I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 030

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 30 - Ye Qing had never expected that she would relive this day again (3)

Later on, she saw Ye Zhen sitting inside a Bentley. She looked as glamorously beautiful as before.

She and Ye Zhen were identical twins. Their appearances had once been exactly the same. Only ten years had passed, and she was forced to rush about for her livelihood while Ye Zhen's appearance had remained unchanged from their youth. Her face was as fair and exquisite as before. Behaving as if she was still a little child, Ye Zhen acted cutely spoiled towards the coldly indifferent man sitting next to her. Even when her cute and sensible son pretended he was getting goosebumps in an exaggerated manner, that man from the Lu Family, who was a man of his word, only helplessly looked at her. He quietly listened to her speak. From time to time, he would gently kiss her lips and face.

At that time, she had come to a sudden realization. Other than having a touching story that was appealing to the masses, the love you had in your youth was useless. It couldn't even be compared to a filling meal or a house.

In the present, lying on the hard wooden bed, Ye Qing shivered from the cold. She couldn't help but curl up.

If it was Ye Zhen that was sick, Lu Beichuan would definitely send her to the hospital in panic. He would find her the best doctors. She would be using the very best medical instruments and medicine.

No, that was wrong. How Ye Zhen even get sick under Lu Beichuan's care?

Ye Zhen was the treasure in Lu Beichuan's hand. How could he possibly be careless enough to let his treasure get sick?

But, why?! That wasn't fair!

Back then, she should have been the one that married Lu Beichuan. Ye Zhen had just taken her place in marrying Lu Beichuan. Ye Zhen had sat down in the seat that belonged to her. She should be the one sitting in that Bentley and enjoying that man's gentle gaze!

From childhood to adulthood, she had been more outstanding than Ye Zhen. She was the one that received everyone's praise. The outstanding her should have gotten a perfect life and a happy marriage. It was Ye Zhen that had snatched away the life that should have belonged to her.

In her nighttime dreams, there were many times when she dreamed about not having run away from her marriage back then. In her dreams, she had married Lu Beichuan and become his wife. She had given birth to a lovable son. Their family of three lived a blissfully blessed life.

However, she would have never expected to be given a second chance at life after waking up!

In addition, Lu Beichuan hadn't woken up yet. She still had a chance!

Lu Beichuan would wake up half a month later from today. As long as she went back right now and replaced Ye Zhen, no one would find out they had switched places. Once Lu Beichuan woke up, she would be Lu Beichuan's wife, Mrs. Lu.


That evening, after Lin Zhan came home from work, he opened the door and saw a suitcase by the doorway. Ye Qing was sitting on the second-handed cloth-covered sofa.

Seeing Lin Zhan walking inside, she said, "Lin Zhan, let's break up."

Lin Zhan, who had been in the middle of changing his shoes for house slippers, trembled. After a pause, he carried on with changing into slippers. He walked to Ye Qing and half-crouched down before her. He forced himself to smile as he asked," Qingqing, what's wrong? Are you feeling unwell somewhere?"

Ye Qing looked at him expressionlessly. Her face had the weakness of someone that just recovered from a serious illness. "I'm not joking. I'm really breaking up with you."

"Breaking up? Why? Hasn't our relationship always been good?"

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