I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 029

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 29 - Ye Qing had never expected that she would relive this day again (2)

"Don't say anything. Your fever just subsided. You need to properly rest."

Ye Qing shook her head. She urgently looked at Lin Zhan. "What's today's date?"

Lin Zhan knit his brows slightly. "What's wrong? You seem off. Are you feeling unwell?"

"Tell me today's date first!" Ye Qing suddenly became agitated. Shouting like that made her sore throat worse. She ended up lowering head as she coughed.

"Relax." Lin Zhan put the bowl of white congee down on the nearby desk. Pulling a tissue out, he worriedly and gently wipe the corners of her lips for her. "Today is October 7th."

After a severe coughing fit, Ye Qing's face was flushed. Leaning back on the headboard, her forehead was scrunched up. Her dry, cracked, utterly pale lips murmured, "The 7th? October 7th?"

"What's wrong?"

Ye Qing shook her head and lowered it to hide the guilt in her eyes. "I... It's nothing. I just feel a bit tired."

After saying this, she lied back down and buried most of her face underneath the quilt.

"Are you feeling unwell? That's not good. Qingqing, I'll bring you to the hospital!"

Ye Qing shook her head. Underneath the quilt, she said in a low, muffled voice, "No need, I'll feel better after I get some more sleep. You can do your own stuff. I can take care of myself."


Ye Qing peered out from the quilt. Her eyes looked somewhat tired, but she forced herself to smile as she said, "I'm fine, really. Don't worry."

Lin Zhan knew that she had a stubborn temperament. She would rather obstinately bear the trouble on her own than bother him. He could only helplessly look at her. He tucked the corners of the quilt around her. "Okay, have a good rest. But, if you're not feeling well anywhere, you have to call for me."

Ye Qing nodded. She watched him through a crack in the quilt.

At this time, Lin Zhan was still very young. His soft, black hair wasn't deliberately combed upwards. Instead, it was left hanging over his forehead. There was less of the eliteness that had come with maturity and experience, and there was more of the softness of youth. His facial features were still very gentle. He looked very youthful in his simple, white T-shirt.

A boy like this, at such an age and experience, he was a fantasy come to life for so many young women. He would be the first choice for a boyfriend.

However, after experiencing society's hardships, she understood that while this boy was suitable as a boyfriend, he wasn't husband material.

Ye Qing buried her face into the quilt. The painful prickling feeling as her saliva went down her throat reminded her that this wasn't a dream. This was reality! She had really reborn!

Right now, it was one month after she had run away with Lin Zhan.

In her previous life, she had thought about this several times. If only god would let her go back in time, she definitely wouldn't choose to run away with Lin Zhan again.

However much she loved Lin Zhan in her youth, that was how much she regretted it later on.

In youth, people were frivolous. Innocent, unblemished youths had no idea how hard it was to live in the migratory population. Her life had been too easy under the shelter of her parents' protective wings. She had thought the outside world would be a safe shelter like her parents' home. However, it was only after she had experienced it for herself that she understood. She had spent the rest of her life struggling and all she got was a 100 square meter home. If you didn't have any power or influence, you could only be at the mercy of other people.

All of the love she once felt for Lin Zhan was worn down to nothing by time and the necessary minutiae of daily life.

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