’s a decorative, auspicious item.)

Ch 165 - jade ruyi.png

The bridal chamber was decorated very festively in pieces of red. There was a red bed canopy, red candles, red quilt, and so on. To the extent that, when Yang Zhen used the ruyi to lift the wedding veil, Zhao Liuli’s face was also flushed red.

Yang Zhen’s handsome face that rarely showed any expression finally showed a smile. His gaze was single-mindedly devoted to looking at Zhao Liuli. He didn’t return to his senses until the good fortune woman urged them to drink their matrimonial wine.

A madam by the side joked with the other madams, “Our princess is too beautiful. The groom can’t look away.”

Zhao Liuli lowered her eyes. Her lovely cheeks were bright red.

After they drank their matrimonial wine, Yang Zhen went out to entertain the guests.

The madams stayed in the room with Zhao Liuli and tried to talk with her. She quietly sat on the bed and would only occasionally reply with a few words.

A short while later, after the madams had all left the room and Zhao Liuli continued to sit on the bed, her dowry servant girl, Yun Zi asked, “Your Highness, do you want take a bath and change your clothes?”

Zhao Liuli shook her head and said, “I want to wait a little bit longer.” She wanted to wait until Yang Zhen came back.

Yun Zi asked another question, “You haven’t eaten anything all day. Do you want this servant to go to the kitchen to bring you some food?”

Perhaps, she was famished to the point that she didn’t feel hungry anymore. Zhao Liuli shook her head and said, “No need.”

Yun Zi could only give up.

Zhao Liuli leaned against the bed’s decoratively carved frame and slowly closed her eyes. Only a short time passed before she fell asleep.

When Yang Zhen returned to the room after he was finished dealing with the guests, the sight of a splendidly dressed young girl that was serenely sleeping greeted him. Her long and thick eyelashes were lowered like resting butterfly wings, her mouth was slightly open, and her nose slightly moved as she breathed. She was probably very tired from today. She didn’t even notice when he walked to the bed.

Yang Zhen leaned over so that there was only half an inch between their faces. He silently looked at her before he lowered his head and pressed his thin lips against her soft, pink lips. He gently sucked her lips.

Zhao Liuli finally responded. After she slowly opened her eyes, she saw Yang Zhen’s face very close to her. Startled, she instinctively fell back and looked up. Yang Zhen followed after her. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pressed her down on the bright red silk quilt that was embroidered with mandarin ducks.

Yang Zhen’s breath smelled of alcohol as he hoarsely said into her ear, “Your Highness, you’re finally mine.”

For no reason at all, the tips of Zhao Liuli’s ears turned red. Perhaps, it was because Yang Zhen had drunk wine. He was especially aggressive tonight. Although he still called her, “Your Highness”, his attitude towards her was very different.

“Yang Zhen, let me get up first…” Zhao Liuli said. She hadn’t changed her clothes yet.

But, Yang Zhen impatiently blocked her lips. He traced her lips with desire and devoutness. At the same time, his burning hot hand went inside her wedding dress to explore.

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