ChongFei Manual Ch 114.1

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 114.1 out of 171

It was sensible of Wei Luo to choose to ignore Wan Qi Zhen. Although no one had lived in Bao Shu Hall for a while, there were eyes everywhere in the palace. Wu Rong had come to Da Liang with the intention of becoming allies through marriage. If a meddlesome person told Emperor Chong Zhen or Wu Rong's emperor that he or she had seen something between her and Wan Qi Zhen, then Wei Luo and Zhao Jie's marriage would most likely be affected.

Wan Qi Zhen didn't succeed this time. Wei Luo had completely ignored him. Even if someone wanted to make mischief, he or she wouldn't have an opening.

Zhao Jie looked at Wan Qi Zhen, who was at least ten feet away. Then, he looked the young girl behind himself.

Wei Luo pulled his sleeve, lifted up her small, fair face, and complained, "Big brother, he threatened me."

It was really exaggerating to say that it was threatening. Wan Qi Zhen's previous action wasn't threatening at all. It was clearly flirting.

He knew that she was Zhao Jie's Princesses Consort Jing and still acted rude and careless toward her. It really made people feel uncomfortable. Wei Luo heard that he had countless concubines in his residence. He was probably a man full of lust and half-hearted feelings. Flirting had probably become second nature to him. He wasn't a good person. So what if his appearance was attractive and he had outstanding talent? He was still scum.

Zhao Jie raised his hand and stroked her cheek. His movement was gentle as if he was holding an easily breakable treasure. He didn't say a word. When he turned to look at Wan Qi Zhen, his gaze change into a coldness that pierces the bones. He slowly asked, "Fourth prince, why did you appear here?"

Wan Qi Zhen had already stood up and put down his dark green embroidered sleeve. He disapprovingly lifted his lips and said, "This prince was leisurely walking around. What? Does this bother Prince Jing?"

His tone wasn't good. There was a hint of provocation.

It couldn't be blamed that his tone was nasty. Zhao Jie had snatched the public's favorable opinion from him and he had also suffered a blow from Wei Luo's actions. So, right now, he didn't have a pleasant expression when he saw Zhao Jie. Wu Rong's people cared a great deal about not losing face and were rather conceited. There were many narrow-mind people like Wan Qi Zhen.

Zhao Jie could easily guess why he was acting like this, but he didn't want to bicker like him. The outcome in the training area had already determined everything. It wasn't the style of a man and would be too petty for them to continue talking about it. He only said, "Ah Luo is this prince's fiancée. Fourth prince, please conduct yourself with dignity and retrain your natural disposition." As he said this, he tightened the cloak on Wei Luo's shoulders and covered her flower-like face. The cloak had a pattern of scattered lotus flowers with green stems and auspicious clouds. "My imperial father and your esteemed father have probably already finished discussed fourth prince's marriage. Fourth prince, are you not going to go over there to hear about the result?"

The implication was that he should be concerned about his own marriage instead of coming here to bother Wei Luo because he had nothing to do.

Although Wan Qi Zhen was angry, he hadn't lost his senses. It wouldn't be good for him to offend Zhao Jie while their two countries were currently working on alliance. He stood in place for a moment and his line of sight landed on the young and delicate girl behind Zhao Jie. Seeing that Zhao Jie's expression was sinking, he grinned. He placed his right hand on his chest to salute and said, "Prince Jing disregard today’s matter.”

Then, he turned around and left.

He had lusted after his woman and he wanted him to disregard it? Zhao Jie's dark eyes coldly looked at Wan Qi Zhen's departing figure. A vicious light flashed through his eyes.


Behind Bao Shun Hall's main entrance, both of Wei Luo's hands were pressed against Zhao Jie's fiery chest. He was holding her head with his hand and she had to lift her head up to accept his kisses. She wasn't tall to begin with and only reached his chest. Even if she stood on her tiptoes, she could only reach his chin with great difficulty. Imagine how very difficult this scene would look. But, she couldn't struggle free from him. Zhao Jie's other arm was wrapped around her slender waist. He tightly fastened her against his chest as if he was swallowing water without caring for his life after accidentally encountering a clear spring after he had travel three days and nights in the desert with his thirst at its peak.

All of the saliva in Wei Luo's mouth was sucked away by him. Her tongue felt numb and painful, but she still couldn't break free. She could only close her eyes and pitifully endure.

She didn't know why the situation had become like this. After Wan Wi Zhen left, Zhao Jie had Zhu Geng and Yang Hao stand outside to guard and he brought her here without saying a word. Then, his tall body covered her. Wei Luo vaguely knew that he was feeling jealous, but she absolutely hadn't done anything with Wan Qi Zhen. She didn't even say a single word to him. Why did he have to be angry?

Wei Luo felt that she was really pitiful like a piece of fat meat on a chopping block that was waiting to be slaughtered. She could only allow to Zhao Jie to rub and twist her as he wished. She never that there were so many different things that could be done between men and women to express intimacy. From top to bottom, she felt as if her entire body had become Zhao Jie's. She softly whimpered. She couldn't control her trembling body that was in his hands.

She heard the sound of hurried footsteps outside of Bao Shu Hall's entrance. The sound was light. It was probably the footsteps of women.

As expected, she soon heard the sound of Zhao Liuli and Liang Yu Rong outside the entrance. Zhao Liuli asked Zhu Geng and Yang Hang, "Why are the two of you standing here? Have you seen Ah Luo?"

Jin Lu had already been ordered away by Zhao Jie. She was currently waiting somewhere else. After all, anyone could tell what was happening if a servant girl was standing outside an entrance without her young lady.

Wei Luo's mind became alert and the strength she used to push Zhao Jie away increased. But, at this time, her body was completely weak from his kisses. Even if she increased her strength, it would still be insignificant to Zhao Jie. Zhao Jie didn't let go of her, but his movements became significantly gentler and slower. He sucked on her cherry lips as if he was pledging that he wouldn't give up until he sucked away the last drop of her sweetness.

Zhu Geng's voice was naturally leveled as he calmly said, "To respond to Your Highness, this subordinate hasn't seen Miss Wei.”

Zhao Liuli didn't seem like she believed him. She looked towards the hall and asked, "Why are the two of you standing out here? Where's my imperial brother?"

Zhu Geng said, "The prince is working on something inside and ordered us to wait at the entrance."

Wei Luo, who was being "worked on", felt bitter. Why was Zhao Jie not finished kissing her yet? Her tongue already felt painful and her lips were definitely swollen. What would she do when she saw other people? But, she didn't dare to make a sound. If Zhao Liuli and Liang Yu Rong saw her like this, they would laugh at her for the rest of her life.

Thinking of this, she retaliated by biting Zhao Jie's lips.

After hearing Zhu Geng's words, even if Zhao Liuli felt suspicious, it wouldn't be good for her to continue asking. She regretfully glanced towards the hall. As she turned around and left with Liang Yu Rong, she said, “She’s not here either. Where did Ah Luo go..."

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