I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 001

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 1

Inside a spacious and luxurious master bedroom, the apricot curtains billowed upwards as the autumn wind blew in through an opened French window. The moonlight spilled through the window and onto the marble floor. It looked as if the floor was covered in silver frost.

The villa and the surrounding area were extremely quiet. Even if you listened carefully, you would only hear the whistling wind outside the windows. 

In the middle of the room, there was a big bed. The expensive, top quality silk sheets were disheveled. They barely hid the man's lower half. The man's strong back muscles and bronze skin was exposed underneath the moonlight.

A groan inadvertently came out of his lips. It was like sinking into sweet honey. Another moan escaped. Emotions had reached the deepest place. Gratification came quick. Ye Zhen subconsciously clutched the man's wide and strong back. The uninhibited pleasurable activity came to a climax.

The man lied down next to Ye Zhen. His strong arms forcefully pulled her into his embrace. 

Ye Zhen seemed like a satiated fox. She languidly shifted to nestle comfortably in the man's arms. Feeling quite pleasant, her closed eyes started to drift open. When she sleepily opened her eyes all the way, a pair of brooding, deep eyes captured her full attention.


Ye Zhen abruptly jolted awake from her dream. She blankly looked around. The French window was closed. The sunlight shined through the window and passed through the apricot curtains to brightly illuminate the room.

She placed her hand over her wildly beating heart. As she slowly sat up, the straps to her white silk nightgown slid down her shoulders.

Her cheeks slightly heated up as she looked at the man lying by her side. He still hadn't woken up from his coma. But, she felt as if she was still asleep and had remained in that uninhibited and carefree dreamland.

In the dream, he had looked at her with such a deep, penetrating gaze. It was as if she was looking into bottomless pools of spring water. Ye Zhen's attractive eyebrows slightly scrunched up. Pushing the quilt to the side, she took a look. There was nothing wrong with her white night gown. Other than feeling uncomfortable because her body was sweaty, everything else was fine.

Ye Zhen couldn't be blamed for overreacting. That dream had felt too real. Moreover, this wasn't the first time she had this dream.

Although she was young and had a youth's desires and hopes, wasn't it too ridiculous to have those types of thoughts for a man that had been unconscious for a year?

Since she had transmigrated to this world and became the wife of the man lying on the pillow next to hers, she would have this type of dream every now and then.

That's right, she had transmigrated.

After Ye Zhen went to sleep one night, she woke up and found herself lying next to the comatose Lu Beichuan. She had become his wife.

After one month of observations, Ye Zhen had to admit that she had transmigrated to the novel, Newly Wed, Misplaced Kindness.

In this novel, Ye Qing and Ye Zhen were identical twins. Although they had the same appearance, their personalities were different. The older sister was a warm and generous person. From childhood to adulthood, she has always been her parents' pride and joy. Other parents wished their children could be like her.

With such an outstanding older sister as her foil, the younger sister's mediocrity was magnified to a countless degree. Ye Zhen started to blame the gods and other people. She felt aggrieved over the unfair treatment and her bitter experiences. Resentment took root in her heart. When her parents used her to replace her sister in the marriage to Lu Beichuan, she took her first step down the path of ruin.

In the novel, Lu Beichuan was a villain. After he was injured by a meticulously planned car accident, he fell into a coma for a year. During this one year, Lu Beichuan's grandfather, Old Master Lu, obtained a wise person's guidance. The wise person said that as long as he married his grandson to Ye family's oldest daughter, it would bring his grandson good luck, and his grandson would definitely recover from this accident.

T/N: My new favorite novel! This was so fun and entertaining to read (but so much harder to translate than Fortunate Wife). Tell me if you like it!

P.S. I’ll decide on the posting schedule for it at the end of August. Chapters are divided into smaller portions that I could translate in one sitting. Each raw chapter will be split into 3-7 parts depending on length.

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