ChongFei Manual Ch 113.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 113.2 out of 171

Zhao Liuli was shaking from top to bottom from watching this scene. Her eyes were opened wide. She was afraid of missing even one tiny moment. Zhao Jie had reversed the undesirable situation and turned defeat into victory. She happily shook Wei Luo's arm and said, "My imperial brother is too amazing."

Wei Luo also thought that Zhao Jie was amazing, but it would be embarrassing to be too obvious about it. After all, Emperor Chong Zhen and Empress Chen were sitting right there. She should try to be more reserved.

But, she really felt that Zhao Jie was so valiant and so handsome. She really wanted to go over there and hug him. At the same time, there was a strong feeling of pride in her heart. He was her man. How could he not be amazing?

The old eunuch stood on the viewing platform and announced the results of the equestrian archery competition. First round's archery went to Da Liang, second round's horsemanship went to Wu Rong, and third round's equestrian archery went to Da Liang. In accordance to the rule of best two out of three, Da Liang was the winner in this competition.

Wu Rong's emperor accepted his loss, stood up, saluted Emperor Chong Zhen, and said, "As expected, Da Liang has many talented people in both scholarly and physical areas. Wu Rong's warriors will openly admit to defeat."

Emperor Chong Zhen said polite words with his mouth, but he couldn't hide the pride in his eyes.


There was another reason why Wu Rong's people had come to Da Liang. It was for an alliance through marriage.

The partner for the marriage alliance would be fourth prince Wan Qi Zhen. He was twenty-five years old this year. Although his home had countless concubines, there wasn't a legal wife. Wu Rong's emperor had originally asked Emperor Chong Zheng for sixth princess Zhao Liuli, but Empress Chen wasn't willing for Liuli to marry to such a far away place, so this matter had been set aside.

When Wu Rong's emperor mentioned this again, Empress Chen thought of Zhao Jie's words.

"Dan Yang's age is close to Wan Qi Zhen's. She’s also the daughter of Duke Zhen's legal wife. She would be an appropriate marriage partner to Wu Rong's prince. If she continues to stay in the capital, she'll never walk out of the dead end. It'll be good if she marries someone from a far away place. Perhaps, after a long time passes, she'll be able to get over her current feelings.”

Empress Chen reflected on Zhao Jie's words and thought it wasn’t unreasonable.

If Gao Dan Yang stayed in the capital, she would constantly hear news about Zhao Jie and Wei Luo and the issue would weigh heavier and heavier in her mind. Perhaps, she might even fall into obsession and ruin her future. Empress Chen looked at Gao Dan Yang, who was sitting in a seat below her. She was wearing a pink and purple robe that had wide sleeves and was embroidered with white butterflies. Seeing that Gao Dan Yang was preoccupied with staring at the competition arena, Empress Chen silently sighed, looked away from her, and said to Emperor Chong Zhen, "Your Majesty, this empress has an idea..."

On the other side, after Wei Luo saw Zhao Jie leaving, she hesitated for a moment before finding an excuse to leaving the viewing platform.

She knew that it wouldn't be good for her to do this. It would make it seem like she missed him a lot... But, when Wei Luo thought it over, there was nothing shameful about her wanting to see him.

With such a thought, her mind became more open-minded.

Wei Luo knew that Zhao Jie would probably go Bao Shu Hall to rest after leaving the training area. Bao Shu Hall was where he resided before he established his residence outside of the palace. After he moved out of the palace, he would only occasionally go there to rest for half an hour or so when he came to the palace.

Wei Luo had only gone there once when Zhao Jie had led her there when she was seven or eight years old. By now, she had already almost completely forgotten about it. She walked there using her memories. On both sides of the path, there were verdant and lush sequoia trees. They were so tall that they seemed to reach the clouds and covered most of the sky. The more she walked, the more secluded it felt. She seemed to have never walked on this path before.

Jin Lu was following behind her. She uneasily asked, "Miss, did we take the wrong path? This path doesn't look right."

She couldn't see any signs of a palace hall in front of them. Was Bao Shu Hall really in this direction? Jin Lu was very doubtful.

Wei Luo looked around and thought of the scenery from back then. She was positive that she hadn't taken the wrong path. "It's this way. Let's continue."

They didn't walk much further before coming to wide clearing. There was a moon gate at the end of the path. After they passed through the moon gate, they would see Bao Shu Hall.

Wei Luo sped up her steps. The moon gate was right in front of her. Just as she was to pass through it, she heard someone say, "Wait."

Wei Luo stopped and subconsciously looked in the direction of the voice.

Not far away from the foot of the wall, Wan Qi Zhen was crookedly lying on a flat stone. His left sleeve was rolled up and his strong and powerful arm was exposed. Seeing that Wei Luo had stopped, he lifted his other hand to gesture at her and said, "Come here."

Why was his posture like he was teasing a dog?

Wei Luo definitely wouldn't go over there. Why did he appear here? What if it was a trap? If she went over there, someone might see and gossip about them. Not only would it ruin her reputation, she might even have to marry him and go to desolate Wu Rong.

She didn't want to live like a cow or sheep that was hidden in the long grass unless the wind was blowing.

Wei Luo pursed her lips, decided to ingore him, and continued walking towards the moon gate.

Wan Qi Zhen probably hadn't expected that would just she leave. Stunned, he struggled to sit up and said, "You... This prince has been poisoned!"

Wan Qi Zhen felt moody after having his dignity completely crushed by Zhao Jie at the recent equestrian archery competition. So, he left the competition arena to walk in this sequoia forest by himself. He didn't know that this place was near Zhao Jie's previous palace hall. After being stopped at the moon gate, he was sneak attacked by a yellow-striped snake. The snake wasn't poisonous and he squeezed it to death with one hand. Just as he was about to leave, he saw Wei Luo walking over here.

Zhao Jie had embarrassed him, so he would tease his little princess consort. What would Zhao Jie’s expression be if he saw that his woman was with him? Besides, this young girl had an exquisitely beautiful appearance. It would be too much of a pity if he didn't tease her.

However, Wan Qi Zhen would have never expected that there would be a woman that would ignore him.

After hearing he was poisoned, Wei Luo didn't even slightly pause in her steps as if she couldn't see or hear him at all.

Coincidentally, Zhao Jie had finished changing into a navy blue robe embroidered with hornless golden dragons and walked out of the moon gate at this time. Wei Luo quickly walked forward. Without even greeting him, she dodged behind him.

The young girl grabbed the back of his clothing and only revealed a pair of dark eyes

Zhao Jie froze for a moment. Just as he was about to ask her why, he saw Wan Qi Zhen slowly getting up near the foot of the wall.

He narrowed his eyes. His dark eyes deepened.

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