I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 002

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 2

Ye Zhen's father was a useless second generation son. Once the Ye family's wealth was passed down to him, it was on its way to being utterly wasted down to nothing. He was selfish and loved to gamble.

After Old Master Lu promised that he would help the Ye family's debt-ridden company if Ye Qing married his grandson, the Ye family prepared to marry off Ye Zhen's older sister, Ye Qing, without reservations.

However, Ye Qing had already fallen deeply in love with the male lead. Once she heard about her parents' arrangement for her, she resolutely ran off with the male lead. She abandoned her life as a daughter from a wealthy family to live an arduous life with a poor young man that had an unblemished integrity.

Although the older sister was gone, the younger sister was still here. Anyways, these sisters looked identical, even their parents couldn't tell them apart, much less members of Lu family. And so, the Ye family married Ye Zhen over without any qualms.

The transmigrated Ye Zhen didn't have a problem being married to a comatose person. But, one year after Lu Beichuan fell unconscious, which was to say that in one month from now, he would wake up.

Perhaps, it was because he had experienced one year of being a comatose person. In the novel, after Lu Beichuan woke up, his personality drastically changed. He dealt with people using unconscionable methods. He treated his wife with contempt. Under the workings of fate, he eventually met Ye Zhen's warm and generous older sister and found out the Ye sisters had switched places.

When he compared the inarticulate and mediocre younger sister to her skillful and efficient older sister, Lu Beichuan felt cheated. And when Lu Beichuan found out that the male lead was his half brother - they had the same father, but different mothers - he went down the villain's path of trying to seize power and his enemy's wife.

Of course, as her older sister's substitute, Ye Zhen naturally didn't have any good days left once Lu Beichuan found out about the truth. The villain used her a substitute for her older sister to vent his frustrations and resentment.

Because of the resentment that had accumulated over the years, Ye Zhen repeatedly flaunted her status as Lu Beichuan's wife in front of her older sister. Later on, she gave birth to Lu Beichuan's son. Of course, because the son grew up in such an environment, his morals weren't very good. Father and son colluded together to do plenty of deceitful, sinister, and crafty schemes. Their high intellect was solely used to commit crimes. For a long time, they amused themselves by tormenting the male lead.

However, a villain's fate couldn't be avoided, and the family eventually suffered the consequences of their actions. After the villain suffered crushing defeat in the hands of the male lead, Ye Zhen, who was the villain's wife, naturally wouldn't be to escape the law's pursuit. She spent the rest of her life in jail.

The novel's Ye Zhen was Ye Zhen, and she was herself. They were two different people. Although she was Lu Beichuan's wife, he was comatose right now.  The immense sea allowed the fish to leap freely. The vast sky allowed the birds to fly freely. As long as she figured out a way to leave Lu family within one month, she would be free. After that, she could live out the rest of her life happily.

As for what would happen to Ye family after she left, why should she care?

If they had ability, they should go find Ye Qing and bring her back.

The knocking on the other side of the door interrupted her train of thought.

"Good morning, Miss Ye." An old butler, who had been serving the Lu family for many years, was respectfully standing right outside the door. A small cart was pushed inside. There were all sorts of tools that were used to clean Lu Beichuan on the cart.

The Lu family had a long history. Not only did their ancestors leave behind an enormous fortune, they also left behind old-fashioned and pedantic rules.

She was Lu Beichuan's wife, so when she woke up every day, her first duty was to clean her husband's body.

Ye Zhen accepted the towel from the butler and dampened it in the basin of warm water, then she pushed aside the quilt that was covering Lu Beichuan. She untied the top part of his pajamas and wiped his arms, shoulders, abdomen, and other areas.

This task had to be done every day, but the Lu family insisted that only she could do it.

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